• Yesm, and there is also a Illuminati puppet rapper who calls himself Jay ho vah. Doesn't mean anything. Satan and his disrespectful trix ifuaskme ;). Benevolence always shines through. The Bible says you will be able to identify those of the Light by the fruits that they bear.


    Love and Peace.

    • <3 I think that's funny. Real funny. lol

      There's also a song called Jahova by a dubstep DJ called Rusko......


      Hey music brings light into things if ya ask me. I love music :) all kinds from Insane Clown Posse to Lady Gaga, to Skrillex, Deadmau5, DJ Tiesto (I LOVE TECHNO, the right kind that gets your energy levels raising, pumpin, dancin, etc)........ Ok I'm gonna listen to more techno to get our frequencies raised to hurry along the process. :) Peace


      by the way light always is darkness in higher forms. We just evolved into loving beings <3

  • HI   Jehovah is one the anunaki God an alien race that came to earth thousands of years ago. Jehovah is the father of enki and enlil, the gods that manipulated humankind and produced a human slave race. The Adam and Eve story. Read ‘The 12th Planet’ by Z.Stichin and ‘the flower of Life’ by Melchizedek Drunvalo . Our DNa was mutated losing our spritual connection with the divine. One should not even mention his name. they were evil.

    Hope it helps.

    blessings Nikki 

  • I was also raised a JW, He who causes to become is the True God in my eyes. The Holy Spirit laced within the pages of the Bible is undeniable. But like you I fell out, mostly because I was young and my parents fell out. But I am studying again, the Bible is a tool. It can be wielded to inspire fear or love.


    The main reaffirmation for me, is that this is unquestionably Satan's system of things. The chaos through which it is run proves it, and that is enough for me to want to re examine everything with eyes of wisdom.

  • According to Seth he WAS the God of wrath which was manifested in order for man to survive and for protection in the beginning of time and this being the laws which Moses received were needed for the people and  are very harsh  but those times are ending now and the God of love is prevailing.
  • thank you. I'm just being real. I was raised a JW, but my life took other routes and led me to other ways of thinking. No regrets.
  • In my own & irrelevant case it's coming down to a 'sought' way of thinking, one that Jehova Itself still gives me no idea, whatsoever that I can explain, let alone to my own conscience, for as long as all that IT respects, is to to be seen as A Self Coontradiction, The Worst Thing, IT could ever depend on to be Its 'Hobby,' greetings, 'J.A.,', I regret, what just yesterday happened to me, another online virus, (, now without any use).
This reply was deleted.

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