• Can't tell you anything about them, but I have seen visions of them.

  • Ive been talking to my friend, and she said she only saw the symbol, so the rope was made up. Also the clothes are made up, she thinks they are walking nude. I dont feel like that though. She wanted to post this:


    • Hey, thanks for confirming that, with your friend...and it's OK that she used some artistic license with the image, as I said, ET amulets (even in 3D) seem to dangle in air, as the "rope" is a very fine and very strong flexible both fluid-solid, metallic substance...not a chain, but resembles a "spider's web" strand, which glistens and has amazing strength for it's thinness...

      So, if your friend saw this and was not familiar with the technology, she would naturally have filled in the missing gaps with her probs... ;-)

      And the clothes too are seamless, no zips, fastenings, buttons, nor gaps....especially the jumpsuits...

      • Thanks :) Is the new picture i posted also similair to this sirius species? And what do you think about public et contact in 2012?

        • No, that new image is artistically very reminicent of black African tribal art....It's good artwork, but does not resemble a Pschat, unlike the title image...He (obvious male) resembles a "teenager," however, many ETs resemble teenagers, even when they reach 100 plus (Sol) years, lifespans...

          In many fully conscious worlds, adulthood is not considered to arrive until one attains 70 years of age, yet the body is still youthful by outer earth standards...

          Sirian lifespans average 2000 years....those of the Plejares, may be 1000 years...Of course, "death" is welcomed and they simply re-incarnate into pre-planned families of fully conscious beings, opening more cosmic life experiences...

          • Okay, maybe from another subrace. My friend calls it Sekhmet.

            • Well Sekhmet is another name for the Egyptian goddess, Hathor.....who was revered as the mother and could become a wrathful avenger who could destroy any who would threaten her lion cubs...Of course, she was an Anunnaki "goddess" and they were humanoids from the Pleiades (rebels) who assumed dark power in ancient times.....

              They created their first pantheon in Sumeria and extended parallel pantheons, of Gods and Goddesses, to several ancient earth cultures, including Babylon, Greece, meso-America, East Asia, Rome and northern Europe too...including the German goddess Ostara, who gave her name to Easter, and was known in Babylon as Ishtar....Or as the god Tehuti in Egypt, was known as Thoth-Hermes in Greece and "Sin" in Chaldea...the moon god of wisdom..

              The Khemetian animal representations were in the Chaldean creation story, man was made in God's image....So the "Gods" were humanoids from the Pleiades, Sumerians called them the Anunnaki..which means; "They who from Heaven, came down to earth."

              That image does not resemble these beings, nor the Pschat...But is more akin to African tribal art...

              • Hmm, i thought there only lived nice beings on the pleiades. And i thought the rebellions where the ones who gave humanity knowledge and stuff. I read some days ago that the annunaki joined forces with the Galactic Federation.

                • Oh yes indeed...They are with us now....and of course, many starseeds ourselves, were once "baddies" who got trapped into earth karma, in ancient Atlantean times...

                  Now we seek to return to the Light, as do our friends, the former renegades known once as Anunnaki..

  • Have you inquired about the medallion?  The Triangle is a sacred form, if it is made with a specific stone perhaps you could find or make one just like it and commune with your inner self and this being.  

This reply was deleted.

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