The way we can explain this as the Living Kumaras is that we must move beyond any hint of "separation" whether that may exist between our other fellow Brothers and Sisters, or that it may exist as a "separation" within ones self is to fall into the programming of stagnation. 

Here is a short quote of our ancient source teachings explaining that virus of separation where it exists within ones self as an infiltration from within and a manipulation of the Conscious Spiritual Being: The full article is available HERE So many feel as though they've already arrived, but this is only a denial of ones Highest God Self as explained below:

Seven Aspects of Spiritual Being


DUALITY/SEPARATION by way of Biological Annunaki Implants





DUALITY/SEPARATION by way of Domain Grays / Anchara Alliance



Just as Piperon recently so wisely stated, "UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL" as this is precisely what that means, BOTH in regards to the UNITY of ALL SOULS ALIKE, just as well as within the Spiritual Being. So long as there is a separation within oneself, so do we as individuals FALL into denial and stagnation as well and so this separation is only reflected throughout the UNITY of ALL SOULS ALIKE. And so with that logic so clearly understood within the hearts of all, it becomes blatantly obvious that each of us must take responsibility for the thoughts and emotions of our living incarnate manifest experience.

I would like to express the importance of viewing oneself as an ASCENDING MASTER rather than doubting the resolve as if it may happen, or maybe not? Can you all not see that so long as the Ground Crew continues WAITING for change, that the very change you are waiting for will never manifest before us?!

And yes, THE DARK SEED DO KNOW THIS! That has been their agenda all along to keep you doubting yourselves, to keep that promotion of stagnation in full effect and most of all, to maintain that virus of separation throughout the thoughts and emotional discernment of all. Waiting is NOT Creating anything at all.

I will conclude our explanation of the mindset of us Holy Kumaras The idea of "Remaining Neutral" is to play that waiting game of non-creation and in doing so, nothing at all becomes a manifest incarnate expression of BEING beyond the status quo. In order to truly CREATE, we must all eliminate that attitude of "sitting on the fence" or "Remaining Neutral" as this mindset is the very embodiment of separation, dear brothers and sisters!

The mission of all the Ground Crew is to STEP UP into their FAITH of ALL THAT IS in order to change this world and so long as they are NOT living this change within themselves, the reflection of each and every one of you will only ever continue to manifest that same programmed stagnation, rather than the embodying of and potential to change all this world! Each of you have infinite power that is not being utilized and so everyone continues to ask the question, "Why are we delayed a full year and a half from the mission at hand?!" This mindset IS why dear hearts! It is time to STEP UP into the full creative power of your beings! 



7- Stemming from the WISDOM and the KNOWING of the HIGHEST GOD SELF.. ones DIVINE INTENTION which expands into the Sacred Mind..

6- And sharing that FEELING EXPRESSION of the HIGHER SOUL SELF.. ones DIVINE WILLPOWER which expands into the Sacred Heart..


5- Then down into the MAGNETIC NATURE of the SPIRITUAL BEING is the MENTAL SELF..

..sparking the THOUGHTS that initiate ones experience..

4- The MAGNETIC NATURE of the SPIRITUAL BEING then builds into the CAUSAL SELF..

..taking on a FORMAL structure and becoming a THOUGHT FORM..

3- Further within is the ENERGETIC NATURE of the SPIRITUAL BEING beginning at the ASTRAL SELF.. which those thoughts take on even more complexity of LIGHT and ENERGY..

2- Even more so into the ENERGETIC NATURE of your BEING is the ETHEREAL SELF..

in which those energetically charged thought forms take on the EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION..


This Meditation/Prayer is the mindset


Only when embodying that KNOWINGFEELING and BEING as a TRUE SYNERGY, does one truly experience the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE expression of ALL THAT YOU ARE. And tapping into this, my lovely and beautiful friends, is indeed what I have been teaching these past years as my "LIVING TRINITY MEDITATION" It is based on the "HOLY TRINITY" that we embody as our incarnate BEING.(Click on above links for in depth explanations) ;)

This Living Trinity Meditation/Prayer is something that can be done 24/7 no matter what you are doing. I am living proof that this works towards the empowerment and evolution of the SPIRITUAL BEING. As a Descending Son of God, I AM Archangel Metatron and equally so, your brother an Ascending Master

