As we developed our calender...for some strange reason..we began with Zero, instead of counting the first 12 months as year One...Like our age...we ignore the first year of our existence, and do not reach One year old..until we have been here for 12 really, if ur One years old, you are beginning your Second year of Life not your First..your First year of Life began as soon as u were, we should call our first 12 months as One,,our first year of, in effect, we are all one year older than we think we are...2012 is the same way...since we call year one Zero...and begin counting One, after twelve months, we are actually 12 months behind the true number of Years..So, really, 2012 is actually 2011...for we ignored the first year of the calendar, as is our custom....we are a year behind in calculation...i do not know Y this has not been adjusted in the calculation of our age, but if we do the REAL math on our calendar, and include the first 12 months, which we now we call Zero, 2012 is already upon for thought, and i am interested in opinions.

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  • the mayan calendar has always been ahead of the gregorian calendar,it has taken me nearly 61 years to know what is and what is not,a good post of discussion indeed,blessings eve
  • I look at it as when we finish our first year of life that is when we say we are one year old. I am 41 years old, therefore I have already lived 41 years and am working on 42. Since I have not lived for a full 42 years, I cannot say I am 42 just yet. Just my thoughts on it.
  • OK thanks for the clarification Vagelis. I must have misread something along the line about the relation of the mayan system to the gregorian. I was under the impression the Mayan calendar was based on astronomical observations of the sun around the centre of the galaxy.


    Whatever the Mayan does imply, late december next year does mark the start of a new Galactic year for our solar system though.


     Let the confusion continue :)



  • ..the Gregorian calendar compared to the Mayan one, is very primitive... the Gregorian calendar counts cycles of the Earth around the sun, while the Mayan counts cycles of consciousness... Mayans didnt measure "time", as we know it...
    .. the end of the Mayan calendar is in 28th October 2011... and NOT in 21/12/2012...

    *...below, some explanations taken from an article of Carl Calleman...

    "Many people have in recent years come to know about the existence of the Mayan calendar and its purported end date, but surprisingly, not so many have assimilated what the ancient inscriptions are saying about it. In fact, there is ONLY ONE known ancient inscription that mentions the calendar end -- Monument 6 from Tortuguero*** describes what will happen when the calendar comes to an end. The current reading of this ancient inscription by professional Mayanists is that we will then “Witness the display of Bolon Yokte Ku in his full costume and regalia.” So whatever else you might have heard associated with the end of the Mayan calendar such as a pole shift, the end of the world, a galactic alignment, solar flares, radiation from the center of the galaxy, etc., actually lacks foundation in any ancient Mayan text.

    Yet what obviously does have a background in an ancient Mayan inscription is Bolon, the number nine. At first sight, the reading of the Tortuguero Monument may sound cryptic and difficult to understand. There is however a lot of surrounding information about Bolon Yokte Ku that allows us to make sense of this insciption.*** Crucial to understanding is that Bolon Yokte Ku is the Nine-Support, or Nine-Step, entity of “period endings.” Bolon Yokte Ku, in other words, is a name for a cosmic pyramid in nine steps. Through extensive factual verification this pyramid has been shown to symbolize the nine levels of evolution the universe undergoes on its climb to its highest state of consciousness.

    Each level of evolution, of Bolon Yokte Ku, the cosmic pyramid, is then developed through a series of thirteen time periods. These range from the hablatun (1.26 billion years) on the bottom level to the uaxaclahunkin of 18 days at the ninth level. This means a twenty times frequency increase and speed-up of time with every single step to a higher level. Soon, as of October 28, 2011, the energies of the nine waves are then all going to manifest fully. This final manifestation, I believe is what the ancient inscription refers to when it says that it will be witnessed how Bolon Yokte Ku will appear in his full regalia. The fruits of the nine waves will then appear in their fullness as these are simultaneously completed. This is no longer confusing if we accept that the ancient peoples of the world, including the Maya, would tend to personalize the cosmic forces describing them as “gods”, while, in the modern world, we would probably only describe this as nine energy waves.

