Lyonna, free spirit, relayed her past dream in an attempt to explain things to me. I find myself seeking more information, perhaps in more detail. For instance, she explained you need to leave behind "bad things." Does that imply animals we regard as members of the family? Does that mean events that have happened that had a negative affect on me, cause that is easy. I have had alot of positive events in my life (please note- I have been told I am an old soul as well). I crave specifics and am not sure just anyone can explain this to me. I am throwing this out as I truly want to ascend to further heights. And as a teacher, I believe I can aid others who are ascending as well. Dont laugh, but I am a writer and am thinking about writing about all the experiences as a form of documentaion.  Thank you for your patience and time.

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  • Amen sister
  • I would never want to leave a loving pet. I am learning exactly what is meant when leaving things behind (initially i thought it was pets and I was very upset by this). Clearly, it is healthier to leave negative situations behind. I even found myself implementing this yesterday while speaking to a pharmacy of all places. I tried working with the rep and she had no patience and could not think outside the box so we finished speaking to each other. I tried calling back to speak to supervisor but then realized they had given the phone to the same person after I explained the situation. Old me would have called and called and made a big to do but I thought it will work its way out and further discussions would not help. I am getting the hang of things . It felt good. Thanks
  • Why would you want to leave your family pet, seriously! just show them love not rejection they will eventually come thru with unconditional love back to you.
  • Great subject Judith, I believe the negative factors in many lessons to be learned and how we grow in character and how we deal with a crises with a level head. This becomes a part of us and becomes our passions and even our drive and energy. On the other side of it being a double edge sword, you sometimes have to let it go if it becomes to the point you become depressed and resentful that is when the word forgiving comes in. Quite simple really when explained in that way. When people do not want to talk about negative things I can see that but at the same time we all need to learn and discern that which is a negative impact on others as well as yourself, and say no this is not what we want and point out what is wrong about it. How else do we learn? If all is driven for power or just being narcist behavior that would be a negative, If there is force and manipulation then that is a negative would you not agree?
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