Who wants to practice telepathy?

Greetings my friends. Are you interested in practicing telepathy?

I am definitally interested.. but I need a few guidelines from you kind folks.. what do you know about it and how would we go about communicating with each other telepathically? I guess its not that difficult but we may need to practice, and also because of where we are at in our evoluion so to speak.

Now I know that each of us is on a different level to the next.. so I dont know how that effects telepathic ability but I'm up for trying it..

How would we know if it is working? .. would we return to this thread and report back to each other on what our telepathic conversations are? I dont know??..

Telepathy is real and so are we ready for it? .. after all the changes we are going through.. are we able to communicate at this stage through telepathy?

People in here share great knowledge and fantastic insights and being clear to recieving divine energy but how clear are we in our psychic abilities?

I am willing to try an experiment with anyone who is heart centered and open to the idea. Maybe those who are drawn to this thread may start some telepathic conversations. Maybe if we start to talk about it, it may open up our telepathic doorways.

I hope it works :)

Love and Light to everyone :)




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  • Hello my darling Luke. I just adore your energy, just wanted to say that. Anyway, on the topic of telepathy, I had a psychic reading yesterday and apparently telepathy is one of my special abilities. Obviously I have not practiced it with intent so it reamins to be seen whether this is true. I was told to think of a telepathic connection like a fire-hose with a tap at each end. If you're going to open it at your end, only do it half way so as not to blast the other person! So maybe if you have someone you can sit down with and visualise said hose or pipeline with each of you slightly opening the tap at your respective ends?


  • lol.. anthony.. :) .. sorry brother, it wasn't number 8...  it was number 1 .. and I actually left you a clue in my question.. well.. actually I told you I had ''one'' in my head .. lol...

    .. sorry bro... it was a trick question... :)



  • The information you need is that everyone is what is called 'corded' to each other.  If you know that person all you have to do follow the cords from your heart and solar plexis to that person you are wishing to connect with telepathy.  Tell your message to the spirit of that person who will get in touch with his/her physical self.  then go back to your body and wait for the answer to come, either by phone or some other method of communication.

    Hope you all succeed in this.

    Love, Light and Peace to all,



    • I'm just blown away by all the replies here ... thank you all.. I feel I a getting the hang of telepathy.. its fairly mind bending :).. I think also there is a strong connection between telepathy remote viewing.. and in fact, the more I think about all of this, the deep it gets and it literally floors me to think about what is going on within us and the depth of God, it is hard to fathom.. the rabbit hole is just .................... so .................... endless...........................................................



  • Many years ago I took a class on telepathy on the 'other side' as it is called, in the Golden Kingdom.  Maybe some of you have qualified to take that course too at the Universeity there.  It was hard learning how to speak with other people in the physical realm as with my physical counterpart of me the soul/spirit of MySelf.  At first I thought of the person I wanted to talk with and then if I followed the cords (from the solar plexis charka) to the person it was much easier to get the message across.  My first attempt of many years ago, my girlfriend, once got a message from me to call me on the phone (this is in the physical person to physical person) and in about 20 minutes or so she called me and asked me what was it I wanted to talk to her about.  My husband and I also have used telepathy to connect with each other from time to time before he passed from this physical world to the one we often referr to as heaven.

    All of your loved ones are corded as the saying goes with each other through the solar plexis and the heart center as well as many other places within your body (this is spirit realm or etheric realm)  One cannot see with physical eyes into the spirit realm, but must use eyes of the third eye, as it is called down here in physical land.  If you look out of closed physical eyes down at your self perhaps you will be able to see the cords I am talking about going out from your self to the others of your friends and loved ones.  They will remain so till it is your time to pass over to the other side then you must cut all cords to everyone you know who is still on the physiacal land of Earth. 

    Your spirit/soul Self travels at night when you are sleeping and goes to visit many places within the upper realms of thought and goes to classes or visits with councel members for one purpose or another.(The councel of Elders for instantis)   Or spirit can visit with ones of the physical as well for one purpose or another, many visit with loved ones this way, especially if the loved one visited hasn't been seen or heard from in a while.

    Love, Light and Peace to all,



  • yes :)))

    you did it again!

    2 out of 2



  • What travels faster than light?



    • Each ones Soul!


      One even looks like a shooting star as one is traveling around the galaxy!


      • Thanks, RealightElly. That's a good concept!

        Thought (which includes telepathy) travels faster than light.

  • Hi Anthony, not purple, but it is my favorite color and i'm wearing a very purple sweater right now, lol.

    still got your jedi mind working,

    but this one is easy, it's  _________ .





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