When we "Know thyself" we will become Fully Conscious beings. That statement makes a lot of sense to me and it's one that I myself have come up with. This has been playing over and over in my head for the last couple of weeks like a broken record. The feeling that comes to me when I hear and feel that statement in my heart is for us to wait for end of 2012 and into early 2013 when we become fully conscious beings. Right now we are being bombarded by what's going on out here, do not be deceived my friends; yeah I know what your going to say stop fearing. Hey this has nothing to do with fear for me but common sense, do not be naive people. I see a lot of people in the new age movement talking about how they can discern who is who, yes I do believe that to be true but there is a limit to everything in this current reality. I will throw this scenario out there for example say the Galactic Federation of light ships start showing up in mass. Huge mother ships descend from the skies along with smaller craft, some of the smaller ones land and these beings step out and try and introduce themselves. Some people who know how to feel energies may sense negative energy or positive energy, yeah with that data you can somewhat tell who is who but to some extent. The point is that still doesn't tell you for sure who that being is, unless you remember the being from somewhere. The only way is if your soul remembers having interactions with that being from somewhere else either in a distant star nation or the higher dimensions. Those memories can only return to you usually when you become fully conscious, not to say that some people do not have the ability to remember already but the majority of humanity does not yet remember. Think about it and these beings who are about to show up now may want to take people of planet, hello! If the majority of humans aren't nowhere near fully conscious how will they discern these beings? I hope that no one thinks this is about fear because it's not and I can't stress that enough, wake up people. This is about common sense and so that we don't get suckered as humanity have fallen for many traps in the past. I just have a feeling that the major earth changes will be used as a sort of platform to get most humans to get on their ships and taken off planet. That is a huge red flag, and a fellow by the name of George Kavassilas has pointed these things out. According to him he has been in contact with both groups of ETs, the negatives aliens and also the positive ones. He specifically named a group of ETs that are posing as good guys right now which I myself will not name, I just don't want to call any names. Now do I trust George Kavassilas, to some extent because if you listen to some of this man's statements regarding ascension, it just makes a lot of damn sense. There you have it, I trust him to some extent but until I become fully conscious I cannot fully trust him or now one else out here. Hey and he's not the only one that have given us a warning, Colleen Thomas for example and a lot of other people, and do I trust her; not very much because I just heard about her where as I have been following George for awhile. I do respect what she or anyone else has to say when it comes to being careful and not being naive to quickly jump on a star ship. Just because they pass themselves off to be of the light does not mean jack. To conclude all in all what I mean to say is until you "Know thyself" you can not know anyone else out here, that is a fact. I want every one's opinion on this and I mean everyone, disagreements and agreements I don't care make it interesting. We do not have much time left please lets take this thing seriously people. Lets do this!

Please everyone you can check out George Kavassilas if you want, it's your choice just to show that I am not forcing my beliefs on anyone. Please watch the episode March 21st 2009 "Our Journey and the Grand Deception." 

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  • Thanks for replying Kat, your statement makes a lot of sense and I strongly respect your views. We all of Gods people need to come together now, there isn't much time left we have to take this thing seriously.
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