Hi folks, I notice enough conversation about this topic, that I thought it was worthy of its own thread.

We use words to communicate, especially on internet forums of course, now if we wish to have any meaningful communication, we need to have a common ground on the meaning of the words we are using.

So I notice some are using a term called an adult and of course I have seen this throughout my life in media and possibly people around me in life.

Some use the term adult it would seem to describe an individual that is older in earth years, I assume, and for now, lets just assume this to be the case and that the term child is meant to define an individual of younger earth years.

I will give my opinion of what i assume the term grown up or adult means and you can give your opinions or definition so that we are roughly on the same page and same goes for what my definition of being younger or a child means.

In the area of people I am in, I would define a grown up man or woman to be one who appears to have more responsibility than a younger man or woman and this responsibility is usually towards meeting ones basic human needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, etc. and if the grown up has any younger ones, then the grown up would likely be meeting the needs of its younger ones as well.

This is as simple as I can make this communication, as complexity leads to confusion and we have enough of that already in this world.

Now, I have outlined my basic definition of what I see the term grown up (adult) and young (child) means, though of course this may vary between families and cultures, etc..

The next part of the definition is the all important one, how does one go about acquiring these basic needs.

None of these words are meant as judgments, this is only about observation for purposes of definition and to create a clearer communication in hopes of greater harmony between people of humanity.

In my definition of a grown up (adult), the grown up would consider any choice or action involved in meeting these basic needs, like, will my actions harm any man or woman's physical body and this includes impeding the free travel of the physical body and stealing the body and confining it. Also will the grown ups choices or actions harm any man or woman's material belongings and that includes stealing them in any fashion or impeding the free use of these material belongings.

Basically what the above defines is common law or the law of the land.

Now lets highlight an example of a man or woman trying to meet their needs and we can then discuss whether you think they qualify to be termed a grown up (adult).

A police man or woman is possibly a good example of one harming others physical bodies and harming and/or stealing material belongings on a daily basis in the world to meet their needs by the acquisition of a paycheck to acquire such needs.

Continuing with the example, a police man or woman pulls over another man or woman in an automobile and is now impeding the free travel of the man or woman's physical body and is also impeding the free use of the their material belongings. Now lets say the man or woman receives a ticket of some kind, now the police and the ones giving them their orders are now attempting to impede the free travel of your physical body by claiming you need to go to court, or the option is given to bypass court and they claim you now owe them money, or in this case, they are attempting to steal or extort your material belongings, that being called money.

Now it is possible that if the man or woman traveling does not have the required papers that the police say are required, then the police man or woman may try and prevent the free travel of your physical body to such an extent, that they steal your body and confine it and transport it to a confining center they call jail, in this case, they hope to acquire your material belongings by force and threat.

That concludes this example, though many, many more examples could be given of people trying to meet their basic needs while harming others doing so.

I gave this example not to push buttons, not to judge and not to anger or create arguments.

I wrote this in the most simple form i could, so that almost anyone can comprehend in hopes that we can have a clear and constructive communication that will hopefully cause others to see things from a different perspective than they may have before.

Your perspectives are greatly appreciated, what are your views as to what does it mean to be a grown up (adult) do you think it means to meet your basic needs no matter the harm to others, or do you think a grown up is one who follows the common law philosophy.

My definition of the term younger (child) is one of innocence, a younger man or woman that follows the common law philosophy by nature and would never think to harm another living man or woman.

This is my perspective on what is meant by being like a child.

That's probably why in movies and many forms, we see the relentless comments like, don't be so childish or grow up, what they really intend is for us to become less innocent like children and become more like grown ups and take on all the roles (jobs) that do harm and control others.

Again, your views are greatly appreciated, please keep it peaceful.

peace love light





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