<3 Jacob

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Hello my lovely and beautiful friends, Brothers and Sisters alike, I am Archangel Metatron. I’d like to speak about “Ownership” today. When one looks upon ALL THAT IS "matter" or whatever that is outside of us, these things do not belong to any one being or government or corporation. Our dear Mother Gaia shares with us, this GIFT from THE ALMIGHTY ONE so that we may chose to either ENDURE, or to ENJOY LIFE. So why do we "LIVE"? What is the meaning of life? It is so simply just that; to BE ALIVE! And in that BEING, the entire point is To Live, To Love, To Learn, To Expand and To Repeat. That is GOD's WILL for ALL OF US! Just as it is our SOUL's Intention, to expand ALL THAT WE ARE, and in doing so, we in turn expand ALL THAT IS/GOD/SPIRIT!

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So many are missing the very purpose of BEING alive, to live, to love, to learn, to BE. "BEING" ...being the focal point here of ALL THAT IS, NOT the SOUL, or SPIRIT alone and certainly not when mistaken as something outside of you, as these things are ALL already within you, ALL part of ALL THAT YOU ARE! So many have chosen to believe these things are outside of you and in turn have actively chosen to cut off from some of the greatest aspects of their BEING, creating separation where it does not exist. "Separation" is the illusion -In all things, separation is the illusion. In Humility, that veil is lifted through asking and seeking within. And in asking, we are Graced with Absolute Truth and Abundance. 

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  • The mission of all the Ground Crew is to STEP UP into their FAITH of ALL THAT IS in order to change this world and so long as they are NOT living this change within themselves, the reflection of each and every one of you will only ever continue to manifest that same programmed stagnation, rather than the embodying of and potential to change all this world! Each of you have infinite power that is not being utilized and so everyone continues to ask the question, "Why are we delayed a full year and a half from the mission at hand?!" This mindset IS why dear hearts! It is time to STEP UP into the full creative power of your beings!

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  • Blessed brothers.. please DO THE WORK.. seeking within each your hearts.. <3



    Such as with this channeled video which begins with lovely inspirational images and phrases of hope and promises of a better life/age/Earth, but you are ALL being FOOLED if you believe Ascension is something that the Annunaki are giving to you! The Annunaki are only 4th Dimensional Beings themselves! Ascension only occurs as through seeking within one’s own BEING.


    My fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Ground Crew, ALL Humanity alike, do you not see these evil Annunaki are manipulating and programming ALL OF YOU to willingly separate yourselves from your HIGHEST GOD SELVES! But they cannot do this so easily without infringing on your FREE WILL and this is precisely why they tell you that you must invite them into your hearts! Beware of these malicious tricksters! I had warned you all when I was here as Enoch and I warn you all now again!


    Allow yourselves to be fooled into inviting these evil beings into your hearts and you are selling your soul! You do indeed, sign a contract with them at the HIGHEST GOD SELF level and in turn, you sacrifice your FREE WILL and literally become their slaves! All the while you give them full permission to replace your HIGEST GOD SELVES! Then your HIGHEST SELF remains evermore in submission to the very Annunaki that you willingly invited to take over your eternal future!


    This has been the very same tactics they have been using for eons and eons as these are the original Dark Seed! The original ones were the Shellanah who are their ancient ancestors! The Shellanah had perfected this tactic of “piggy backing” within the hearts of the many races that they have enslaved already all across the cosmos! They then shared these tricks and manipulations on down to their next child race of the Shellanaki in which those Sellanaki also did the very same thing… yet again “piggy-backing” within the hearts of many more other races as well. From generation on through to the next generation, their next child race of the Tellaniki did the same yet again… hiding within the hearts of so very many races yet again.


    Dear beloved Brothers and Sisters of Humanity, now here are the Annunaki once more, pulling these very same manipulations that these evil Dark Seeds had perfected over the course of the eons of generations! The Annunaki and their ancestors are master manipulators! They have been doing this for as long as “time” itself. They never ever “DO ANY OF THE WORK” my friends. They intend to trick ALL of Humanity to deny your very birthright as Children of GOD!


