Or I can ask why any fraternal, 'sisternal' etc society should be formed at all?Seeing what these 'masons' are trying to build, I found that they are trying to make concrete using ballasts alone, no cement! So they may not be good masons after all!Normally, in modern spirituality, women tend to dominate. Even when you pass by a church and hear some song, you can estimate that ladies form some 90% or so. Beer seems to do it all when it comes to men.:) This suggest that a modern fraternal society is probably not persuing anything remortly like religion or even spirituality. Most probably they are persuing politics. This should not come as any surprise! Politics is to men as fresh bulls'siht is to flies. Even when only men pastors meet, they will soon quite talking about God. At then, better all ladies have left the camp! Even ACC begun as spirituality and ended up with pure politics. Then of course ladies (which formed the majority) went through the window! Ergo soon ACC will be 'fraternal' (of course an hypocritical kinda 'brotherhood'). This also suggest that perharps some members of ACC are masons.Then there are some who have a funnier explanation. At many a time, masons in the lodge will have to stay naked! So it is better ladies not the there. Some even say that when entering the lodge, which has no windows, you gotta remove all the clothes and walk backwards!

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  • You make lots of good points, Panacea 13:)
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