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why I do not beleive i have such a thing as a twin flame or soulmate

when i was younger much younger i said to myself nah its bullcrap as if i am ever going to meet a girl get married and have kids and full in love NO NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!


I have even said to myself several times that would be the last thing that could ever happen in my entire life and i give you several reasons why i think its immpossible for me or either too hard to happen.


everyone has a soulmate no one is single no one.



i have lived so many years enough to know love for me is not capable of happening to me.


and all the years i have lived met girls been hanging out with girls none of them wanted me as a boyfreind and i would not take them out anyways.



its been several years now since i have never had a relationship ever in my life I avoided relationships at high school was not interested in anyone and stayed on my own.


i still feel like that now and really i dont care anymore at all...


i am at a stage of getting older now and i really doubt anyone would be single as i get to 30 years old i feel that my mark would be too late for love and too late for finding a relationship.



and now I am almost 27 and i feel its too late for that kind of thing as if i am ever going to find any girl who will like me as if no girl will like me anyways even if i get older.


I would be alot more happier breaking out of this atraction state in the mind and moving onto living a solo life and i have been saying it since i was 16 years old and now i am almost 27 and you know what its finished its over im done.i know love will not happen to me i knew it from the start since i was 16 years old because it never happened in years so its over its too late for that.

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My friend, you could find her when you are old, you just have to wait, and the time will come ;)

Well Twinflame is different than just finding a "Girl", it is the other half of you, and if not embodied on the planet then is in the ethers, helping to guide you this lifetime.

I Sorta giggle and grin, when you say your age, you are still so young to be feeling you are past the mark of finding love on earth. And i shouldn't say Love, as much as partner for this trip, as Love just is. and usually relationships though we think are about love, are more about mirroring what we still need to let go of. (karmic)

My guess is that you opted to experience not having GF's while growing up, perhaps so you could work on finding and accepting self love, which is all there is anyway!!

You have to realize that nothing we experience is by accident, but by design, and.... a design that we ourselves helped plan for our own growth, there is also much to learn from being alone!!!



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