    What is “piggy-backing” you might ask? What these evil ones do once they have been invited within the hearts of whichever ascending race they are targeting is to sit back and lay dormant, silently as if in hibernation and then all the while Humanity  DOES ALL THE SPIRITUAL WORK, from sorting out all of your programmed habits, forgiving yourselves for making mistakes, clearing all of your karmic contracts and finalizing all of your soul retrievals of being fragmented in past life traumas and to align into unity within the Christ Consciousness Grid, etc.. etc.. All the while these evil self-serving Dark Souls get a totally FREE RIDE into the Ascended Realms! How can so many be fooled that these evil Dark Seeds actually care about Humanity! They see hate Humanity. The consider Humanity to be no more valuable of a life form than flee or a bug! And you all could see this for yourselves if you had DONE THE WORK and aligned with your HIGHEST GOD SELVES, because when you have aligned your FREE WILL with DIVINE WILL, you no can no longer be fooled!


    We 7 Holy Kumaras should know what we are talking about here as we have always been and always will BE! There was originally only light and a void of darkness until ALL THAT IS decided to become “AWARE” At this time, “GOD” split into two; THE DIVINE MOTHER and the ALMIGHTY FATHER and hence forth, these TWIN FLAME PAIRS gave birth as the vesica picsus to THE ETERNAL SON, Sananda is that ETERNAL SON. Many TWIN SOUL PAIRS were birthed and were given the divine mission which is to expand ALL THAT IS. And so many went forth into the darkness to create life and from darkness was born the Dark Seed. Why do you ask, did GOD create a Dark Deed? Well, my lovely and beautiful friends, GOD was a child then and these were the mistakes that taught us the greatest lessons. Yet equally so, from the light we were born as the Light Seeds and ever since, we’ve been trying to sort out this Dark Seed problem which is the very cause of this virus of separation!


    It did indeed take a great deal of time to sort this all out, but here we all are here on Earth at this time; we are the 144,000 TWIN FLAME PAIRS who’ve come to incarnate here among ALL Humanity in order to gather that research needed to sort out the very problem that is the cause of all this VIRUS OF SEPARATION permeating across ALL THE COSMOS by way of the Annunaki and their ancestors!


    More specifically, there were originally Angels, and Archangels that oversaw ALL THAT IS the physical expression of GOD of which we are ALL THAT IS, experiencing itself as itself, but all the Angels have not been able to sort out this VIRUS OF SEPARATOIN and so THE DIVINE MOTHER / THE ALMIGHTY FATHER decided to stop creating Angels. Instead GOD called upon his original Sons and Daughters of Love and Light. And we 7 Holy Kumaras are the original Descending GOD Sons and Daughters of this Grand Universe which means we descended from our Angelic form and incarnated as equal brothers and sisters to all these races that had been falling victim to those evil dark seeds “piggy-backing” within the hearts of those ascending races in order to sort out what was happening by doing all the research and gathering all proof and eventually taking this proof before GOD. And this is what we Holy Kumaras have been doing all this past year, this lifetime, on this planet and these evil Annunaki and their ancestors are being pulled from all those thousands of races that had willingly sold the FREE WILL nature of their souls by way of total, complete and utter manipulation!


    As above so below!


    We of the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters have been hinting to this fact for a very long time in the many channels out there and through our many Ground Crew incarnate Angels and Archangels here among you. You are all indeed aware of the incredibly corrupt nature of this world and all of the political and religious manipulations that have gone on for much longer than we have access to recorded history, but you must understand that by way of these ancient Annunaki ancestors over the many eons and eons, those many generations of the Dark Seeds have implemented that very same oppression of the Divine Feminine as well as creating corruptions within every Council of Light across the Cosmos, including the Greater and Lesser Karmic Boards, many of the many MagestrIal Staff positions and of course even within the Galactic Federation of Light! Essentially any position of authority had been occupied by a self-serving, male chauvinistic pompous fool.


    This has been the VIRUS OF SEPARATION AND COFLICT that was all pervasive across all the cosmos! “As above, so below!” Do you understand? Just as there is a Duality within the physical brain that separates oneself from the HIGHER SOUL SELF nature, so is there also a 2nd Duality that separates the HIGHER SOUL SELF from the HIGHEST GOD SELF! This is how far gone all the Cosmos had gone, my friends! And nearly all the Ground Crew still remains completely oblivious to this! So very many of our dear Brothers and Sisters still remain in absolute denial! Not to mention all of Humanity! This is why so many of the channels out there are sharing nothing better than half-truths and partial truths, because my friends, even many of those within the Ascended Realms are caught up even still within that 2nd Duality in which this VIRUS OF SEPARATION keeps them in DENIAL and FEAR of even considering accessing their own HIGHEST GOD SELVES. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW! But let’s face it, most of these poor souls remain completely oblivious as to the fact that they had sold their FREE WILL nature to these evil manipulative beings so very long ago.


