Which ET group do you think has invested the most for our planet?

There are so many groups I see on the internet who are connecting and gathering information stating they are in direct communications with Et’s. I do resonate with some; however, many seem to want to keep us in the continuous cycle of the old time constraints, the time lord’s game.

To me this involves many things, for example repetitive old information and religious bias or other belief systems which may or may not be held by those transmitting the information.

I realize many have different opinions and I can respect that, so please feel free to comment, but please be respectful.

We are in a time of disclosure of sorts and much in coming out on the internet/tv for example the History channel, H2 channel, American unearthed, Ancient Aliens and The Lost Giants series. Now I am not a big TV buff, however these documentaries have captured my attention because they are bringing forth new evidence in which involves so many races on and off this this planet. It can be very intriguing along with being refreshing for the ones who are involved in the research.

So, I wonder… what are your views or perceptions about connections or prophecies of people or groups like; keeping in mind my original question of “Which ET group do you think has invested the most for our planet?”  Just a few to comment on here....

Yellow Rose for Texas
David Wilcock
Cobra (Rob Potter)
Veronica & Montague Keen
David Icke

In closing, it seems David Icke presents a very good case against the reptilian agendas, however I feel at some point he would need to find some peace within and a knowing that he has made so many aware of what they have done to our planet and that we as a collective are making changes with the depth of understandings we are receiving.

Thank you for your consideration or discussions.


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  • Ha ha funny!

  • Bravo! Awesome! Yeehaw in southern terms!  you got your thunker thinkin'  thank you!

  • I appreciate the clarification.

  • Glad you are enjoying it Thunder. So based on all these ideas presented which ET group do you think has the most invested for our planet?  Thanks.

  • Thanks for your comment however, it was unclear what you meant by this part ?? Are you saying I posted something on your group??  I am not a member of your group.

    "Val just wrote something about that,and I had not read you posted it a little while ago on myy group, can't remember the name! Oh well about creation of oik destiny od the planet is what it is.."

  • WOW, This planet must be pretty special for all this activity going on!  But why can't anyone feel like they can share with me their thoughts pertaining to the question(s) I have asked in my discussion.  

    This is not for argument it is for conversation and understanding and perhaps even some consciousness expansion within our own realm of thinking.

    Just because you view or converse about such things that may not meet your ideals doesn't mean one has done something wrong.  No,  of course not that would be considered fear or being fearful and I like to extinguish fear.


  • Yes, everyone has their own perspective and opinions. I would have to say like Scott Wolter on American Unearthed “I would have to agree to disagree” respectfully. Good show by the way.

    Ok, I disagree that this planet belongs to or ever was the ownership of the Reptilians. True they have done much damage here and seems even along with the Dracs and others have done a bang up job in the destruction of Mother Earth as well.

    Being very connected to Mother Earth myself as well as others here on this site I would say she was created to sustain life in a loving peaceful and balanced facets of divine energy. She her consciousness is being restored to its pristine state.

    Notice I said consciousness… I say this because it seems to be one of the most important things that was manipulated during the times of Atlantis as you have described a little. Her consciousness is our consciousness… good or bad.. again my views.

    For a very long time now many have been in the midst working on the healing of her leylines, grids, chakras and meridians, etc... I would like to say when I say many I mean people/humans on this planet. Now, one could say there are specific groups or races who are incarnated and doing specific tasks.. yes.

    Currently there is disclosure with proof on documentaries that we are beginning to see that many races here have had many deities to come and teach them through what we view as linear time on how to live and become more spiritual.

    For example: Muhammad, Buddha & Jesus “the Christ.” It may even be that these great men all came from what is termed the 12 original tribes of Israel. However, so many deities are loved and it is believed that each one (deity) created could very well be a facet or an expression of the Creator God or not.

    So it poses a question to me did only One Creator create these deities “lesser Gods/Goddesses” or was it multiply creators perhaps from multi-universes or is it layers of Creators so to speak? Also, do you view them as Ancient Aliens, ET’s or Creator(s)?

    Then,,,,Going back to the question Which Group of ET's has invested the most for Us and our planet?

    Thank you for your comment.

  • Thanks to all for the links provided. I have added them to the main part of the message so anyone viewing may be able to access them easier. Hope I haven't left anyone's out.

  • Oh well thank you for the additional comments.  Do you believe that Jesus "the Christ" was also a beneficial Creator ET of sorts given your understanding "All of us here that believe we are starseed, we are.  There is no indigenous people here we are the descendants of the Nordic races which includes the Pleiadeans, Sirians, Altairians and perhaps other systems.  Our ancestry far in the past were brought here to colonize this planet."

    I am curious because some believe he was. If so, then perhaps this is the reason for so much investment into Mother Earth and the people here.

  • Hmmm....so what you are saying "In Short" Valana is this Reptilian Ambassador that you met gave you a message from Val who is friends with him and basically this message indicates His race was here first and they want to keep Mother Earth for themselves.  Additionally this Ambassador feels what his extended family has done is wrongful?

    Would this be in short correct in what you are trying to explain here?

This reply was deleted.

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