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  • Stay strong my brother.I love you.

  • This is complicated because I am more sensitive to energies than other people. I first have to make sure that I don't absorb these negative energies. I went for over thirty years absorbing them and not knowing it so you should feel lucky. I have to meditate and ask Arch Angel Michael to protect me and and my family from any negative energies and put them in the Light of Source, God or whatever you believe in to transmute them. In essence I become a vacuum on the planet.

    I can tell you one way before I started to block that I could feel it in my body when I would come across them. It would make me feel sick or pain in my tummy. I then realized that other people I was around feel great, much better than before and I was left feeling awful. Then I asked the angels to send me a guide to tell me what to do. Afterwards I meet a woman in a supermarket and we talked for about two hours and she told me how to protect me and my family. She was like me and we had the same healing qualities. I didn't know how vunerable I was until then.

    All I can tell you is to really start to pay attention to your body and your actions and watch your diet as well. The more vegetables and fruit you eat makes you more aware of these energies . I hope this answers your questions.



  • Thank you for the friendship request. The best way to describe a "lightworker", is a person who can encounter negative energies and transform them into positive energy. Therefore changing the vibration to those around them. :-)
  • Thank you so much for your loving note. Your presence is lovely. This site has helped my awakening and has connected me to other like souls, like you. Thank you.
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Honeoye Falls, NY


August 1

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I'm an empath who would like to meet others like myself in an attempt to learn more about my abilities.

joshuajared89 left a comment for Brianna Lynn
"Hello.  What brings you to this site?  What are you looking for out of this site?  I don't mean to be too forward, but I noticed we are from the same area and I like to make contact with people like myself."
Oct 21, 2011
joshuajared89 left a comment for Annie Todd
"I like to hear the obscure explained.  Even when I think I have a handle on it, a different viewpoint has me thinking about what I think I know.  Like your vibe.  :)"
Oct 20, 2011
joshuajared89 left a comment for monica2010
"Thanks for the guidance. Most of those things I do, as far as meditation, asking for help (I ask the universe for help), and diet. I notice a huge difference when eating healthy. I also get those same feelings in my stomach and I always have. Its…"
Oct 19, 2011
joshuajared89 left a comment for monica2010
"Then you are an Empath then?  Maybe a lightworker could be described as a working Empath?  I have to tell you, I have attempted many times to do this but overall, I feel as if I have failed miserably.  How can I become a successful lightworker?  I…"
Oct 19, 2011

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"This video of Gregg very close to my beliefs system. 250,000 yes ago Creator sent two advanced humans to earth to upgrade the human race by raising there DNA code, to reverse the Evil curse of Lucifer and Satan had put on mankind. Adam and eve…"
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Why is has Russia threatened to invade Ukraine. Again I read about ridiculous explanations such as 'Russia is afraid of a prosperous democratic government on its door since it will create an example that the Russians will seek to emulate'. It is…
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