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“You are in the world but not of it” Some Drive This Car We Are In, other's insist they are the Car. --- So what belief is driving your Car?

“You are in the world but not of it” 

No matter what label that is given 100 %  is still of this world , the avatar you are in is of this world, including all your senses  watch, see, touch,  smell, taste for this world, YOU on the other hand looking out threw the windows of the eyes looks upon 100 % of this world.

So how do you get to know this being that is in you and not of this  world..   All the trillions of billions of words in any language is of  this world.  This thing that is in the world but not of it?  It  doesn’t exist as any part of this world,only in it, and can not be explained by  it.   Or ever will..  But yet with out this not of this world was not in you,, you would simply collapse into a big pile of goo.

All things of this world (deception) is infacto keeping us separate from this knowledge of what is not,, but in you.

Its also not our thinking, for all of our thinking is 100% feed to us from  birth of this world.  And the controllers do not want any one to find this simple truth…

You are not a car,, yet you step into one and drive it around, while your in  the car you are not the car yet your in the car,  when you step out of the,  car and walk away into the house ,, are you now the house, like you were when  you were in the car?  Of course not, you are you with out the car or the  house or the planet or this world of labels and beliefs..

Yet 100 % of 100% of this world dose not want you to find this out.   Your immortality , life force, being, spirit, what ever label  used is not of this mortal world or any labels attatched to it.  

Eternal bliss, love, light, star seed, self, soul, label of your choosing, is  only for this worlds senses to express, what is perfection before entering this car, perfection while its driving this car and perfection after It leave this car.  It didn’t  need a car to exist, but its here now.   The brain is of this physical world not what came into it,,,, to guide it, experience this world.     And is perfection when it leave the senses and the mind behind.

"Hence not of this world," So to confuse the matter even further the  controller’sof this 100% deseption add religion, beliefs, dogmas, practices that keep the slavery to this world of deceptions. 100%

When that still small voice talks to you and you know its not your brains  thinking or doing. Not of this world, peace beyond all understanding washes over  you. And you know that you know its not this body or brain..  Man has  called that god..  And then the world take over and we loose it once again  in New age, religions, thoughts, or thinking it can be explained by words of  this 100% world..  It can not. Or ever will,  “ I AM”  is present  in you but not of you.. We are not the car we drive or the house we live  in..  Or we could just say like Christ did, "I am my father and my father is  me."    Or you are what you have always been looking for ---  Not out  here in this 100 % deception,,  You are the light of  eternal  existence with out end or beginning.  And there is nothing to be done. 

  What can you add or take away from God..

Nothing,, ----------> and  you are it.  Not of this world.. Yet Driving around in it.  The world, want you to be the Car become one with the car.       You cant do it to a real Car---- why do we try to become any part of this avatar. why are we trying so hard with our beliefs to accomplish just that, or take it with us when we leave this existance?     Simple -- the mind needs what the world has to offer it.  100% BS in it but not of it..


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The belief thats driving my avatar, (Car) is not of this world or any explanation of it.   the movie Matric's tried to explain this, with examples we could understand.  That most didnt get  or equate with life on this planet.  We are blinded by it, because its all we know..  or allowed to know..  When all we are presented with is 100% of this world 100% of our lives on it....its no wonder why whats not of this world is spoken less and less.   They do not want this spoken or written.  and the prophets are kill that bring it into this controlled world of lie's.  as John Lennon said,  "We are not the only ones" come join us, so we can live as one... 

Imagine  is  not  of  this  world..      Do and obay,are..  

John - Artist:  Sad song.  Too bad John Lennon was killed for who he was.

True Darkstar,  i believe Michael Jackson was also kill, for this same reason.. because the world was listening, and hearing the truths that awaken the spirit.

Suddenly my "problem" of always being able to be with my body in this world but never be able to feel myself being in this world, starts to make some sense. :)

I see the forest, but I can't feel it.

When I say "feel" here I do not mean feel by touch, I mean feel by awareness.


I had to listen to this interview several time's to feel this awarness, but when the world surrounds everything the avatar is and senses. it hard to hamg onto this awarness, for any length of time.    see what you think? 

Acute Observer:  Yes, I feel very detached too.  I've never felt like I was really "here".  I always feel like I'm in two places at one time (I just don't know where that other place is).

'B e i n g  in the world, but not of the world' is a powerful Teaching that can serve as an access point to the Alchemical Gold... to Self-Realization. Of course how the lesson is approached will greatly affect one's internalization of the ultimate message. As Above, So below! Whether 'one' decides to navigate this classroom rooted in 'Fear or Love', 'Arrogance or Humility', 'Victim-Consciousness or Unity-Consciousness'... the Intent of the Student is key to 'actively' applying the deeper wisdom to this thing we call Life. The message has nothing to do with detachment! It's about engaging the profound & unique beauty of your 'experience'. I respect the stream of consciousness rant you have presented here John, though I think you should try to 'focus' even more on what you're really trying to say... it's a bit disjointed. Perhaps that's the paradox of wrestling with these ideas through the limitations of language? Maybe I'm wrong, but the core of your post seems to be coming from a kind of Spiritual conceit & a frustration with a community who you don't feel is on your level? Just an observation John... so try not to take it personally. It isn't. We all have to honor the dictates of our story. 'One' way... or another. ~InLight555  

( ( ( ApotheosisRising247 ) ) )

Watts, in this video give yet another analogy, (like unto) and says this God pretending we are not is identical to the example of the car and drive analogy, pointing at this unknown that no earthy words can convey -- yet only point to..  So I agree , we are searching for something that has already been attained.    In witch is the catch 22.  At the end of this dream of seemingly endless moments, its realized all of it was vanity, pretending we are the car.  LOL  and this is a good thing….  How else would you keep from eternal boredom.    Like the movie Ground Hog’s day. -- where in each day is one lifespan, and the next one can be dreamed as you please.  And time vanishes into eternity of endless existence, starting with a avatar with amnesia, and awakening to grandeurs of this unknown we pretend to not know..  Waking up to early would spoil the dream we are in now.  So like Neo in the matrix asked, then why not go back to sleep.  LOL  and then we wouldn’t have to beat our selves up over something that never really matters at the end of days anyway.  

The root of my existance is ---- I exist , before the thought  ----> I Exist.  <---- Have always existed, will never not exist.    and am hidding in this world for R & R  lol


Hiding? For the uninitiated & unawakened... perhaps. Though on an intuitive & subconscious level, they are more than aware of the emerging paradigm. They can feel it "like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad". Humanity stands on the threshold of a 'Return to Our Belonging'... Not the result of R&R, but of a hard fought Spiritual war that goes back to the Luciferian Rebellion. ~TemetNosce247






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