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What Is Magic ~'The Occult Secrets of Language as a method of Mind Control' ~ by Nathaniel Mauka/Terence McKenna

Multidimensional food for thought...

The ‘spell’ in spelling was meant to create a magical trance over you – to obstruct the true meaning of the essence of the Creator. Many occult (33-degree freemasons, illuminati, cabal, etc.) secrets are hidden within spelling and grammar, but it doesn’t take much digging to reveal them.

For instance, as per Thoth, the Egyptian God of learning, wisdom and magic, (also depicted in ancient hieroglyphs as a man-bird) the purpose of spelling is to cast magic energy with a definite purpose. Myths surrounding Thoth even say he created himself through language – but this is eerily egoistic, and suggests deep occult powers beyond just being able to win a spelling bee.

There is an interesting parallel in the Christian bible, in the Gospel of St. John as well: “In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

If the occultists want to control a population they simply delete, distort, and generalize the truth. This is the Meta Model used behind most of MK Ultra and other mind control techniques utilized by the Deep State. Language and grammar are one of the primary means to distort truth.

When powerful people utilize certain speech patterns, they appear to know the truth about something, but they don’t truly understand what other people think, feel, and believe. This is irrelevant, because the aim is to convince them through a “spell” – what is “true” to the Occult Paradigm.

To see an example of this in action, we could look at thousands of hours of political speeches, but we’ll keep it simple and direct for now.

Let’s say a leader wants to convince the general population that a law to mandate Common Core teaching standards is a good thing. They will use language like this:

“All sensible parents agree that children should be able to meet certain academic standards where developmentally appropriate.”

Let’s break this one sentence down to find all its “spells.”

Firstly, there is a forgone conclusion within the phrase, “all sensible parents.” This is called a lost performative. It assumes that something is true without any concrete proof. Who determines what is sensible? What academic standards are we talking about? Who will determine them?

The next problem is with the absolutism of the statement. Should you disagree that “all parents agree” you are automatically in a position of opposition to power. You’re bucking a “truth” that everyone else has already accepted.

Then, “certain academic standards” is also rife with ambiguity. It’s a vague term meant to cast a large net so that as many people as possible will be caught in it. This phrase also uses nominalization. How would you know when you’ve achieved “developmentally appropriate standards?” Is this some arbitrary set of rules meant to teach our children nothing at all, or something of great importance? Time has shown that Common Core did exactly what its makers promised – confused the hell out of kids and teachers alike with double speak and backwards math, but the ‘spell’ to get it implemented worked.

Finally, we have, “where developmentally appropriate.” This is more lost performative phrasing. It implies a judgment about child development, without taking any responsibility for what that is.

Consider that this is a single sentence, with spelling and grammar in a sea of the CIA-sponsored, occult-referenced, decades-long, interdisciplinary study into mind comtrol.

You need to explore way back before Operation Paperclip, and into the deepest known annals of human history to find the magic of language and its use by occultists – this is what informs all mind control programs today.

Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?” That’s from a real 1952 CIA memo.



Now recall what Thoth, the Egyptian bird-God said the purpose of language and spelling was: to cast a magic spell with a specific purpose.

Let’s look at another example- The words ‘write’ and ‘writing’ also contains ‘rite’ as in ceremony or ritual. The words also contain the ‘right’ as in the right angels used prominently by the occult, and found in sacred geometry.

The “word” or spiral (whorl) makes the world. This whorl or spiraling energy is the premise upon which divine geometry, including fractal geometry and the Fibonacci series is based. This is also called “God’s Fingerprint,” as it appears in the Golden Ratio (1.618). The Golden Ratio appears to be the main source code that is within all intelligent divine creation and is also the number assigned to man; however the occultists use this whorl (world) and divine plan a bit differently.

For example, the Golden Ratio has been linked to the number of the beast (666) because of the false assumption (intended spell) that Divine Geometry can be expressed in integers, which it cannot.

If you hit the sin key on a calculator after entering 666, you’ll get this answer – an integer – -0.809016994374948. . .

It seems random enough until you know what to look for. We’ve been taught that the ancient Greeks, being master aestheticians, liked their geometric figures to be pleasantly proportioned in alignment with the Golden Mean. In the case of rectangles, they preferred the side lengths to be in proportion as the golden ratio. If you do some fancy calculations and divide by 2 you’ll get the 666.

Here’s the problem, though. Using a spell, we’ve been taught (or its been hidden from us) that the Divine Ratio, at least among the occult) honors satan. It does not. As Ruth Tatlow describes in her paper, “The Use and Abuse of Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section in Musicology Today,” A complex set of misconceptions about the use of the golden section and Fibonacci numbers in music has evolved in recent years. The perpetuation of these misconceptions is guaranteed by a steady increase in the number of printed and electronic articles, books and dissertations, many of which bear the marks of academic integrity.”

She continues to explain that in about 300 BCE, Euclid described a ratio which he termed the Extreme and Mean (DEMR), or the ‘divine section,’ or ‘divine ratio.’ The terms ‘divine proportion’ and ‘golden section’ to describe Euclid’s DEMR were coined in the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries respectively.

The DEMR was formed by lines and compasses. Euclid never mentions the size of the angle. He has a numerical expression for DEMR. General rational numbers do not appear in his Elements. She states:

“For Euclid, numbers and magnitudes were different kinds of quantity; arithmetic dealt with the discrete, and geometry with the continuous.”

