You can blame it to the stupid mass. Protoplasmic clusters on two legs getting comfortably numb.

(Kissinger called normal humans "eaters" too.)

You might blame it to the quality of your post. Fuck, I have a creativity crisis.

Or you take heart looking closer. You simply do what is in yourself.

Old monks called that facere quod in se est. Fuck what others think. Fuck you doubts!

You post because something is in you you find worth posting. You do it according to yourself. You do what is in you. Facere quod in se est.

It is like setting a paper boat on a stream. You let go. It is not in your hand where it goes.

Facere quod in se est is the only thing btw which is in your hand - it is an expression of you, an emanation of your awareness, of your being as being you.

Remember - if only one human finds comfort or a smile in your post - your little paper boat - you have touched a whole universe.

The question of shallow or stupid posts will clear after you get aware of who you are and what you post. You will grow in that.

Post if you feel you should. Have courage. Think not about how many people will read. Try to do what is in you, always...

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  • I would've thought that George would be channeling through someone by now. And John, my working class hero! Where are they?
  • there would be more trouble if doesn't happen ;-)

  • 8114703263?profile=original

    Is this what courage looks like?

    Nice post tertiusgaudens! :)) 

    Take the leap anyway!!



  • What if you post something and nobody is interested?

    SO WHAT?

    DOES IT really MATTERS?

  • 8114745263?profile=originalI send to you this angel to follow you any were you go.Keep in your heart.

  • ...Ha...Love U....x....

  • happens so me all the time

    so be it


  • Thank you, great reflection. I have been feeling discomfort for the past many months and years due to the lack of acknowledgement for my research and understanding of reality and the universe- in my interest in peace and love and everything else you will read on about corruption and a way to a new world of understanding and freedom... etc. etc. But I have learned in my time that it is not important, so much, what others think or feel, but rather what you feel and what you do about it. It says more about myself than anything if I am choosing to feel excited and feel love for myself and the universe than it does about how others feel about me or whatever. The point is that, I am greatful for your beautiful reflection of this aspect of our consciousness. I thank you for your reminder to keep being myself and to keep doing what I feel is right and what makes me happy... no matter what others may think. Even if nobody hears or reads my words or ideas, it is still changing the world in a positive way because it is Myself that is changing and being a beacon of light amidst the darkness. I will say though, that it is really wonderful when people read and share and converse in agreement with my expressions. I wish you peace and much luck with future acknowledgement. Peace and Freedom is near. The world is so close to knowing the truth, that it will be almost improbable to find someone who disagrees with what you have to say, especially once we're awakened by this new age of Aquarius. The energy is smiling at us with love. Love and Light~

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