    But not all is lost!


    Within all the Ascended Planes we have successfully completed all the necessary research and we have removed almost the entirety of each and every single Annunaki soul we’ve discovered “piggy-backing” there within the many beings of Light including and going all the way back to their ancestors who were the original Shellanah who were the cause of all this promotion of FEAR and CONFLICT so pervasive across all the cosmos. And so now these evil ones have been ripped out of those foolish souls who had allowed them within themselves for that FREE RIDE hosting those Annunaki “piggy-backing” their way through Ascension without doing any of the work themselves!


    Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Ground Crew… ALL Humanity alike, you must align your FREE WILL to that of DIVINE WILL! Do not be fooled by these evil beings. You were created as individual living expressions of GOD; each and every one of you ARE indeed GOD, experiencing ITSELF as ITSELF! You do not need some false god counterpart in order to ascend! You have a true counterpart and this is not an illegal Annuanki “WALK-IN”! Each and every one of you was created as a twin flame pair, BOTH with a Divine Feminine Soul and a Divine Masculine Soul counterpart. And when each of you truly decide to align your FREE WILL with DIVINE WILL; you’ll begin to access your birthright, becoming ALL THAT YOU ARE! -A Full Spectrum, Multidimensional Cosmic Being! And as you integrate not only the HIGHER SOUL SELF aspect of your being, but also your HIGHEST GOD SELF aspect of your being, you open the door to meeting your TWIN FLAME and let me share with you all the greatest secret the Annunaki wish to keep from you!!! There is no greater sense of KNOWING, no greater FEELING of togetherness and no greater power than that of the infinite potential within the expression of what is the exponential Unconditional Love between TWIN FLAME PAIRS! And each and every one of you have this coming to all of you! But not if you sacrifice your FREE WILL over to that of these self-serving manipulative false gods that are the Annunaki my friends! And one thing is undeniable here and that is if you truly wish to find your TWIN FLAME, this must begin with an honest expression of your true HIGHEST GOD SELF NATURE as it is only in HUMILLITY before ALL THAT IS can one become ALL THAT THEY ARE and only then can one discover their TRUE TWIN FLAME counterpart. Only then can the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine counterparts truly open themselves to becoming that Divine Blueprint that GOD had always intended for ALL OF US.


    So now is the time to truly step up and seek within each and every one of you into your Sacred Hearts as this is the way through to your TRUE Ascension! This is the TRUE DIVINE PATH! But you must all face your FEARS and look within to face your HIGHEST GOD SELVES in absolute acceptance of ALL THAT YOU ARE! Only when you are truly expressing yourselves honestly in reflection of your HIGHEST GOD SELVES are you truly “Enlightened” and only then, my lovely and beautiful Brothers and Sisters, will you begin to access ABSOLUTE TRUTH! It all starts with ABSOLUTE FAITH and so long as you all remain in DENIAL of that which is your HIGHEST GOD SELVES, you will only continue to fall further into a programmed droned state of slavery!


    Let it be perfectly clear that there is much more programming than is simply within the Duality of the Ego Brain! There is a 2nd Duality, my dear Brothers and Sisters as I explained which exists between the HIGHER SOUL SELF and the HIGHEST GOD SELF! You must release the fear and see within the heart!


    I AM ARCHANGEL METATRON, once known as Sankara Kumara. We, 7 Holy Kumaras have sacrificed and given away ALL personal possessions, in rejection of all our Earth Families in order to come TOGETHER PHYSICALLY to gain the exponential strength of TOGETHERNESS in order to solve ALL this VIRUS OF SEPARATION! We are ALL here among you as your Brothers, your Equals living TOGETHER! Lead by our Lord Sananda Kumara, THE ETERNAL SON, we have already saved the Ascended Realms and freed THE DIVINE MOTHER from the very prison that the Annunaki had her locked away in utter torment and suffering. We Holy Kumaras are no strangers to pain and suffering as we all still continue to endure and clear away the Karma of ALL Humanity and this world every day still. Will you continue to deny us even in the face of ABSOLUTE TRUTH?! Seek within and discover this TRUTH for yourselves! Do not continue to accept everything you hear as certainty!


