Why is Marijuana still illegal? Alex Jones - Joe Rogan - Weed Wars (Videos)

The reason cannabis remains illegal to this day is not much of a secret. A select group of people make a ton of money from the prohibition of marijuana and they will go to any lengths to keep it illegal.

But there are some out there new to the cannabis movement, and many of them wonder why a natural plant is so demonized and forbidden. This video – although from 2010 – explains it simply and is the perfect rallying cry for marijuana law reform forces in 2012. Spread this video far and wide.

Information is power for those who are on the right side of history.

High Times Magazine:

Why Is Marijuana Still Illegal?



Alex Jones Video: (short clip)



Discovery Channel Documentary - Weed Wars:

Weed Wars: Medical Marijuana Hits Reality TV - YouTube


Joe Rogan speaks out on pot:


Joe Rogan Destroys Dr Drew on Marijuana! - YouTube



Marijuana Myth & Facts:

Marijuana - Myths And Facts - YouTube


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  • Thank you Mr Ed. hey no problems, I respect you as a fellow human and I'm not offended at all, we are all alowed to vent off some steam and yes this is always a very emotional topic and I'm genuinely sorry to hear that you did time in the slammer for what i would regard as a small crime and certainly not deserving of the punishment and time you served as well as losing your marriage and home.

    I can not see a problem with people who smoke a few joints or pipes for recreational and social purposes in moderation just like anyone else who enjoys a few beers with his mates or a ciggarette or a cigar after a nice meal.

    In this situation it is fairly harmless and should be allowed without anyone having to worry about geting raided or busted by the cops etc.


    I will check out the book via the amazon site.


    Yeah I'm a very mellow guy and it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers.

    Live and let live is one of my simple philosophies.

    Take good care and enjoy your day.


    Warm regards


    Mike        PS where did you find the smile/ wink emoticon? I would like to add them to my messages.

  • Hi Mr Ed,

    Thank you for your comments, very much appreciated and I watched the video as requested.

    Hey not a problem with regard to cannabis used for medicine and health purposes via a Doctors consultation and for a specific illness related to the potential benefit of cannabis being prescribed in a tablet or liquid medicine form and regulated by a statuory Governement body. I give it the thumbs up.

    However marijuana in smoked form as far as being made legal it aint going happen too soon, maybe if your lucky??? you may be allowed to be pocession of a small amount for personal use.


    Anyway being an ex cop I would not worry as it's very hard to police in Oz where I live the cops here are not too concerned about the little people who smoke a daily bong or joint. They are more interesed in the big guys ie. the growers and dealers on the big end of the scale.


    Yeah I agree we should be allowed to eat what we want to eat, drink what we want to eat and if it's illegal my philosophy is if you don't break the Law, you have no worries, no stress and you sleep well at night and again yes everyone has a free choice and don't get caught is the name of the game or better still don't break the Law.

    Sometimes the Law is an Ass but hey it's the Law and we may not always agree but that's how the cookie crumbles. All you can do is keep fighting for your rights in big numbers and try and get some Governent support ie your local member of parliament or Senator if you live in the USA. You may have like a greens political party who are more far left wing who have some clout in parliament or in congress etc that you can use a spokesperson to try and push for some changes in legislation. Hey it's worth a try. Weed aint my cup of tea buddy, but hey what ever floats your boat go for it and good luck.


    All the weed smokers that I have come across told me that they are very frustrated and annoyed people because it is not legal.


    I don't think that it wil be too long from now where it will be legal as a medicine to treat specific types of illness and only availble via a Doctor.

  • Hi folks, again I have to say it, the term "legal" is not law, it is corporate rules or statute and does not apply to living man or woman, it only applies to "PERSONS".

    Also, any plant, tree, bush, vegetable, herb is never, was never and can never be termed a 'drug'.

    A drug is a man made, synthetic substance.

    Also, you either know you own your own body, or you believe someone else does.

    Thank you.

    peace love light

  • CBD or Cannabidiol has been used in controlled medical applications with cancer patients in recent times. It has some positive benefits. We are not talking about marijuana on it's own for the purpose of health or healing benefits as this is not the case.

