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Who is Ra? - Part 12: Unbiased Love and Children With 'Double Bodies'

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness -

Previously, we learned about the veil that exists between our reality and the higher realms, and we also learned about the ‘law of confusion’, which prohibits higher-dimensional entities from disclosing information we aren’t yet ready to hear.

We can only take in information that fits into or slightly expands our currently limited understanding, but as we continue to grow and evolve, our perception will expand far more and we’ll take in a wealth of greater revelations that we can’t currently fathom.

Ra and the rest of the Company of Heaven do everything they can to inform us about the spiritual mechanics of the universe, but they can only say so much before they violate our freewill, which, as we’ve learned, is universally honored by every soul in the higher realms.

Our spiritual teachers have told us that freewill as we define it is only necessary in the lower vibrations and we’ll eventually outgrow our limited freewill as we embrace divine will, but no matter which will we operate under, it’s strictly and explicitly honored throughout the universe.

Now, we’re going to learn about the unbiased manner in which Ra sent healing energies to the people of Maldek who, if you remember, destroyed their planet with warlike actions that were similar to Atlantis.

Ra and the ‘Confederation’ wanted to help these souls out of their self-instated darkness, and as we’ll learn, this was done by sending them as much love as they could absorb.

Ra tells us that there are members of the ‘Confederation’ who constantly send love and light in an effort to help uplift souls who are lost in darkness.

Question: “How did the Confederation send this love and light to those of Maldek after they destroyed their planet?

Ra: “There dwell within the Confederation planetary entities who, from their planetary spheres, do nothing but send love and light — as pure streamings — to those who call. This is not in the form of conceptual thought, but of pure and undifferentiated love.” (1)

Even the self-serving ‘Maldekians’ were given equal assistance, Ra tells us, and the people of Maldek couldn’t consciously perceive the assistance they were given.

Question: “Did the 1st distortion of the Law Of One require that equal time be given to the self-service group?

Ra: “In this case it was not necessary for a certain time, because the orientation of these Maldek entities was such that the aid of the Confederation was not perceived.

Question: “Since it was not perceived, it was not necessary to balance this. Is that correct?

Ra: “That is correct. What is necessary to balance is opportunity. When there is ignorance, there is no opportunity.” (2)

Both sides of the dualistic coin – good and bad – deserve an equal opportunity to lighten their vibration, and it would’ve been unfortunate if the souls of Maldek who embraced darkness and self-service were denied this opportunity.

This is partially why the members of the Confederation who send their love and healing assisted every soul of Maldek and not just the ones who were ‘good’ in life. Even the ones who were primarily responsible for the warfare and destruction were given an opportunity to lighten their vibration, and they might’ve stayed lost in darkness without it.

This goes to show that everyone, good and bad, deserves an opportunity to excel. Our society looks at ‘bad’ people in a very negative and judgmental way, and if we can change the way we perceive others, we can help them get a leg up in this difficult world.

As with everything, our perception is very important. The deeper we venture into love, the easier it’ll be to see others in a new light.

Now, we’ll move on to the subject of the ‘double body’.

As Ra will tell us, there are lot of children incarnate on earth at present with a ‘double body’, which means they operate in more than one dimension at once. Most children with a double body are anchored in fourth density, while there are still some children on earth who don’t have a double body and are rooted primarily in the third.

It’s been said that most children possess far more consciousness and spiritual awareness than we realize, and this can especially be said for children with double bodies. Ra explains this idea further.

Statement from the questioner: “There are many children now who have demonstrated the ability to bend metal mentally, which is a 4th density phenomenon.

Ra: “These entities are those incarnating with a double body in activation. This transitional body is one which will be able to appreciate 4th density vibratory complexes as the in-streamings increase without the accompanying disruption of the 3rd density body.

“If a 3rd density entity were electrically aware of 4th density in full, the third density electrical fields would fail, due to incompatibility.” (3)

The wanderers, who’ve also come from the higher realms, don’t possess the same capabilities as these children, Ra tells us. This is because we’re rooted primarily in third density (even though we’re starting to access our greater spiritual perception and the abilities that come with it).

