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How can one attain peace!
It's nice to meet you and have your association so let's prevent drops ofnectar from ever drying up by throwing it to the ocean of loving devotion and upon reflection we are going to treat the
disease that is causing the entire world to suffer.In today`s world,it
is indeed we who generate our own endless desires and feelings of
scarcity which are the root of our own vociferous complaints.So what is
the solution to all problems and "HOW CAN ONE ATTAIN PEACE" in the
world of constant struggle filled with restlessness and fear? Observing
ocean we have seen that although countless rivers flow into it,ocean
never overflows!.Similarly,vario
desires flow into the mind of one who is fixed in transcendence,yet his
equilibrium is never disturbed.Such a person alone can attain peace,not
he who strives always to fulfill his desires.Here fixed in
transcendence means exactly the one who is "completely surrender" to
Sri GURU! Why? Because that supreme creator and maintainer can be fined
in this
the heart of Sri Guru.True him you can link yourself with
supreme-self.and with loving devotion we can understood that our actual
perception of ourselves has awakened fully. At that time we can execute
our duty properly and all problems of the world can be resolved!! in service Markandeyarishi das

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