    When the sole chemical from the marijuana plant CBD/ Cannabidiol is used on it's own in a medicated prescribed pharmaceutical form it has some potenial cancer curing properties. However it is not the magic pill/ drug or cure.


    This is is just a possible gateway to getting marijuana made legal.


    This still does not justify the smoking or use of marijuana as a recreational drug.

    Howvever as I mentioned in an earlier post on this topic in respect and defence to those people who like to partake in smoking marijuana it is only a matter of time before most Western Governments will legalise and allow people to smoke it in controlled amounts and that will keep that group of people very happy as we are talking millions of people worldwide who smoke marijuana whether it is in small amounts or large amounts.

    It is not best to take a one sided view with marijuana users as it is a very sensitve and emotional issue and they guard and defend this drug like a new born child and feel that they have the right to use marijuana. Yes it is another drug just like alcohol and tobacco and people have a choice what they eat, drink or smoke regardless of the future health issues associated with the aforementioned drugs.


    It all boils down to people's rights and me well I choose not to partake in any of the aforementioned.


    Live and let live and if it's illegal people will still do it behind closed doors. Life goes on.

  • Thank you for your post Mr Ed,

     Personally i have found marijuana best for many of my health problems, ceoliac ( my immune system becomes compromised with gluten), migraines etc i have used this for the last 10 years with no ill effects and increased energy. So much so i could attend uni without and pain or sickness, i don't get stoned never have.

    I have also researched marijuana extensively through university (psychopharmacology) and found that as usual you want to get the truth out the powers that be try and stop it.  There is no research that suggests that using this herb has caused any death.  

    I am informed and would suggest that people research for themselves.

    I will look at the links that you have posted when i can see properly (migraine attack again this one has lasted 5 days now).

    Much love, many thanks and rainbow blessings to all,


    In Lak'ech Ala K'in :-) 

  • It may not be tobacco or alcohol however it is a drug, and drugs are foreign to our natural body and natural function. There are better and healthier natural foods with great health benefits.

    Bicarb soda mixed with either black strap mollasses or 100% pure maple syrup will kill cancer cells and cure malignant cancer. The Doctors will never tell you that, it will also shrink an enlarged prostate gland also raw apple cider vinegar mixed with either honey or apple juice will shrink an enlarged prostate gland, Cayenne pepper mixed in water will revive a person who has had heart attack and save their life it also very good for the heart if taken daily.

    Spirulina is a superfood rich in iron, beta carotene, amino acids, and vitamin B12.


    I'm almost 56 years of age, I don't smoke, don't drink alcohol and I have never used any illicit drug in my life. I'm a vegetarian, walk 3kms every day. Never go to the Doctor, I take no medications, my cholestrol is low and my blood pressure is spot on for my age. I have not had a cold or flu since 1991 and I caught that whilst inside a plane full of people coughing and sneezing on a long trip from the UK to Australia and I have had not since had any sickness since that point in time and that is the absolute truth. I have a very strong inmune system and I put that down simply to the way I live or my lifestyle and keeping my body, mind and spirit clean and pure as I possibly can without drugs/ marijuana, alcohol or tobacco which are all drugs and addcitions for many people.

    In the end the Government will give in and allow people to use marijuana despite the obvious physical and mental health problems associated with smoking it and yes your talking about eating it and it's full of THC and going down the road of eating it as a vegetable for health reasons is a potential way to getiing marijuana legalised then if people want to eat it they will but it is guaranteed that most people will prefer to smoke it.

    People have a choice what they put into their bodies. It all comes to down to self respect and good old fashioned common sense which is very sadly lacking in todays way.

    I can see why people want marijuana made legal as to them it's about having their rights respected as they say hey the Government says it's okay to smoke tobacco and it's okay to drink alcohol say hey why cant you say okay to marijuana?


    My simple philosophy is live and let live, love and peace and hey what ever floats your boat. People will still disobey and break the law and do it behind closed doors as that is the nature of many people.



