Why is Marijuana still illegal? Alex Jones - Joe Rogan - Weed Wars (Videos)

The reason cannabis remains illegal to this day is not much of a secret. A select group of people make a ton of money from the prohibition of marijuana and they will go to any lengths to keep it illegal.

But there are some out there new to the cannabis movement, and many of them wonder why a natural plant is so demonized and forbidden. This video – although from 2010 – explains it simply and is the perfect rallying cry for marijuana law reform forces in 2012. Spread this video far and wide.

Information is power for those who are on the right side of history.

High Times Magazine:

Why Is Marijuana Still Illegal?



Alex Jones Video: (short clip)



Discovery Channel Documentary - Weed Wars:

Weed Wars: Medical Marijuana Hits Reality TV - YouTube


Joe Rogan speaks out on pot:


Joe Rogan Destroys Dr Drew on Marijuana! - YouTube



Marijuana Myth & Facts:

Marijuana - Myths And Facts - YouTube


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  • Hi folks, again I have to say it, the term "legal" is not law, it is corporate rules or statute and does not apply to living man or woman, it only applies to "PERSONS".

    Also, any plant, tree, bush, vegetable, herb is never, was never and can never be termed a 'drug'.

    A drug is a man made, synthetic substance.

    Also, you either know you own your own body, or you believe someone else does.

    Thank you.

    peace love light

  • Thank you for your post Mr Ed,

     Personally i have found marijuana best for many of my health problems, ceoliac ( my immune system becomes compromised with gluten), migraines etc i have used this for the last 10 years with no ill effects and increased energy. So much so i could attend uni without and pain or sickness, i don't get stoned never have.

    I have also researched marijuana extensively through university (psychopharmacology) and found that as usual you want to get the truth out the powers that be try and stop it.  There is no research that suggests that using this herb has caused any death.  

    I am informed and would suggest that people research for themselves.

    I will look at the links that you have posted when i can see properly (migraine attack again this one has lasted 5 days now).

    Much love, many thanks and rainbow blessings to all,


    In Lak'ech Ala K'in :-) 

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Absolutely natureboy, I think you're spot on with everything. And me too I've always been very healthy, the worst sickness I've ever had was the flu...and it wasn't a serious one either lol Me too I'm very big on no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs...no nothing...I don't even drink cola....in fact I'm so clean, that many times when I take a piss, it comes out clear lol It's just not worth it, it's better to have your mind body and spirit clear and clean and pure.

      And I understand the positive effects, but even the most die hard smokers will admit that inhaling smoke can't be good for them...and even the most diehard drinkers and drug users will admit that it's better to not have that fog and distortion, and to just be clear and normal. But they do it anyways lol I don't understand.

      Well I do, I used to smoke weed in the past...and...I mean now when I look back, or I see my friend with some bud and I take a look at it, I always wonder what was I thinking...bitting this up, putting it into a pipe or bowl, burning it...and inhaling the smoke! I mean it's nuts....I can't believe I actually did that. But, I understand why people do...but one of these days...they're going to have to stop, because I'm sure you can't ascend with a blunt in your hand lol Or with your brain clouded and distorted. I definitely wouldn't want them piloting my scout craft lol No offense to you guys...but it's true.

      Heres a funny thing to end this. my friend Andrew, he told me...I can't wait till the ETs get here so I can smoke a big bowl with them lol I'm like...I really don't think enlightened ETs are doing something like smoking weed lol He said he bet they do...and we bet....so, I'm standing to win 10 dollars from that lol

  • This reply was deleted.
    • I have to agree with natureboy here.....it's just better not to intoxicate yourself with intoxicants of any kind. I understand it's positive effects, but it's not something you can't achieve on your own. And the negative side I think outweighs the positive. And I've used weed in the past, and it just becomes unhealthy after a while. So I'm very big on no smoking, no drinking, no nothing...I mean I rarely even drink cola. I'm probably one of the purest, cleanest people in the world...it's always better to be clean, clear, here, and in the now....

      And I think it's kind of weird how people say that, because it's a plant, and it comes from nature...it must be good lol I mean...in real nature....most plants are not that good, and some plants can KILL you if you eat them. Many plants will make you sick. I used to be a big outdoors person and I loved going into the wilderness, being Canadian you know lol And you have to know what you're doing. Real nature is rugged and raw and unforgiving....it's not as romantic and sweet as people tend to make it out to be.

  • The Native Tribes describe the plant and it medicine. They say it talks to them. I have tried various forms sensamia , cush and others, and Yes they do communicate if you put your mind into listening very closely. It offers a lot of information on it's medicine. Its truly amazing.

  • I know why it is illegal...

    It's beauty is so strong that bad people want to keep it hidden from others!

    Seriously speaking, it haas so many good uses that AMA can packs his offices and close them as well.

    It's healing powers was given to us not just so...everything on Earth has it's purpose.

    As above so below.

    Thanks to Mr.Ed for info.

  • I did speak of this book to her.......thanks for reminder, I'll talk to her again.............

  • yea, Mr. Ed

    those pictures are great................

    I even convinced my mum about benefits of mary~jane...........she was very reluctant at first but few computer links and articles made considerable impact on her..............I even got her high once , yrs ago. You guys should have been there, she never had giggled like that before .

  • Hi Mr Ed.  Thanks 4 the input. Also, I AM really grateful for this discussion topic. Thank you.  BTW, if THC destroys heat, how effective do you think cannabutter is, given it needs to be cooked for about 3 hrs (according to 420 Magazine). Seems I've had mixed results when cooking it in the past.  A friend gave me some shake, with a lot of little buds still in it, so  I'm gonna make some probably today, then do so baking to get BAKED with. What are your thoughts Mr. Ed on cooking it, vs. eating it raw??

    Peace & Blessings...........Starman

  • Yup, the purple one.....devine.......where is my pipe....and how do I get it off the forum and into my pipe????8114346893?profile=originalPS the person in this picture is NOT ME!!! lol

This reply was deleted.

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