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Who could it be now? Who can it be now? Men at Work Mandella effected

Who could it be now?  What do you remember?

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It was always "Who could it be now" in my memory, or in my reality. Definately a Mandela Effect going on here.

It was always 'Who can it be now'  that has never changed...But this is how its obviously proven people dont actually pay full attention to things,they never paid attention from day one obviously if they think the words were 'Who Could it be now' or  they made up their own words to these songs out of their own sheer no Mandela effect here, just morons who have bad hearing or listening skills and carry on song lyrics of their own accord..I dont believe in the Mandela Effect, its human laziness only or twisting of facts via media..

Ha!.. I don't think so..

I remember it differently than you do, so do many others, therefore it has changed to how we remember it, does that make me or anyone else a moron? Nope! Speak for yourself, because that's all you can do, you can't speak for anyone who is experiencing a different reality than yours. I suggest you look into the Mandela Effect instead of dismissing it off hand and labling others. You know, millions of people recall things in a different way, such as the Ford Logo for example. By the way, I also said It was always "Who could it be now" in my memory, or in my reality.

Maybe, before you call other people morons simply because you don't understand the Mandela Effect, you could research the Mandela Effect, perhaps from a Gnostic perspective if you like, such as the current ongoing investigation into the ME by John Lash, if you have the heart and the mind to explore that corner of the rabbit h***. The Mandela Effect is a massive phenomenon, and it's occuring right now. If you don't believe it, then fine but it's pretty narrow minded to dismiss something outright without doing the research. I suppose you think when Darth Vador turned to Luke, he said "No, I am your Father" aswell? Maybe the Mandela Effect or the Aeon Sophia only reaches people who are ready to learn about it. It doesn't reach those who turn a blind eye. 

Sorry bro... but we're not the ones with bad listening skills, or seeing skills, for that matter.

LOL your rant just speaks for itself..its hilarious..

From one who knows, right? .. you're just the latest in a long history of ACC s*** starters!.. :)

Whoah your a nasty kettle of fish arnt you..showing your true colours to all..

Nasty? Speak for yourself young soul.. you just called millions of people lazy morons who have bad listening skills simply because they experience a different reality than you do.. that sounds nasty to me.. and shows your true colours to all ... get real!

Keep going... cos your showing everyone your negativity & who you really are inside..

I'm not here to fight with you man, I simply disaggree with you. A lot of people including myself understand that the Mandela Effect phenomenon is occuring and cannot be denied, or dismissed easily, certainly not by those of us who are open minded. That is all, it's pointless looking for an argument over it.

~Right on the money, brother Luke. It's interesting how part of the Mandela phenomenon is perfectly illustrated in √ℓἇ∂ἇኔጡ።'s  holier than thou reaction. When people have their version of 'reality' confirmed in the debated data... there's always a select few who resort to othering the peolpe on the other side of the argument as morons, etc. Foolishly shortsighted from my persepctive... something that is instantly validated for those digging deeper into this emerging corridor of the Rabbit [email protected] & yes!... I absolutely remeber "Who could it be now"... I own the album on vinyl, & as a DJ, that's definitely something I pay attention to. Very strange [Enter Twilight Zone Music] ;-)

Well then they must have somehow put out two forms or copies on vinyl of this said album 'Business As Usual' with two different lyrics on them???, cos it just so happens that I also have a original in pristine condition in vinyl of this said album left to me by a treasured passed on foster father and it definitely is sung on it 'Who can it be now'.. not 'Who could it be now' explain that one..