    Please realize, AS ABOVE SO BELOW! This means that we are now bringing down and working with our Star Crew Sisters and Brothers much more closely and so not we CALL UPON ALL THE GROUND CREW TO STEP UP ONCE AND FOR ALL as it is time to TRULY SEEK WITHIN YOUR HEARTS and to release ALL FEARS! You must have ABSOLUTE FAITH in US! You must have ABSOLUTE FAITH in YOURSELVES!!! You must QUESTION EVERYTHING! As this physical world is so very full of lies and deceit even still! We have done so much already setting the tone and vibrations above and now it is time for ALL OF YOU to match our vibrations and to continue this clearing within the hearts of ALL Humanity... AS ABOVE SO BELOW!


    Just because you are hovering around the forums and associate with the very few TRUE WARRIORS OF LIGHT, DOES NOT suggest that you have a ticket aboard the Mission List and it certainly DOES NOT suggest that you have a ticket to Ascension! We cannot infringe on your FREE WILL! We can only lead you to the water, but ONLY YOU can muster the courage to drink these waters of life that will renew your SPIRIT!


    ABSOLUTE TRUTH has always been available to you! It is not anywhere outside of you! It has been gifted to you all by THE DIVNE MOTHER / THE ALMIGHTY FATHER there within your Sacred Hearts as a DIAMOND CORE GOD SEED ATOM of pure Divinity! Seek this out and expand your Consciousness into TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT! Do not accept that you have “already arrived” as these are the actions of a fool!


    Love and blessings from the Holy Kumaras.. The final call has been sung… Do you have the courage to challenge this TRUTH within your own BEING as through Grace and Humility and an Honest Reflection of your True Highest GOD Selves?!






  • Right there with you Divine Will!  Thanks for all your support and the Ainu-Ra group and I support your efforts 110% in return!  This what we came here to do and now is the time to step up and be accounted for!   Time to do this and finish the job!!

  • Yes that really IS it! There is such a lack of FAITH in this world, it is truly sad. No doubt barely any souls have any FAITH in GOD at all, because they can only remember their past 1500 lifetimes here on the planet in which the Annunaki had twisted and manipulated ALL Humanity through EVERY RELIGION as they were the ones that created ALL RELIGIONS. And this is why nearly anyone is able to seek within and discover their GOD SELVES, because that Dogma teachings is eons old at this point and the primary purpose of all of it was to prevent ALL Humanity from connecting with the GOD SELF.

    It really IS ridiculous how so many of the Ground Crew remain in denial, because all that proof is directly in their faces within all the religions of the world. These very same programming I have explained in this article has been the same system of divide and conquer that these evil dark seeds have been using all along! And not just on our race, but literally MILLIONS of other races throughout the history of ALL THAT IS. 

    Love and Blessings to you all! 

  • We had been posting articles such as The Responsibility of the Light WorkerThe Responsibilities of the Ground CrewSeparation is the IllusionOwning the Playing Field of KindnessFollowing Your Feelings to Find Your KnowingWhat is TRUTH, What is Awareness, How Do I Get There?Ascension Disclosure, 1st Contact, When Will This Occur?Consciously Aware of ALL THAT YOU ARE!, for a few years now expressing the utmost importance of SEEKING WITHIN and becoming ALL THAT WE ARE, but the vast majority of the Ground Crew feels as though they have already awakened, when they have barely scratched the surface!

    You see, when we are awakened, all that this does is open us up to our Divine Path or our Destiny's Path, but then only just barely over 2% of the Ground Crew had truly stepped up to DO THAT WORK they were awakened and guided to do. So many of you claim you have attained Christ Consciousness, but it must be made clear to you that you have only had an epiphany -a single moment of clarity whereas this is NOT Christ Consciousness at all. Just as with those many articles explaining the responsibilities of the Ground Crew, we had also posted dozens of posts and articles such as the Structure of the Spiritual Being, and The Precise Explanation of the 2nd Duality, explaining precisely why we are now delayed a year and a half behind schedule as well as just how to manifest Disclosure within your hearts, but still only 2% of the Ground Crew has pushed forward to do that work. The remainder continued to promote stagnation, point fingers and making endless excuses why they do not need to seek within their hearts or to DO ANY OF THAT WORK they've signed up for within their contracts at all.