Question: “Is the reason that they can bend metal with their minds and the 5th density Wanderers who are here cannot the fact that these children have the 4th density body in activation?

Ra: “This is correct. The mind/body/spirit of the Wanderers are activated only to the level of 3rd density and are subject to the forgetting which can only be penetrated with disciplined meditation and working.” (4)

If wanderers had the abilities that children with double bodies do, we’d run the potential of infringing upon the freewill of others who wouldn’t help but notice our abilities.

Question: “These children are not infringing upon the 1st distortion because they are children now and they won’t be old enough to really affect people’s choice of polarization until the transition to the time of harvest is well advanced.

“However, the Wanderers who have come here are older and have a greater ability to affect people’s polarization. They must do their affecting as a function of their ability to penetrate the forgetting process in order to be within the 1st distortion. Is this correct?

Ra: “That is quite correct.

“It would be an infringement of the 1st distortion (free will) if Wanderers penetrated the forgetting so far as to activate the more dense higher density bodies and thus be able to live in a god-like manner.” (5)

We’re just starting to access our greater abilities, but we have a ways to go before we can refine them and get them to the level the children with double bodies have them at. Like Ra’s questioner said, since these children are, well, children, they run a much lesser risk of infringing upon others’ freewill not to know or perceive certain things yet.

Even though it’s unfortunate, people can laugh off the things children say or do. “Oh, they’re just children. They’re just pretending; imagining; making stuff up. Whatever they’re saying or doing isn’t relevant to the real world…”

A person couldn’t say this if they watched a full-grown adult perform divine miracles that expanded their perception without their freewill consent.

Thus, we wanderers have to work hard to develop our spiritual abilities – we can’t just perfect them at the drop of a hat. If we work hard and express patience, however, we can develop our abilities and use them to help awaken those who are ready to awaken.

Those who aren’t will catch up in due time.

In our next segment, we’ll learn more about the infringement of freewill and the importance of being a conduit for the spiritual abilities we want to share with the world, instead of claiming the abilities originate with us.

As we’ll learn, we really are conduits for every greater creative or spiritual ability we express, and realizing this is essential to sharpening our creative/spiritual flow and performing a host of impressive miracles that’ll expand the perceptions of those who are ready to witness them.

I can say from experience that emptying/opening my mind and being a conduit for spirit feels great, and a lot of seekers are opening up to their abilities to be spiritual conduits in this time of heightened consciousness and awareness.

We’re all rediscovering and accessing our greater abilities for the whole world to see, and those who are willing to open up will naturally gravitate to our work. Those who aren’t will be ready in due time, and the harder we work to raise the collective vibration, the easier it’ll be for them to awaken and the quicker they’ll embrace the paradigm-expanding things we’re starting to do.

We’re conduits for the energy and inspiration of spirit, and we’re here to completely change the defunct manner in which this planet has functioned for millennia. We’ll use our greater spiritual capabilities to do it, and we’ll be assisted by the ‘indigo children’ who’ve incarnated year after year to help bring humanity into the light.


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I was born on May 26, an Egyptian holiday called the receiving of Ra. 5 is YHWH Tetragrammaton, 26 is the word of GOD. (7+15+4=26) There are 26 letters in the English language. The English language is based on Egyptian religious iconography, incuding Osiris split into 14 pieces + 12 apostles = 26, Jesus, age of Pisces. Jesus returns in Revelation 14. Other websites with huge litsts of comparsions exist between YHWH, Ra, The archangel Michael, Marduk, Jesus, and Osiris. Amen is at the end of every prayer, and Jesus says in Revelation, "I am the true Amen." He has a new name only he knows, and it means Word of GOD. REincarnation, REward, REveal, REstore, REst, all associated with what RE represents, the Soul. The pineal gland, the eye of RA, but there is another spiritual body, the false and evil one, Eye of HORUS. Min = Minute. Set = Seconds. Horus = Hours. Thomas 108 "Who who drinks from my mouth will become like me, I will become that person and live through him." 108 wisdom key is sacred to Buddhists and Hindu. Again, I was born on May 26, the receiving of RA. I am a lifepath 5, Heirophant (priest) I was born to be a prophet, and one of those who call themselves Jesus.



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