I started having really crazy dreams about 3 years ago, and
I knew nothing of this "community and world'' (light workers, indigo
children, astral travel, ) so searching for answers has brought me to join this forum, and this is my first post, which might have not bee a good idea, but heck why not just let it all out..

Anyways, I felt like a lunatic, having dreams where I would
fly off the earth and go speak to ''light blue transparent being" and I
was really scared.  I remembered
everything about these dreams so vividly. I started searching the internet for
answers. and keeping a dream journal at home.

Their world was high in technology/but covered in forests
and vegetation, everyone was peaceful, and everyone was a vegetarian and
enlightened.  Even the animals on this
world were vegetarian and ate fruit and vegetables and bread products. They
explained they don’t eat “souls”. Its terrible karma to eat things with souls,
but the people of earth are so far behind them, that we would never understand.  They were giving me advice of some kind, and I was floating though some astral worlds. They were giving me messages in the dream; that they are the same, but use more of their brains capacity, and they glow
with a blue light inside their throats/chest. They told me "the moment you start watching yourself think,
a higher level of consciousness enters..."


After a few months of these dreams, I decided to ask them
some questions at night. Who they were I didn’t get an explanation for. I asked
them why we were here (on earth) and if I could go talk to god.  They brought me to god once, but I was only allowed to look. 


It looked like a huge shining white light in outer space,
like a dying star, but the biggest one of all, and when you flew inside it, you
became iridescent/ or every color of the rainbow at once, and transparent.  They said only special members are allowed to speak with him or ask it questions! (whatever that means) I asked them why they only requested me during dreams, and this was intensely funny to them and they
replied with ‘well u don’t do any drugs, and there are many shamanic drugs can
they can blast you here, or else you would have to learn meditation, and use
this”- and they showed me a picture of a star shaped thingy for me to use.  After 2 years of searching I found out the star thing was a “merkaba”.

One night I was supposed to see a friend, and I got sick. I fell asleep so fast. I was
"dreaming" or whatever, that I flew out of my body and was called by
"someone"....”They” told me I felt sick and stayed home and slept, for
a reason, that they needed to see me that night. They told me answers to a lot
of things I was questioning lately.

I'm  pretty hyper and felt that society wanted me to think I have "anxiety" even though I don’t worry at all, I'm just always fidgeting and have loads of energy. In the dream they said I have higher neurological activity than most people and for me not to take some "magic pills" or any
antidepressants, because this would harm my something in my head, (which I've since
found out could be my pineal) gland, and it would make it extremely difficult
for them to come talk to me at night.  They told me doctors try to get everyone to take that stuff cuz it dulls the progression of consciousness, like everyone gets convinced they have anxiety or
are depressed if they tell the doctor they are fidgety. They also told me the
current state of earth, is run on suffering.


That’s when I started to wake up from these things that felt
like more than a dream, I never woke up Vibrating, it felt like my whole body
was NUMB or vibrating, or the feeling you get when your leg falls asleep. My
entire body felt like this, from my head to my toes. I couldn’t move from the
bed for a few minutes until I became conscious. My dreams have gotten so
intense lately.


So lately, they have been taking me places where humanoids
breath underwater and also fly. They don’t have wings, but they run and swoop
up into the air, to get to other worlds.

u may all now commence thinking I'm crazy...................


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  • =) LOL you are sooo NOT crazy!! that is completely normal from where I am standing!! you would only get criticised from lower vibrational beings with little awareness of the infiniteness of life forms other than dull ol' earthlings =) Your travels are awesome! I hope they never stop!!
  • I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that replied to this.  I am truely happy I have joined this network. I am interested in hearing if any other can astral travel and what it is that they do to start this.


    Since I just realized I was going, at night, I never learned how to from books or anything, it just started happening! I feel soo weird telling you all of this, as i have NEVER been able to speak to someone about these topics in real life.

    • Ha! yes many people think we should live in the REAL world... how very wrong they have been, they will soon find out!! =)
      • Astralling is awesome, my Dad does this also.. =) But as you will find it is common to find people here who do the same as you. You should be far from lonely here, to find others to compare experiences to. =)

  • you're NOT crazy and neither am I lol, sounds like you have amazing experiences at night! =D
  • You are very gifted when this takes place. I was going to suggest the Lemarians from inner space but when you said they breath under water then I'm not sure. Ask them again.

    The vibration you feel when you are awakening is most likely your coming back from vibrating at a higher rate. I also find it interesting about the drugs for back in the 70's I was one of those idiots that tried everything once and with glue. That's when I had my experience very similar to you but the problem is that you forget almost everything after. I would imagine any prescription drugs would not be advisable either but when you ache all day it's hard not to. Are you able to do an question and answer period with them so as anyone else here could participate? If not I understand because this is a very personal thing but more then welcome to express your feelings. Can you explain more about using the Merkaba and you said "the moment you start watching yourself think"..please explain cause that is something I want to do. Peace and harmony always.

    • It only happens at night when I am sleeping.  So if you want me to remember your questions, I may be able to post an answer to them someday, Its only I dont control when i get to speak to them, they do...

      • wait, one time i typed out some answers to questions i asked when "something talking to me" when i did drugs once, i dont do recreational drugs, i avoid them, because then something opens and im scared of it......cuz it happens when im awake.
        • I was awake also but in a zonked out state so I had cut through the Vail and their was no fear but then when you get a shot of morphine you have no fear either but it's the only way I can go through the Vail. I have tried many times being straight but nothing. Is this Merkaba only a picture? What do you do with it..stare at it, fill in the how to please. Interesting name you have, care to share?
          • my name comes from aztec mythology,


            xochiqueztal is a goddess associated with concepts of fertility, beauty, and female sexual power, serving as a protector of young mothers and a patroness of pregnancy, childbirth, and the crafts practised by women such as weaving and embroidery. Unlike several other figures in the complex of Aztec female earth deities connected with agricultural Xochiquetzal is always depicted as an alluring and youthful woman, richly attired and symbolically associated with vegetation and in particular flowers. By connotation, Xochiquetzal is also representative of human desire, pleasure, and excess, appearing also as patroness and artisans involved in the manufacture of luxury items. I simply choose this name becuase I make jewelry and crafts at home all day long! and i like to read about egyptian mythology and mayan history now that i've been reading around the internet a lot since the dreams started.

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