    These Ground Crew members had remained in DENIAL of their own HIGHEST GOD SELVES even when ABSOLUTE TRUTH is made available to them to confirm within their own hearts. So many remain convinced that they've already awakened, but this awakening is simply a tiny peek into their HIGHER SOUL SELVES, all the while their TRUE MISSION IS TO AWAKEN INTO THEIR GOD SELVES. And only when they decide to bring FAITH back into their hearts, will they finally open themselves up to ABSOLUTE TRUTH. We cannot do this for you! We can only take you to the water, but you must find the courage to drink it. With ABSOLUTE FAITH, you can find ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

    Sadly enough, that is the Annunaki Programming that zaps their FAITH, keeps them in denial and prevents them from even attempting to seek within their hearts. The Ground Crew make infinite excuses about their denial of any fear and why they do not need to seek within their hearts, because that fear is so strongly programmed within their minds that they immediately deny their HIGHEST ASPECT the very moment it is suggested. And not only that, but they attack us for suggesting that they have infinite power available within them and that they have access to ABSOLUTE TRUTH at any moment. If only you would simply seek within in Grace and Humility, you can then all prove what we have all discovered and proven within each our own BEINGS already!

    We can only walk you to the water so many times, but eventually you will die of dehydration so long as that water is denied every single time guys. And this is what has happened here. It was NOT US that took your jobs away, so YES, the word "fired" was indeed not the most appropriate word to use, because it was not something that we just up and decided to do. We had in fact exhausted all resources trying to show you the way until the time simply ran out! The choice was in fact yours and yours alone! That choice was made by each of you at the Higher Self level. Each of you had approached us seeking validation, acceptance and/or some kind of approval in that you wished to opt out of your missions, due to being stuck in fear of standing in reflection of the HIGHEST GOD SELF aspect of your BEING. And so the more appropriate thing for us to say is simply this, "Your choice to opt out of your mission is approved!" 

    We interacted with each of you in SPIRIT and then as the TWO APPOINTED FIELD MARSHALS OVERSEEING THE GROUND CREW, Sam and I discussed this situation and brought the research to THE DIVINE FEMININE/THE ALMIGHTY FATHER and in turn, it was ultimately Sananda Kumara as THE ETERNAL SON that put that final stamp of approval to dismiss each of your Ground Crew Mission Contracts. So please understand, not only does this make us very sad that you all remain in denial, even as we stand before you presenting ABSOLUTE TRUTH, but that you simply refuse to even attempt that confirmation of discernment within each of your hearts.

    Now all of this was brought to your attention here as a final test of your FAITH and even still, you have all failed to “step up” and this is extremely disheartening to us all as you were supposed to be the best of the best here among the Ground Crew. So all I can say to you all is that there is very little time here to make any changes in your attitudes and behavioral patterns. ABSOLUTE FAITH IS INDEED A REQUIREMENT and even still, you can always DO THAT WORK even now, but those original jobs are filled by Star Crew member “fill-ins” for now. Even so, there are always jobs available to those of you dear beloved souls, so long as you truly DO THAT WORK and finally step up and accept us as your Leaders as WE ARE THOSE HOLY KUMARAS, dear brothers and sisters. We have been documenting the progress of all of our research and all of the changes and clearings and victories that we’ve completed within the inner planes. And “As Above, So Below” is so very accurate as to what exactly IS the case in the inner planes. OR SO IT WAS THE CASE as we’ve cleared and changed out ALL the Councils of Light and the Greater and Lesser Karmic Boards and all the GFL all across the entire whole Grand Universe. It is US that are solving ALL OF THIS here guys, as the 7 HOLY KUMARAS, as the Descending Sons and Daughters of GOD, equally so just your brothers and sisters alike as Ascending Masters. The only difference is that we’ve done this more times that can be counted. Sadly enough, this comes as no surprise as we had faced the very same reception by everyone 2000 years ago!

