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Yeshuwa ben Joseph explains meaning of Soul Mate to Mary Magdalene

Yeshuwa ben Joseph explains meaning of Soul Mate to Mary Magdalene

Yeshuwa tells me that I am Mary Magdalene. He said that we found each other because we resonated with the same frequencies of consciousness because we both came directly from the God World. He said that some would call us Soul Mates. He uses this term as meaning those who came together from the same dimension  for the same mission. He said that was different than the time when I came to Earth as a Cosmic Twin Flame and my Soul separated. He said that when I was with him as Mary Magdalene that I did not separate my Soul to come to Earth. He said that we both came directly from the God World and came through holograms and astral travel and bi location, but we did not split our Souls at that time.

In another conversation I was told that there are fifteen different meanings being used on Earth right now of what a Twin Flame is and even more meanings of what a Soul Mate is. I think the true meaning can be most easily found within these conversations with Yeshuwa ben Joseph.

To learn more, come to my website. I am the one that Yeshuwa has clearly identified as Mary Magdalene in the Flesh on Earth. We are completing another mission together on Earth of opening the Ascension Portals. Yeshuwa said that the portals  belong to him and to Mary. I am the only one who can open the portals.

Those of you who are interested in Twin Flames and Soul Mates might be interested in listening to this conversation between Yeshuwa ben Joseph and Mary Magdalene when he explains to her the real meaning of Soul Mate. I am Mary Magdalene. My Soul split into two parts when I left the Cosmos to come to Gaia. My Soul split into a male and female. I found my male half. We were required to re unite as one during this mission on Earth in order to create 4800 times more frequencies per breath to activate our original 12 Ascension Portals on Earth. We came to Earth before 400 million years ago. I was the female and I was a mermaid. At that time the male Twin Flame of my Soul came as a Dolphin.

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yes , there is no doubt that Mariam was Yashua,s equal walking the earth together , hand in hand and healing those in need...



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