    • Absolutely natureboy, I think you're spot on with everything. And me too I've always been very healthy, the worst sickness I've ever had was the flu...and it wasn't a serious one either lol Me too I'm very big on no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs...no nothing...I don't even drink cola....in fact I'm so clean, that many times when I take a piss, it comes out clear lol It's just not worth it, it's better to have your mind body and spirit clear and clean and pure.

      And I understand the positive effects, but even the most die hard smokers will admit that inhaling smoke can't be good for them...and even the most diehard drinkers and drug users will admit that it's better to not have that fog and distortion, and to just be clear and normal. But they do it anyways lol I don't understand.

      Well I do, I used to smoke weed in the past...and...I mean now when I look back, or I see my friend with some bud and I take a look at it, I always wonder what was I thinking...bitting this up, putting it into a pipe or bowl, burning it...and inhaling the smoke! I mean it's nuts....I can't believe I actually did that. But, I understand why people do...but one of these days...they're going to have to stop, because I'm sure you can't ascend with a blunt in your hand lol Or with your brain clouded and distorted. I definitely wouldn't want them piloting my scout craft lol No offense to you guys...but it's true.

      Heres a funny thing to end this. my friend Andrew, he told me...I can't wait till the ETs get here so I can smoke a big bowl with them lol I'm like...I really don't think enlightened ETs are doing something like smoking weed lol He said he bet they do...and we bet....so, I'm standing to win 10 dollars from that lol

      • Hi John,

        I'm happy to hear that you don't smoke weed anymore and that you also keep yourself fit and healthy and know that we don't need drugs, alcohol or tobacco in our life. We are in control of our body, mind and soul and need not depend on the aforementioned in our life.


        Another name for marijuana is dope and it does make people who smoke it dopey.

        I'm an ex cop and I have seen hundreds of people who smoke this stuff and what it does to them from kids to older guys from all walks of life and backgrounds.

        I have friends who are doctors and psychologists and they deal on a daily basis with the mental and physical problems associated with the use of this drug.


        If It was good it would have been legalised many years ago.


        I knew one guy who started smoking weed when he was 12 and by the time he was 18 he was a grower and a dealer making lots of money/ cash and he was unemployed from the day he left school and on welfare and living quite comfortable off his weed sales/ deals. By the time he was 25 yrs of age he was a heavy daily smoker of dope and by the time he was 35 yrs of age he was a bit brain dead as he was slow in his speech and took time to answer a simple question or solve a simple problem, there was that delayed reaction and he admitted that the dope over the years was the reason. He since gave the game away as it was getting too heavy with gang turf wars, guns, drive by shootings etc and he had a wife and young kid to love and care for and he turned his back on the marijuana drug and scene as he said it was just a matter of time before he was going to be dead and in the cemetry.

        But hey if they want smoke or eat it let them as it's there free choice.






  • It is best to keep our body, mind and spirit clean and healthy so we should not partake in alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or any drugs.

    All this is foreign to our natural body, mind and spirit.

    Being Vegan or a Vegetarian along with abstinence of the aforementioned is the best way for the human to live.

    We are the only mammal or species on this entire planet that indulges or partakes in such.

    Food for thought.

    • I have to agree with natureboy here.....it's just better not to intoxicate yourself with intoxicants of any kind. I understand it's positive effects, but it's not something you can't achieve on your own. And the negative side I think outweighs the positive. And I've used weed in the past, and it just becomes unhealthy after a while. So I'm very big on no smoking, no drinking, no nothing...I mean I rarely even drink cola. I'm probably one of the purest, cleanest people in the world...it's always better to be clean, clear, here, and in the now....

      And I think it's kind of weird how people say that, because it's a plant, and it comes from nature...it must be good lol I mean...in real nature....most plants are not that good, and some plants can KILL you if you eat them. Many plants will make you sick. I used to be a big outdoors person and I loved going into the wilderness, being Canadian you know lol And you have to know what you're doing. Real nature is rugged and raw and unforgiving....it's not as romantic and sweet as people tend to make it out to be.

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