You're absolutely right, Stick. I think in the case of the Mandela Effect in particular, it's impossible to deny it given the fact there is so much factual evidence filtered into numerous catagories, including the baffling changes in  human anatomy, countries and even continents that have shifted, product names changed, company logos changed, movies scenes that are now suddenly different, film dialog that has changed, song lyrics changed, band members either being mysteriously added or subtracted from the group, celebritty name changes, the list goes on and on, and so anyone who denies it's happening is either blind to the countless examples presented on the Internet that are clearly vsible, or they know it's happening but would rather play the vindictive card out of spite, as you rightly say there's always a select few who resort to othering those of us on the other side of the argument. Anyone who tries to win the argument by dismissing the M.E. as rubbish has already lost, there are simply too many examples right in their face and if they generalize by calling other people morons simply because they cannot come to terms with what is occuring marks them out as foolish and as transparent as glass, like a rabbit in the head lights. Too bad for them, I think all it does is reveal themselves as shallow and narrow minded. In fact, they have no basis to hold a debate on the subject, all it does is make them sound like a whinging voice from the peanut gallery, sore losers who have nothing to go on, they're argument is pointless, they may aswell be farting in the wrong direction ;-)

Personally I thnk the Mandela Effect is being caused by something supernatural, I can't say for sure what that force is but I don't think it has anything to do with CERN. To my understanding, the Gnostic vision and decoding of the M.E. by John Lash is what resonates with me the most, thus far, although I am preparred to accept all and any therory as long as it makes sense. There is a brilliant line in the film "Ex Machina" where the charactor Nathan says to the somewhat confused young man who was chosen to visit his house: "You know, instead of seeing this as a deception, you should see it as proof". I would use the same line on any naysayer or skeptic of the Mandela Effect, their argument is hollow and vacuous in the light of so many mind boggling examples and a constant stream of more Effects being uploaded everyday. The line "Who could it be now" is etched into my mind from the first time I heard the song, in fact I can hear it right now in my head, like it was yesterday. Meanwhile, more Effects continue to emerge on an almost hourly basis, casually knocking aside the skeptics like knocking over pawns on a chessboard, until eventually the Mandela Effect will become so evident that they simply will not be able to deny it, refute it, dismiss it or carry on pretending it's not happening. Millions of people experiencing the M.E. can't be wrong, especially if they all come to the same conclusion, whereas a select few who try to convince us that the M.E. doesn't exist are so off the mark that it's laughable. They may aswell tell us that we are not breathing. John Lash speaks about Sophias Correction, and the Gnostic vision he presents in regards the Mandela Effect is an investigation into the cause and reason why it is happening. According to John Lash, the Earth Mother Sophia has hacked into the human mind, and into the Internet, in order to get our attention, that we never be psyop'd again. That's fine by me, I'll go with that, until a better explanation arises, if indeed one does. So far, I haven't seen anything as brilliant as John Lash's decoding of the M.E. that comes close to revealing it. Also, I aggree with Lash that the Aeon Sophia is revealing the Mandela Effect to those who are ready to understand it, those who are open to recieving the data, and it doesn't reach the people with closed minds, and moreso, those who close their hearts. People who are stuck in their first attention are those who notice the seemingly trivial Mandela Effects, like celebritty name changes and certain movies scene alterations. The second and third attention goes deeper, those who want to discover it's origin and purpose. The people who dismiss it outright are not even in their first attention, they are not paying attention at all. As you know, John Lash is a brilliant comparative mythologist and a cunning linguist whose incredible ability to articulate words often leaves me speechless. At least he is humble enough to allow people to make up their own minds in regards the Mandela Effect, he never says "this is the way it is" and he never put's a lid on it, rather, he knows his credibility is at stake and his reputation as a teacher of the Sophianic Myth is at risk by attempting to decode the Mandela Effect but I would rather listen to him speaking volumes of higher truth, than hear the inconsistent babblings of the holier than thou, shallow beginers and young souls amonge us, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, there's always at least one fly in the ointment, yet little do they realize, the ointment itself is absorbing them into itself. If the Mandela Effect is a honey pot pf clues to the puzzle, then I applaud John Lash for having the balls to try to decode it and he's doing so in such an articulate way. The small time sally army of disbelievers, naysayers and  whingers in the ACC peanut gallery are otherwise engaged, i.e not paying attention, then again it's not surprising and always to be expected of them. One thing about this baffling phenomenon is that in many ways it's only just begun, the last I heard was that Airplanes are getting frozen in mid air, whether that be a M.E. or something other, who knows, but one thing is for sure, we sure are living in strange times my brother, strange changes happening constantly, I'm lovin it! ;-)



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