    As of March 9, 2011, the ninth and highest wave of the Bolon Yokte Ku will be activated. It seems to me that the purpose of this particular wave of 13 x 18 = 234 days is to cap the entire evolution of the universe that so far has been propelled by the eighth lower waves. From what we know about the changing polarities of consciousness of the nine waves it will do so by providing energies that are conducive to the human beings cocreating unity consciousness."...
  • Well Luke, it IS fairly certain that the location of the Earth around the Sun and the location of the Sun CAN be accurately predicted,thats all I was getting at there. Its about the only certainty we have about that date. As far as what people do is anyones guess. Talk is cheap,and people go about saying all manner of things in relation to dimensional shifts and whatnot. Most of that kind of thing is subjective and conjecture. Anyone built a dimensional level tester yet that tells us exactly how far into 4th or 5th dimension we are???


    Personally I think in terms of all the other things we hear about it.its a case of millenium syndrome. Its been noted that every 100 years when the numbers change from one century to another and it happened with the Y2K event aswell. People get all worked up about things in anticipation and go all crazy about nothing. The day will come and the day will go and we will all go back to doing what we would normally do after that long anticipated day in 2012.


    Sorry if highlighting the use of 'IS' there perturbs you.but fast forwarding the motion of the planets and stars is possible,so accurate predictions in astronomy in contrast to predictions of the nature of human conciousness are normally a sure thing.


    Whether or not we are creating a self fulfilling prophecy with our thoughts,intent and emotions through the medium of our conciousness and its interaction with the material world is another kettle of fish altogether.


    The information I sourced from about the Galactic Alignment was from a blog thingy froma a Mayan Elder put out last year sometime. Like you I had been hearing about all these postulations of what might happen,and there it was in plain clear english ,the start of our solar systems passage through another cycle around the galactic centre,an alignment that only occurs once every 26,000 years or so.  That date coincides with the end point of the mayan calendar.  Its not the end of the world or anything,they obviously knew they werent going to be around at this time and had no need to continue that calendar past the current cycle,nice of them to complete it though, at least.   

  • What happens on that day is that the sun rises in the constellation of Sagitarius directly inline with the galactic centre. (as it appears to us on Earth)


    Its to do with astronomy more than anything... 

    • that much I know .. astronomy appears the study of the stars ..I have a sneaky feeling there may be more to it than just astronomy... I could be wrong.. but .. if its to do with astromony .. more than anything...may that be just your observation on it ? and so why do people appear to be excited about 2012?  ..  or geared up for this date? .. for what reason?.. you see.. you may say one thing.. and people may aggree with you.. and you could be absolutely right.. you may tell me that a million UFOs are going to show up.. but what happens if someone else says something completely different? ..Ok, I would like to aggree with you here that the sun rises in the constellation of Sagitarius.. but where did you gather that information from? For example, you say that what happens on that day ''IS'' that the sun rises etc.. how do you know ? .. how do you know what ''IS'' ?

       I have a feeling you read it somewhere !

      Captin Caveman, no disrespect at all.. I am merely pointing out what everyone in every blog and every discussion in this website appears to be doing.. saying what ''IS'' ! <can you imagine if everyone in the world stopped using the word ''IS'' .. as I see it.. everyone would suddenly be conciously aware... or awake.. or enlightened ! 

        Most will aggree that at least there appears to be a huge shift in conciousness taking place.. I think that appears to be happening alright. I ''resonate'' with it.  

      As far as I see it.. it appears to me that a lot of people are geared up for 2012 !  but when anyone says something ''IS'' a certain way .. it may well be the case (for them) .. but it may vastly differ to that of their neighbour... as each and every unique soul appears to be creating a different reality from the next .. no two fingerprints (appear to be) the same.

      And so, as I see it... if the only thing happening on that day ''IS'' as you say.. an alignment in the heavens.. then it better come with some pretty heavenly energy for all of us.. otherwise I will go completely insane... again :o)

      • Very good!  I concur.
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