Selamat ja..! (Sirian, to be in joy..!)


The term "little green men" has become synonomous with skeptic dismissal of serious studies, pertaining to ufology and an attempt to place the subject in the realms of tomfoolery. However, I would like to elucidate the term and present some data for your contemplation, from the real "little green men," who benevolently watch over this world, with love in their hearts. Let us now identify them.


A renowned ufologist, Timothy Good, spoke at the Holmfirth, UK, event, in November 2013, providing plenty of worldwide case history, for reader contemplation....


Note that one of his cases speaks of actual "little green men" sighted in Italy, which should be of interest, as rare indeed...And many other cases to wet ufology student appetites... As a rule of thumb, it can be noted that scaled-down ETs are common, for the reasons that I have given in my preceding Rendlesham incident forum, as are the types of naturally small ETs, as well...In general, ETs wearing green jumpsuits, with GOGGLES (over their natural eyes) will be AGARTHANS, with scaled-down bodies...


The natural heights and builds of Agarthans, is very much on a par with young adult surface Earth people, in developed western countries...When on the surface, these sentient humanoids often scale down to child-like sizes, for ease of movement and to lessen the attention of onlookers...The Sirians likewise did this in Tangham wood, near the Woodbridge base and were mistaken for "children in white snowsuits...!" ;-) A legend of folklore known to the Irish, includes a legend about leprechauns, who were often seen to wear green coloured suits....These are based on the reality of the Agarthans...who among GFL member colour coding, use the green vibration for their jumpsuits, as well as their ritual robing and green dresses for the ladies...


Of course, many reptoid, amphibian, or dinosaurian ETs, possess actual green skin, but it is rare to see this among humanoid cosmic peoples....However, green skin is common among our cosmic humanoid GFL kin of Hamal, or Alpha Aries...There are several colour variants on skin colours, also...including pale blues (like some Sirians,) stark white, orange and even a pillabox red, which is most striking...the hair being fair to brownish...


Green skin and fair hair is atypical of the Japos star people...or "Japos da-la." (beings of joyful lighted countenance.)


These collegues possess natural bodies of an average, 6'9" for men and 6'3" for women....So hardly "little green men (women)" unless they scale-down sizes, as can happen on missions to surface earth, involving NATO bases, such as those RAF/USAF bases...The commonly used technique of "zanaka daon-muk," or time freeze, enables much useful ET activity in a hostile base, without a shot being fired in anger, at Federation personnel. Nevertheless, to scale-down sizes to smaller statures, is normal GFL procedure, in operations that require perfected stealth...


The Japos also use a special scout which is an equilateral triangle shape, the length being 240 feet, per side length..And the corners are rounded, as per usual with GFL triangles, to aid plasma flow over the surface ionisation.


I hope you found these revelations of interest and they are intended to furnish members with cosmic data, which allows a deeper understanding of terms lightly used and often misunderstood, on surface Earth.


Selamat majon...! (Sirian for rejoice)


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)



P.S. This vid is lengthy and you can jump straight to the "little green men" sighting, at 4:21


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  • Hi Drekx, I've met a girl who said that once she saw little green men. She said they were really lovely, and with fingers and toes like frogs, bulbous at the tips. She said they made a circle and she held hands with them and they all danced together. I've read in a few places that they are typically benevolent :)

    • Thanks for that comment, Moanna, as it has merit, in so far as there are several amphibian species in cosmos, such as the Mintakans, who possess frog-like bipedal bodies...and ranging in colours, from green, brown, orange, red & yellow.....

      Mintaka is in the Orion constellation...and former Anchara alliance, politically....Of course, there are many friendly beings of the amphibian species, who enjoy visiting earth...Following the cosmic peace, more of them do so, now...

  • It is very true that when ET technology, such as T-Mat transfer, is utilised during tense diplomacy, for reasons already explained, then human beings may become vulnerable to the effects, when in close proximity....

    HOWEVER, I personally, have been up close to both Atar scoutships (trianglular craft,) as well as the standard spherical craft, and not suffered from these effects....The reason is that at no stage was I a threat to the crew, which would require an alert station process, for T-Mat, if I was....

    Instead, my fearlessness towards ETs renders me completely safe....They are family and love me...Same for all who open hearts to ET...


    Intent is key...If an earth human views ETs as kin, then no threat is presented...If however, an earth human is afraid and aggressive, the ET technology and procedures adopted, may be life threatening for them....As with several interactions between the GFL and USAF....


    My contact work has been (and still is) both physical and manasic, or astral....

  • The term;"little green men," has been so misused by popular earth culture, as to make it almost unusable in rational discussion about "UFOs"... HOWEVER, this forum seeks to explain the truth about it, rather than maintaining a vibe of mockery, it normally invokes in people.

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