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            The first time I discovered that I was different from most other people in my life was this summer.  At age 37, I have always believed that feeling other people’s emotions was the norm.  That everyone feels those emotions and simply chooses to acknowledge them or ignore them.  I thought that I was able to know why people do the things they do because I used logic and deduction; that I can tell what people are going to do and say because I had paid attention to what they had said or what they were about.  I had no idea that it was really because of a special gift I had that not many other people possess. 

            After a failed relationship with a woman whom I share a child with, and a divorce with another woman whom I loved very much, I found a trend where certain people with similar negative life experiences were drawn to me.  This last summer, I befriended a beautiful woman who it seemed was able to open up to me and let me into her life.  It was apparent that this was not easy for her to do and it was no surprise to me that she had been abused mentally, physically, and sexually in the past.  I was unable to let this friendship continue without telling her that the best way to help herself and become the wonderful person I saw underneath all the muck from her past was to continue to talk about the things that bogged her down.  She became very defensive and ended the friendship (as I knew might happen).  This hit me hard. 

            I decided to do some research online and found some information on Empaths.  One of the articles stated that if I had just a few of the traits it was describing, I could be considered Empathic.  I was blown away with how what I was feeling was described in almost all of the traits.  It was all starting to make sense.  It made me go back and look at all of my relationships in my past and every one of them had a similar pattern.  At this point, the question is:  Where do I go from here now that I have established that I am an Empath and this may happen again?

            Please share your Empathic stories.  I would love to hear them and discuss what it is like to be an Empath from other people.  Thank you for reading my passage.

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hi joshuwajared, i wanna say good job for coming this far with figuring out your an empath as theres not alot of info on the web about it compared to something like say telekinesis or telpathy, so the fact you recognised it great job! i know for me i learned i was an empath from a frend and fellow empath who recognised that i had that ability in me. i know for me i can relate to you in the sense that you always assumed it was just logic and deduction that gave you a sense of what others were feeling, but then one has to wonder, "if most people have such a sense of logic and deduction why cant we all be so intuitive to know and feel what another person is felling?" and i know for me part of whats been hard is acknolledgeing how in-depth and powerful the energy behind the scenes is and hyow it really does influence what a person says or feels. i know in some of my experiences it can be extremely overwhelming when a forein energy comes in thats very pushy and i have to stay grounded in remembering what my core personal aspect is like and how i personaly would veiw or deal or cope with a situation, so one thing i recomend to you is that if you ever start feeling a certain way or an emotion that to you seems justified but maybe others around you are like, "why are you over reacting" or "you dont normaly act this way" take a step back and think "hmm is this my own emotion or could i be collecting it from someone?" then do some techniques that release or push out forein influences, i know for me i should be following my own advise more often as far as staying centered and not letting other influences get the best of me. i recomend doing a google search or youtube search, and type in, "how to clear collected emotions for empaths" or something similar and see what you get. you might also wanna get a maraca to act as a ratle type thing, shamans used rattles because it acts almost like a reset button for the aura and stagnant energy in the rattle's proximenty gets moved and flushed out. also keping some white sage inscense on hand is good too for clearing energies besides just smelling nice :]



Thanks for your reply.  I use laboradite.  It has been working wonderfully for me.  I also have some exercises in detaching which have also been helpful.  I really appreciate your response.

Thanks Joshua, in sharing this. I wish there were more on this topic here. I know for me, when I had realized collecting other ppl's emotions. It had blown me away as well. It is so good that you had come to your own terms on this, and that you are sharing these stories. Only can hope more Empaths share there experiences as well. 

It's hard when you collect other ppls emotions, because you aren't sure if you would be feeling these, or if it is someone else. Also they say, that it is harder to get rid of an energy that your frequency is intuned with.

Thank you John as well for sharing, and I didn't know that Shamans used Rattles :0) That makes sense though, because there were times outside of my home, when i would hear rattles like that at nite :0) 

This is why merging energies with another can be dangerous for, because when you do this, you can lose apart of yourself.

Bless the Nite,


Thanks, April.  Really good stuff you wrote.  I appreciate you reading and replying to the discussion.  P.S.  I have a sister named April.  I call her Ape, lovingly of course.

Thanks Joshua, They say that when your Empath, that part of what comes with it, is other ppl opening up to you quickly about there problems and there life period. I really liked reading your experiences with it. 

LoL, my sister would call me Ape at times as well :0) 

Bless the Nite,


Kelly Ann, are you judging me? LOL 

Bless the Nite,


Okay Kelly Ann, you have a good nite,

Bless the Nite,


We are all telepathic (or emphatic) to degrees. I am much like you as I have been aware of the ability all my life.

We are taught from childhood to ignore these "special abilities."  They are always there, but we pay little attention to them.

I remember one time I was living with a young woman. One day at work I could smell chicken cooking. It smelled great! But after a while I noticed that I could smell it even when I was not breathing in. I could hold my breath and still smell chicken cooking.

There was no chicken in the place where I was working, none. Not cooking, not raw, nothing to smell.

When I got home that day, it turned out the young lady had been cooking chicken all day.

What I had been smelling was the aroma of dinner cooking!

We are all telepathic, able to sense emotion and thoughts to various degrees.

I used to be so bad that a trip to Costco or Walmart was a living hell. I would get dizzy with all the emotions and thoughts and feelings and impressions pushing through my head.



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