Come on now folks, let's not all start getting defensive, or putting ourselves on pedestal's just because there are real, honest, open-hearted folks out there, who succumb to the requests of, seemingly, innocent discussions!

Why the need to judge, offend and bully people because of the choices they make in their own lives???

This is not what Ashtar Command Crew is about! 

We are ALL individual in our own right, and we deserve the right to make our own choices, WITHOUT judgement!




(and remember, we all live here together, so let's not make enemies of one another)


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  • i cannot stop smoking..nothing i can do..the cigarette companies put chemicals to make/cause the addiction..i stopped for 15 yrs..then had to take in permanently disabled son..i am his only relative..caretaker..he smoked..the second-hand smoke got to me..inadvertently was target..  what can i say..tried everything..chantix was last resort..it caused me to become suicidal..i am indigo..vulnerable..   my dr has no solution…if i try to stop..induces panic/headache..and worse.  i am ‘caught’…feel like total failure..if i hadn’t taken son in..he would have died..has broken back..stint in heart..genetic heart disease..bi-polar..  have tried every outreach know of..invoking angels et al.  he has death=wish..have no choice..he is my only living relative..  dr says i am in ‘catch 22’.. have reached out here..called for ‘reading’ from member here who claimed to be direct ‘channel’ from pleiedes..but cannot afford fee she charges 4 reading.  if no family..no close by friend 4 companionship/support..this is best i can do.  have friends on FB only..trusting..loving..someone betrayed trust..  set off negative chain reaction on me..  never can be sure where dark ones lurking..ready to steal any light have left…  have cried out here be4..  HELP ME..HELP ME..  want only love/peace/harmony..to deserve ascension..  know i must earn it.. i try..do..practice..pray..meditate..give out love..then even more attack..or people just ‘nod’ their heads..  feel don’t exist..now a ghost..used to be light worker..  i am so sorry i have failed..  tried my best…all could do.  do not want to die..77 yrs on planet..studied..became artist/musician/poet..my art only expresses love..beauty..light..see my profile if anyone would like.  am in pain..no longer can eat..sleep..rest..in pain..  an empath/‘seer’ from finland saw my plea on FB..tried to source what/where ‘dark’ haunting..stalking me is coming from..he was not ‘negative’..  believe he was neutral..felt it was placing him in ‘heavy’ position..tried to give me a clue..but pleaded w/me to use my own intuition..  he is musician/artist sincerely caring.. he simply sensed there is a ‘darkness’..hoping he was wrong..but felt in his ‘gut’..  he saw partly best he could what i am facing..asked me how do i cope?  can you cope..find way?  this is only place i have..this site.  i know the smoking is tool the dark uses to ‘catch me’ control me..  why couldn’t the ‘seer’ here have mercy..give me a reading???  i would have paid something..i have so little..  it was not enuf 4 her.  someone like that seems too heartless to have ‘read’ for me anyway..  feel so useless..have lost faith in myself…just a drag here..if u want me to leave site..stop writing because in negative state..i will.  don’t want anyone to ‘pity’ me..or be annoyed because i am no;t strong enuf 2 be here.  I LOVE YOU..INSIDE I LOVE ME..HAVE FEAR NOW..WILL YOU..OR ANYONE HURT ME BECAUSE I SHOW LOVE?  it makes me frustrated..even angry..when i am fearful..only that i am in pain..and afraid???

  • I HAVE TRIED..MADE EVERY EFFORT TO STOP MY ADDICTION TO CIGARETTES..yet beyond my failure..how i have been chemically ‘set-up’ by the Cabal..know in very Beingness..there is enough LIGHT to fulfill my mission here!  no one can know the suffering/burdens have had to bear..survive..to keep going..  it is similar to the TWILIGHT SAGA which just finished watching..  this is not a ‘game’ for me..nor any ‘competition’…  Spirit has placed me exactly where I AM..  with or w/out an explanation..this is path I have been given..and choose to follow.  my gut tells me it is for THE HIGHEST GOOD~  my sacrifice..or karma?  not really sure.  ONLY THAT I AM..ALL WAYS HAVE BEEN..ALL WAYS WILL BE A CHILD OF THE BELOVED..THE MOST HIGH~  could be wrong..only time will tell~  jsb

  • If you keep asking for proof of everything you wont get anywhere.