Therefore, the “right” angles or the “rites” of the occult are based on the bastardization of the Divine Ratio or the Golden Mean as it occurs in nature. It cannot be drawn by compasses and lines.

In Summary

There are thousands of words and phrases offered by occultists in power to sway your mind and to bend the truth of the Universe. Interestingly, Thoth was even credited with the invention of music – but we know now that even the planets have a song of their own, so how could an Egyptian bird God invent something that was already inherent in the Divine?

Odd then, that the CIA has also used music to “break” detainees. When music (another language) is used in a very different (non-cabal or occultist) way it can even cure cancer.

As we uncover the methods of the elite to control us, we cannot look past our most basic methods of communication – speech, writing, grammar, and of course, thought. To know is to be free.



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AsWithin... SoWithout

Magic Never Died: The Sacred is Still Alive
by Kingsley L. Dennis

God is alive, magic is afoot

God is alive, magic is afoot

God is afoot, magic is alive

Alive is afoot, magic never died

~Leonard Cohen


The sense of the sacred does not require any image of the gods. There will be no more gothic cathedrals built to exalt humankind to the heavens; no more prophets to lead humankind to the divine; and no more Holy Grails to entice humankind upon the Quest – we now have the sacred suffusing us en masse, manifesting as both the tangible and intangible. Our cultures are being finely renewed from the inside-out by a subtle vibration that has come to us through a myriad of emanations in different forms. Look at the conversations we are having today with each other; look at how many creative projects around the world are being instigated and led by young people. The generations before us were not discussing transcendence or the technologies of the soul so openly and publicly. Our era has brought the inner world out into the open world and into focus. The sacred is not a concept but an experiential understanding, of life beyond our limited selves – of transcendence and immersion simultaneously. Only two or three generations before us there was no inner world to explore publicly. Before the rise of the psychological sciences there was no cultural language to explore the subconscious. The inner landscape of the human being was quietly explored and navigated by the mystics, seers, adepts, shamans, and initiates that kept their traditions away from the masses – away from persecution.

For millennia the sacred arts were defiled, harassed, and discriminated against. The magical arts also fell into this tarnished category. And yet magic and alchemy are found worldwide, in all traditional cultures, in remarkably similar manifestations. Spiritual realization has never been a mass pursuit; usually pursued by those few individuals often classed as outsiders. And so the presence of the sacred in our societies has always been unperceived, operating unseen and under the radar. It has always been present and operating, only not in ways suspected by humankind. Magic too has always been present in its various guises – magic is afoot, magic is alive, magic never died. Magic, in its original form, is that which concentrates and radiates the mind; it is a deep penetrating force-field of compassion and communion. Our reality-matrix is composed of energy; everything within it is a form of energy in various states. Those states can be modified, like the fine tuning of an instrument to create a more harmonious sound. The wisdom traditions, the perennial philosophy, speak of how a human being, by their own spiritual ascent, is able to also animate and raise up the world around them. The emanation of the sacred energies furthers the spiritual realization within material reality.

Most of what is today labeled as supernatural is but the residue of the sacred which is inherent in humankind and the world, no matter how we ignore or discard it. Unbeknown to us we recreate this sense of the sacred through our pursuits and pastimes. Magic may shock the profane, yet it has existed as a core experience long before we had any sense of what it actually was. As historian and scholar Arthur Versluis notes

The reason that magic is not in good standing in the West is that it is based upon the fundamental unity of man and cosmos and so is in conflict with the inherent dualism of the modern outlook. But magic will be in existence long after the modern era has disappeared: it cannot be otherwise, for magic is the physical expression of the eternal, inner, spiritual transmutation. 

When it comes to the ‘eternal, inner, spiritual transmutation’ there are no absolute laws, just the continual unfolding. As human beings we each interact with the world differently because we perceive the world differently. In interacting differently we each contribute to creating a different world. The sacred reality understands that we exist as part of a participatory cosmos. It is this sacredness without a name that infuses the human condition. To be a human being is to be inherently imbued with a spiritual force that animates us in ways we are largely unaware of. And yet through this animated force we see the world around us – it cultivates our worldview, our values, and is the source of our quest for meaning. And a civilization’s worldview is its most precious possession.

Everything proceeds from this primary perception – a collective gaze of wonder…or of limitation.  The basic, fundamental understanding is that we cannot observe the world without changing it. And the presence of the sacred is so crucial in our lives that without it our human status itself is in question. The sacred order of the past existed at a time when the world was different, when its needs were different. At each moment we articulate the human condition in the context of our times. The sacred energies, the spiritual impulses, are a medium – and a means – through which we come to learn of and express the human condition. And these expressions are in response to a shifting and unfolding understanding of the cosmos and of our reality-matrix. Before the emergence of structured religions the human condition articulated itself in ‘pre-religious forms’ of spirituality. Whatever the times, the sacred impulse attempts to be known. For great periods the sacred impulse was almost invisible within human societies, as we struggled with the raw energies of brute materiality ‘red in tooth and claw,’ and cloaked in mechanical rationalism. Yet now the sacred impulse is raising its head again in new cultural forms, expressions, and mediums.

Magic has a role in helping to give shape and substance to our meanings. Magic teaches us that the way forward, the way to heal the rift in our reality-matrix, is by the uniting of the spiritual and the profane, the celestial and the mundane. In our reality, each day lived is an expression of the spiritual and the sacred existing through us, invisible as a silent breath….

*read entire article @




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