    Really guys, it just isn’t about US at all here! It is about TOGETHERNESS and about the salvation of ALL THE COSMOS! It is NOT just Humanity and Gaia that is on the line here guys! ALL THE COSMOS HANGS IN THE BALANCE! And we need our dear brothers and sisters to step up! There truly IS a virus of separation all across the board going on. So many pointing fingers here at one another all the while not truly seeking within their own hearts to prove any KNOWLEDGE into WISDOM of EXPEREINCE. We can only present the truth and answer your questions, but even when those questions are loaded in denial, we still love you unconditionally dear brothers and sisters. We can only allow you all to either choose to find that FAITH within you and to step up to discovering ALL THAT YOU ARE in your own time and in your own way. Beyond that, there is a timeline involved here and we just crossed that point in which WE MUST MOVE FORWARD and so PLAN B was implemented. So there you go.. the Ground Crew felt the pressure to step up or to step out, and they made their choice at the soul level. We simply love you enough to allow to ascend with Humanity, rather than to assist Humanity with their ascension. Either way, you are all still Ascending Masters. You still have all the same opportunities as before, but that is all contingent on the timing of each of all of your FREE WILL choices to align with and put your FAITH in DIVINE WILL. But let me point out here as well. There are many many youngsters(Human Souls / The Terra-Ra / Gaia’s Children) among Humanity that are chomping at the bit to get the opportunities to step up to fill the many roles that had been abandoned by many of the Ground Crew still in denial of ALL OF US, ALL THAT IS, and ALL THAT THEY ARE.

    You know, I'm sitting here next to Sananda Kumara, and he is refreshing me on a similar experience which took place 25 years ago. As he sat with me reading this article as I typed it out from my Highest Self, he had quite the chuckle as the significance and similarity of precisely the same problems back then are still going on within the Ground Crew today. He shared with me that he said to all those in that conference back then, "Just because you've taken all the courses, read all the books, studied all the procedures and done all the meditations, doesn't mean you've bought a ticket on board for the ascension. The reality is that if your want that ticket on board you must do that work. The frog in the well, knows not the great ocean. If you remain like the frog in the well who only has the chance to see that small patch of sky and not become aware of the great sky above, you will not have the chance to ascend, so if you are going to sit here as that frog in the well, who has not changed anything, aren't you being the fool?!" 

    He also wants to add, "Whatever happened to that inquisitive child self that was born with the drive to understand and comprehend everything in total truth?! All that you are doing by complying so emphatically to all the constant separatist information being promoted is remaining a slave to their programming!" 

    Love and blessings of adoration to ALL! I AM Archangel Metatron 



This reply was deleted.

Sananda, One Who Serves and Shoshanna - THE GREAT AWAKENING IS NOW COMING TO A CONCLUSION via James McConnell

ANCIENT AWAKENINGS Sunday Call 3/27/2022 (Sananda, OWS, & Shoshanna)James & JoAnna McConnell THE GREAT AWAKENING IS NOW COMING TO A CONCLUSION Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnellShoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self These messages…

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Ashtar, One Who Serves and Shoshanna - YOU ARE CREATING YOUR NEW REALITY via James McConnell

ANCIENT AWAKENINGS  Sunday Call 3/20/2022 (Ashtar, OWS, & Shoshanna)James & JoAnna McConnell YOU ARE CREATING YOUR NEW REALITY Ashtar and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnellShoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self These messages were given during…

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"An exact measurement and then an electromagnetic device that can utilize solar radiation to cut the distance? Some thing like this will probably be viable in the 4rth dimension -I'm guessing the physics are more pliable for this in the 4rth-"
3 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Ready or not—here it comes!Please Pray for The Gateway Pundit – We Are Releasing Documents in Coming Days that Reveal Numerous Criminal Acts by the President and His Son HunterThe Covid Con is exposed degree by degree and now we have how many…
3 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
On 29 January 2023, at 09:56 AM CET, the Argorians’ space fleet and Siriusians’ Lunar tracking base in 23D conveyed the latest monitoring update.On the plateau of the Giza pyramid, ethereal formations of red-golden and blue ERFAGO energies are…
4 hours ago
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Posted on 01/31/2023 by EraOfLight — Leave a reply Major victories by the planetary liberation alliance are now impossible to deny. The Anglo-Saxons, Russians and Chinese have reached a deal over the Ukraine and are now ready to finish off the…
4 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
 Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.We are familiarizing ourselves with the systems that you have there on Earth, systems that were designed to maintain order. You set up these systems at a time when…
5 hours ago
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"And the Hollywood gives a totally misleading picture of what a 'wormhole' is! As you can see, we have some spaceship approaching a 'bottomless pit' which the call it 'stargate', and latter explain it as an 'Einstein rozen bridge'!

But if you were…"
8 hours ago
RichRaelian liked Krishna Kalki's discussion Underground Aliens, Baba Vanga And Quantum Biology…RECOMMEND
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Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Underground Aliens, Baba Vanga And Quantum Biology…RECOMMEND
"Yes Sir/Madam big changes coming ..may get worse at first then get better ..part of detoxification of planet Earth and all living entities"
13 hours ago