    Can you prove god exists?

    Yet if you didn't believe it what would you be doing on this site?


    Things just Are, they dont need to be proven. Its up to us to figure out what Is and what isn't.

    In this case, what N-McCoy said just IS.

    I see it happening with my senses too - tobacco produces weakness in the person who uses it. Thats the way it is, there's no real way to sugarcoat it.

    From the moment it is harvested tobacco carries the same vibration as Trash. You do not get anything useful from something that has been depleted of its energy (or never had it). Instead - it Takes from you.

    • You assume that I believe in a God.  I don't know, actually, one way or another.  I am on here because Reiz is on here, and he is interested enough in the things happening here to offer his own opinion on other things, and I follow up on them.  Perhaps not healthy in that my exposure here is simply due to Reiz, but so it goes.
      And I was being irresponsible, I should have it in my head that you can't /prove/ anything.  You can provide evidence for and posit a hypothesis formed around that evidence, but the only thing you can really do is disprove something.  What I should have said, is disprove that smoking does not cause holes in the aura and infects with negative entities.

      However, I still believe that if a person wants to do that to themselves, then they have the perfect right to do that.  The people around them have the responsibility then to research, if they wish, how it is bad, and to try to convince the person to do otherwise, but it's that person's choice eventually.

      And question:  If tobacco is bad, why did the Native Americans use it?  I would expect that the people on this website, as a majority, honor the spiritual traditions of the Native Americans, and part of that was tobacco.  They, in their spiritual awareness, must not have seen much bad with it- they didn't make war prisoners smoke it.  (Although tobacco largely was in the East, which was a peaceful area Indian-wise.)

  • Proof?

  • @Si...
    Thank you for dropping by, and thank you for your kind words! =)
    It is true that we are all prone to mis/judgement from time to time, I believe that counting to 10 before I open my mouth (start typing) helps to counteract an opinion of harshness. I do try my hardest not to offend ANYONE as I have been the victim of some harsh opinions/mis-judgements over these past few years, due to some hard circumstances that I have had to face. So when I feel myself judging or casting opinion, I like to bare in mind that not everything is as cut-and-dry as what may first appear on the surface!
    I suppose that is a great thing, that going through my difficulties, has taught me! =)
    How are you on this fine day/evening?

  • @Drome.....
    Yes I am doing very well, thank you.
    This past year, or so, has taught me a lot about myself, and I feel I have grown, spiritually! I thank the experiences that my life-path has taken, for my growth. They haven't been easy, let me tell you. But all in all, I am finally in a place where I accept that the greatest difficulties, we face, are only experienced to serve as grand education, and now find that when things get a little tough (or even mega-tough) I have the ability to accept situations, and cope with them, with a great amount of ease. Which is something I have struggled with during my past days. I just bare in mind that I will come out of the difficulties having grown a little more, with experience under my belt, and a greater awareness of myself!
    Due to this personal enlightenment I no longer suffer with great pain, for long periods of time, with my migraines, which is another mega achievement. Don't get me wrong, I still get the migraines from time to time, but the aren't half as accute as what they used to be. ( I have suffered with them since being 10 years old, and a severe attack used to paralyse the entire left side of my body)
    I do remember you were one of my first Ashtar friends! =) Is Leila still on this site? I do remember at one point she said she was leaving here?! I don't recall seeing any posts from her since my return!
    So what have you been up to over this past year? Anything to share?
    It's good to see your name pop up again!
    Peace, love and bright shiny vibes!

  • SMOKE'M IF YOU GOT'M!!  ;-)~  But seriously, nice post.  I have seen a lot of judgment here, there and everywhere...we are human...most of us ;)  We are all perfect in our own way.... however the perception of perfect depends on the individual. Don't worry about what other's think of you.  We are all one, remember?  :)   I think that concept can be hard to grasp ( or remember) for some of us.  Therefor, Ego rises up and judges another.... We all do it from time to time... but we're learning :)

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