Which ET group do you think has invested the most for our planet?

There are so many groups I see on the internet who are connecting and gathering information stating they are in direct communications with Et’s. I do resonate with some; however, many seem to want to keep us in the continuous cycle of the old time constraints, the time lord’s game.

To me this involves many things, for example repetitive old information and religious bias or other belief systems which may or may not be held by those transmitting the information.

I realize many have different opinions and I can respect that, so please feel free to comment, but please be respectful.

We are in a time of disclosure of sorts and much in coming out on the internet/tv for example the History channel, H2 channel, American unearthed, Ancient Aliens and The Lost Giants series. Now I am not a big TV buff, however these documentaries have captured my attention because they are bringing forth new evidence in which involves so many races on and off this this planet. It can be very intriguing along with being refreshing for the ones who are involved in the research.

So, I wonder… what are your views or perceptions about connections or prophecies of people or groups like; keeping in mind my original question of “Which ET group do you think has invested the most for our planet?”  Just a few to comment on here....

Yellow Rose for Texas
David Wilcock
Cobra (Rob Potter)
Veronica & Montague Keen
David Icke

In closing, it seems David Icke presents a very good case against the reptilian agendas, however I feel at some point he would need to find some peace within and a knowing that he has made so many aware of what they have done to our planet and that we as a collective are making changes with the depth of understandings we are receiving.

Thank you for your consideration or discussions.


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      • Yeah thanks... I really don't know for sure if he is talking physical or not... Seems YRFT makes it out like a physical construct... which is very odd to me. But hey everyone has their own perceptions. There is definitely a lot of shifting and shaking going on.

  • It is my experience that the Grays are the ones who have had the most affect upon us over time.

    • The Grays may be working for the Draconis Reptilians, so maybe it's the Reptillians.

      • Thanks for your comment Malcolm.  They seem to get around don't they?

    • Thank you for your comment, Do you feel it has been a positive or a negative influence for us as a whole?

      • Negative, absolutely negative. They do NOT have our best interests in mind as they're essentially using us as chattle. Please feel free to read my blog to find out where I'm coming from and what my background/experience is/was in all of this. I have first-hand knowledge of what's really going on and frankly, it's sinister, very, very, very sinister.

        Ironically enough, if they absolutely didn't need us, they would wipe us out in a heartbeat but for now, because they do need us, this charade will have to continue.

        • I have to agree with you Ghost about the agenda of the grays, the ones I dealt with anyway.  I cannot judge the whole species but the ones that repeatedly abducted me were very sinister and certainly did not have the well being of human's on their minds.   They used humans as they wanted to and did not give a rats ass about what the effects of their abductions and experimentation had on human's bodies and certainly did not care about the psychological havoc that being adbucted against one's will did to a humans emotional development and mental state of mind.  I totally agree that if we did not have anything that they wanted we would be foodsource and our race as a whole would be gone. 

          They envy humans because we have souls, and they envy our sexual capabilities because thy cloned and tinkered with their bodies so much that they can no longer have sex or experience all the emotions that humans can and they do not have souls and want ours.  That was always a traumatic fear I had is that if I passed they would somehow get my soul.  Not sure if that is possible but it is one of the fears that has dogged me since first I was abducted.  They want our planet because theirs was ruined.  That is why they get so upset with humans for all the abuse we do to our earth.  When I was abducted I was show a panorama show of the world being destroyed, and they communicated that that is what will happen to our earth if we do not take better care of our planet.  I have shared this with other abductees and they said that they saw that too.  Not that they care at all about us and what would happen to us if the world was destroyed and became inhabitable, it Is because they don't want humans to wreck the earth they want to take over earth from humankind.

          David Icke also has shared a lot of information about the reptillians and I do believe what he shares as being truthful.  They are to be feared in my opinion, and I fear them even more than the grays, and that is a lot of fear.   

        • Thank you Ghost as I would have to agree with your view.  However, they are to me pest for hire by the real bad boys...thank you for your comment and I'll check out your blog.

          • Yes that's an accurate description. The Grays/Greys that we all know and love (big head, large black eyes, spindly bodies) are in fact just the worker bees if you will. They cannot talk, don't have the parts to do so and so they can only communicate via a form of what we call telepathy. Unfortunately ideas are conveyed in a form of feelings and in rare cases flashes of imagery. This is actually painful to us humans and so it's done sparingly. That said, the drone alien is of course the fodder to which their empire is built upon and they are essentially neutral in all this.

            I hope this helps.

            • I totally concur with you about communicating with the grays Ghost, they do use telepathy and it is extremely invasive and creepy as hell...Sometimes if they are trying to see into your mind they get right in you face and stare deeply into your eyes and you can actually feel your optic nerves burning like there is something crawling and burning in your head...it is terrifying and so very invasive, especially because you are paralyzed and cannot move or make them stop which amplifies the pain and fear, or it was that way for me anyway.  They placed images in my mind of what they wanted me to see or feel or experience and that was so dreadful because I did not want to communicate or see or feel...I just wanted to kill them to be honest, but could not control my body, they had total control of it.

              Their bodies were atrophied and I had a hard time understanding how they were even able to stand erect at all.  The ones that I saw as I was strapped to a smooth cold table seemed to hover off the "floor".  I could not figure it out.  I touched one of them one time and they felt like a smooth but slightly kind of wrinkled, clammy and a bit squishy kind of hide (reminded me a bit of elephant skin only cold and clammy and not at all warm blooded.kind of felt like a chilly chunk of cheese ..so I could not figure out how they could even use the limbs at all, did not seem rigid enough.  The seemed to me like gray-green squishy biological robots of sorts....and I guess for the most part due to the hive mentality and interconnection to each other, in a way that is what they are.

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