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What are you gonna do, if nothing happens the famous year 20012?   

Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda said that nobody know the hour or time...   that he comes like a thief..

Hatonn say its more important to know the fruits and the time sequence than the actual year or date..

So, it could as well that nothing happens. what youre gonna do then? 

what youre gonna do, when suddenly, the evil elite crash the stockmarket, stops all trains and busses and get you as cattle gathered and into prizon like camps?  what youre gonna do, when the photonbelts coming and few of you are alive after that event? when your eye sights blinded and you dont know whats happening? when you have no food stored up? when the evil elite makes you all slaves and under mind control?

what youre gonna do? then,know, your only road to freedom is go within and talk to GOD. In the stillness.

get together and make plans to not put up with the elite.

ill tell you they will hunt you like animals. you will have no chance to escape for an eon, unless you now choose God and His laws. which is the only ticket away from this planet and on to 4th dimension and a cleansed earth where no evil resides. or whereever you choose to go. Phoenix will pick you up, but the ticket is GOD AND HIS LAWS.  youre gonna regret it when all the bad happens. then you will know. but then at least I hope youre souls remembers. to next eon and next chance comes. youre all gonna be thrown back to stoneage consciousness.

you dont like this? sorry, but it IS the truth.


and yes, you are free to do whatever you want and choose. God allows free will. you dont have to agree.

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It is whats going to happen, what the evil elite plans for those that are not in the Light following the laws of God and Creation, the photon belt will be  total Light, and is a part of what happens each 26.000 years in a full cycle. the elite plans to rub off their evil plans same time.  Evil has destroyed other planets before, and are determined to get this one. those that follow the laws of God and Creation, which is balance, will be carried on to 4th and new earth or whereever they choose. only those evil and denying God and his laws will remain. its Gods words not mine. this planets in serious grave circumstances and it is time to wake up. we are all responsible for the mess,and sitting chanting love and light wont save the planet or the souls that are chosing against god and creation.

Very well put, the actions of the cabal depend on raising their minions to keep control. It is as if there is nothing exists outside their cardboard box.

Even with no outside actions they will fade and we survive.

Hey,  Maiailla...

God is The way, but why so depressed now?

I advice you do not think what gonna happen or not happen...

Just live in the NOW, and all will be well.

Relax, my friend...


where can I make bets with people who have enough money to give over to me in the bet when the Great Disappointment comes?

How would you say ascension would happen? will you drift off to a cloud in the sky? if its another dimension, how will you get there?

what do you say ascension IS?

what if the beloved 20012-scenario happens later a´la´20013 or otherwise? The mayan calendar ended already in 1987.... 

....yes... if u find any, send me message also please.. also looking for people who will abandon homes, properties, bank accounts etc, and will leave for the "holly" and energy vortex places, to Ascend...

if any of you listen, plz dont throw everything in the air... ...message me so that i provide u my pay-pal account, and other information... i think i will stay a little longer here.... but i will catch up with u later... ;)

Transformation is already "happening", it happens for different people at different times.  Time and evolution are Accelerating, there is physical evidence to back this up.

As for some "dark" energy out there trying to supress people's enlightenment, I've never believed that either.


We are the masters of our destiny.  You have to make the decision to let it happen for you.

Honestly, I don't think anything different will happen in 2012, but that is also a falsity, because phenomenal things are happening every second, every hour, every day.

People shouldn't look to some specific date for something magical to happen, people should SEE it happening RIGHT NOW, if they don't then perhaps that's not their desiny at the moment!

Please -- stop giving so much power to dark entities ~ start looking at what's GOOD in the world... :-)

They deserve the credit ~ they have always deserved the credit.

Look into your own eyes, look within, feel the good in yourself, live in the magic moment of your awareness.


Regardless of the dates something's happening and a lot of people are feeling/living it, the world is changing, we are changing. 


It seems we're at the right place at the right time; divine timing.

I´m looking for information on the locations of people I could make bets with about this, especially individuals who believe the world´ll end on December 22nd 2012. Can anybody be so kind to give me any information?

Thanks in a million!!!!

everybody in history that people remember has been hunted down for believing in something that feels right! i believe if a time like that comes those who are pure in heart and that are steadfast in what they believe in will rise an claim and exite in what they believe in and what happens to them doesnt matter the same as what happened to sananda(jesus christ)

love will occour all isnt that what the root of what we know is going to happen is about ....isnt what we as starseeds love... that this is an ascention of mind to all humanity...isnt this our duty to save the people that what i saw in the movie ....the book of eli doesnt happen! we dont want that for humanity and i would rather sacrifice myself than see that as a reality!I love u all and feel your vibration as truth but have'nt been clear in mind for more than a week! but i have love for all of u that walk in the light and doesn't disagree and have ego to the will of ashtar and sanda and the divine creator that your a piece off!! I love u all and i am jacques apart o f the ashtar command and part of the guardians of souls anybody want to ask me something be free to do so at [email protected]


*Not all soul groups will experience the alterations already started.. ..the same, &..
..and that will occur from 2012 to 2018*

( Some say.. I have a sucky signal to Sirius.. ..some say 'it's undisclosed'. Others 'it's undecided'.. )

Individual and collective expectations create the future..
..Let's decide on a better future () than the past.



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