World War VI was a worldwide military conflict between Allied forces (originally Tibetans), Axis powers (originally Kazakhstani-Kyrgyzstani Muslims, and nicknamed 'Axis of Evil') and eventually Russians and their allies (nicknamed 'Axis of Just as Evil'). It lasted six years, from 2090 to 2096, provided the Apocalypse didn't happen in 2012.

"No one knows the Year,the day,and the hour of the SIXTH WORLD WAR BLOCKBUSTER HIT except for me. After World War 5 you throught the world would live in peace and throw dandylions in the air.YOU THROUGHT WRONG!.This time it has more explosions,more gore,and more explosive orphans.This time in 10D"

Iwo_jima_mcdonalds.jpgImmediately after World War V, most of the Earth's surface was occupied by the New British Empire, and the Alliance of the Twat Countries had collapsed. Most people voted for peace on The X Factor for a couple of years. During this time, most people chose to worship a god, and have a religion. Even the power of governments around the world were regarded inferior to the power of the gods. Due to this, the New British Empire collapsed, and international borders created were practically useless.

Buddhism was growing bigger than ever before. It all started as a little province, not even a country, in Tibet. Tibet then took over China from Chairman Pu Si, with the help of the boycotting of the Beijing Olympics. The now nationalised Tibet influenced its neighbours, namely Mongolia, Vietnam and South Korea. From there, the sphere of influence expanded southward as far as New Zealand.

Judaism was forced out of the Middle East as Islam now occupied it, and so covered North and West Africa.

Euthanasianism was a new religion, and they believed that killing themselves was the way to prosper in life. It was very popular in most of South America.

Most Christians had to convert to Islam, because THEY STARTED BELIEVING IN ALLAH. The only country left on Earth practising Christianity was FINLAND.


Course of the War

Early 2091

The New Year passed with the Muslims in an unfavourable position. On 5 January 2091, Iran and Afghanistan declared war against Tibet, to provide reinforcements. To make matters worse for the Muslims, all of Iran's nuclear missiles had just been sent to the USA in the America-Iran war some time ago, leaving no nuclear power in any Axis country. Tibet, however, had all of the previous China's nuclear power. Tibet successfully conquered the peopleless, inhabitible nuclear wasteland Mongolia as a nuclear missile testing site and a place for concentration camps in March 2091. On 22 March, 2091, they sent three separate nuclear missiles from Mongolia to Axis territory. One landed in Esfahan, Iran, another in Tehran, Iran and the last in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. In addition to Tibet's nuclear missiles, they also sent sixty six (why the Dalai Lama chose this number is unknown to historians) bomber planes the next day and continuously bombed Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, for a fortnight. Seeing their neighbours struggle, the Hindu countries India and Pakistan both declared war against Tibet on 6 April 2091, and in return they wanted their international cricket teams to be named as best two in the world (even though none of the Axis powers were able to do this as the International Cricket Council was actually based in Dubai, UAE). The Hindu-Muslim army retaliated poorly to the nuclear and air attacks, and as if the situation couldn't become more bleak, an earthquake measuring 9.2 on the Richter scale had just eliminated half of the population of the Turkmenistan capital, Ashgabat on 8 May 2091. Still in shock from the Tibetan's nuclear power, Uzbekistan was left open-mouthed and was conquered by Tibet for strategic purposes in early June 2091.

400px-Religious_activity_before_wwvi.JPGBlack = Fascists, Socialists and Pagans
Orange = Buddhists
Green = Muslims and assholes
Magenta = Hindus
Blue = Jews
Khaki = Euthanasians
Red = Christians
Grey = Forgotten Islands and Others
White = Fish Fetishists

Late 2091

With Turkmenistan virtually destroyed, and clearly Tibet's next military target, the Turkmenistani Government changed sides with immediate effect on July 4 2091 (formerly USA Independence Day. The Muslims were in desparate need of some sort of nuclear power - so they turned to Iraq. The Iraqis were ruled by a grand mufti. The Iraqi citizens were all amazed by the mufti rule and so began to join his force, and the mufti declared war against finland on 16 July 2091 and the invasion, known as the Battle of great cold war, ended in September. This battle saw the use of the World War I tactic of trench warfare. At last, the finland government gave in, and its territory and nuclear power was handed to Iran. however hard the Iranians tortured them. On 6 October 2091, Iran sent all six nuclear missiles they had to the Tibetan province of Qinghai,. Fortunately for the Tibetans, that area was already hit with black plague, and so sending nuclear missiles wouldn't cause much damage to the already devestated area.

During the course of this battle, the neutral countries Nepal and Bhutan were somehow captured in three minutes, the fastest ever time recorded conquering of any country, and added to the Tibetan Empire in order to aid the planned invasion of India later in the war. There is no proof of how the Tibetans managed this, but Nepalese citizens claim that 'black silhouettes' came and blew them away. All the Muslims there, however, were allowed to enter to India. Soon, Tibet made an alliance with North and South Korea on Christmas Day 2091.


Other Hindu countries, seeing that Tibetans were hardly spreading peace, allied with the Axis powers and declared war against Tibet in attempts to stop the war themselves. These countries were Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Oman, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Mohamed had also persuaded Syria, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey to fight against the Tibetans. This was a major expansion for the Axis Powers.

The ISS sending laser beams into Miami

For Tibet, they continued invading other countries. They declared war against the neutral Myanmar in February. Their beliefs in peace angered the Dalai Lama and they therefore had to be destroyed. Surprisingly, the Myanmarians resisted well, and not a single Tibetan had stepped on Myanmar soil. When the Dalai Lama heard of the failed invasion, he had his general's bones removed, crushed, and used to make the soil in his botanical garden more fertile. Apparently, he had been "too stupid". The Dalai Lama then made contact with the International Space Station (the equivalent of the United Nations), and asked for the immediate surrender of Myanmar as they had stepped on Tibetan soil without permission from the highest order. The ISS accepted the Dalai Lama's request (after analysing CCTV footage taken from a Tibetan source), and sent laser beams into Myanmar, as in World War IV. By mistake, the ISS sent multiple rays, rather than just send one warning ray, thus sinking it and simply largening the Bay of Bengal. Bordering countries saw the Tibetan's power to make lasers come out of the sky and quickly asked for a surrender. The Tibetans refused, insisting on fighting. Tibet declared war on Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan. They conquered all six countries by April.

In June, it was The Dalai Lama's birthday. He was given, as a birthday present, an alliance with the League of African Hindus (LOAH) (who had merged as one country), who would assist in attacking the Axis occupied Middle East.

The LOAH's tennis 'player' about to perform a backhand slice shot

Iran, having heard of the LOAH choosing to ally with Tibet rather than them, betrayed its alliance with other countries and declared war on Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman. Iran successfully took over Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar, but only half of Saudi Arabia. The rest of the Axis powers were shocked by Iran's actions and broke all connections with them too, and wanted to destroy Iran. Even the LOAH were willing to help the Axis powers in doing this.

It took 16 hours for the LOAH and the Axis Powers to crush Iran. Countries disputed very long for how to divide Iran. In the end, they made a mens' singles tennis tournament, to be held in Doha, Qatar. Winner takes Iran.

Unbelievably, on 8 July 2092, the LOAH won 0-6,0-6,7-6,7-6,239-237, using a type of Arican wolf.

While this was all happening, Tibet had seized the unguarded India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and North Pakistan. The Axis powers returned home furious.

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