What If?

                                                                           Hi! I had a interesting vision.While waiting in the chatroom for someone to chat with.I did my best to hold on too.This vision in my head.Well anyway

it went something like this.It was based in the future or from our perspective.A future that hasn't hap-

pened yet.Where time travel was possible for ordinary people.Not just for scientists or military peopl-

e.Or one person but in this case.A high school classroom and teacher going to a portal or gateway.T-

hrough time and going anywhere.They wanted in the past tense.Especialy if they had a planned less-

on from the teacher or up-cumming test.They could observe the people of that period but they couldn'-

t touch or interact with them.In anyway shape or form.Because in some fashion the period in time the

classroom came from.There frequency or vibration as it were.Was higher than the people of the past.

Making them invisble and feel like ghosts.They obviously had a invisble line.That connected them to t-

here time period like a cord.For babies still in the womb.Only this was different and its not unlike.A co-

rd that connects you with your physical and non-physical body.While you travel out-of-body and some-

how.In this state of being similar.To Dr.Bruce Goldberg's reference to time travelers in the fifth dimensi-

on.Who observe the time period but can't alter it or change it.Perhaps without aternating it.

                                                                           They in question could visit a alternate reality or t-

imeline.Where the change in the way things goes.Has already been well on its way.To its conclusion

as it were.I'am sure alternate timelines exist in a way.To protect the timeline in ouestion.That we all ex-

ist in already and perhaps we shift in and out of these alternating timelines frequently enough.To realise.We co-create our own realities.As for me being given the opportunaty.To travel in the past.I w-

ould go a step further.By visiting a alternate timeline.Where in this case.The 1492 event never happ-ened and all indigenous people.Are unaffected by European contact.It would certainly be or make.A

good real life sequel of the movie,"Avatar!"Only Avatar comes to life in a sense.Well this concludes

my comments.Feel free to input your thoughts and feelings.In the usual manner and Farewell Good

Cosmic Sisters/Brothers!


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