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What do you think about commercial “channelers”? Should a person pay up to $300 for a telephone reading from a total stranger?

Hi everyone, once again. I want to thanks everybody who responded to my first post, you have truly opened my eyes and help me a lot. Thank you so much!

Since I am new to the ACC and right of the bet I was called a reptilian lol ☺, I have been quite curious to find out my star heritage. I’ve always felt like a fish out of the water in this world, I am loner, I live in the woods, I work from home, I avoid people and I have a constant feeling of abandonment and sometimes anger for living a life that as far as I am concerned I don’t “belong” to.

It was suggested that I contacted a channeler to answer my questions but the prices they charge are almost indecent. It’s hard for me to trust someone who is supposed to help people like myself to find their way but at the same time charge a fortune for a reading. It seems to me that it’s quite a contradiction. I understand that a channel that is only a channel and doesn’t have another job must ask for money or “energy exchange” so they can pay their bills and get by, but a person getting rich because of their channeling abilities just seems like greed to me and not at all credible.

I believe that I am able to find these answers by myself without a channel but a stepping-stone would help, not a $300 step though.

It brings me to this question, how did you discover your star heritage? Have you ever paid such enormous amount to a chaneler? If you did, was it worth it?
With love!

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many talk about living in the now, yet spend so much time fitting themselves into star groups.

will your life change here now on earth because you find you are a sirian soul or orion soul and any other place soul, eons ago?

many use the analogy that we are avatars here for a show. if so, let us whitch the venue from lives, to video games.  is knwoing how to beat super mario brothers going to assist you in beating halo?

this is the life you live now.  it has a future that relies not one bit on who you were in some other life.


I totally agree One, it wouldn't change anything... I am just very curious and I would love to know.  I believe that I would find the answer to the alienation that I feel sometimes.  It would be great to talk to a credible channeler that could answer some of my questions, but I am not willing to pay for it, since it's the I AM who is curious not my EGO.  My I AM perception started to have somewhat "form", I could use a little help but I can afford the help that has been offered to me.  Plus this is pure curiosity and therefore it's not worth so much.

start reading all the starseed junk out there and youll find you conveniently fit into ALL of the star groups.

It's a scam.

Thank you Minerva! I will check the link you sent me and try to have a reading.  Could you please send me the contact to Jo, I don't mind paying $40.  BTW what is a TAUK board?

With Love!

PS: I get a very good feeling from you, thank you!

Minerva, thank you soooooo much!  Is the pendulum a quartz crystal dangling on a string? I ask because I don't live in Brazil anymore where I used to find quartz crystals all the time as child.  I live in the Netherlands.  Is a pendulum easy to find in a New Age store (the ones with gems and sai baba incense)?  You are a sweet heart.  Thanks again!

Jeeeej I live in the Netherlands too :D


is this like ouija boards which are proven to he false?

ouija boards are so easy to prove false, all you do is blindfold the people and turn it upside down. bingo no more words .

LOL! Now that IS easy....

I use pendulum too I know a lot of people who use it u can just connect to your Higher Self (yourself) and ask questions. Nothing bad will hapen. Most channelers use pendulums Reiki terapists use pendulums and Tarot uses the pendulum too. There is even a whole science for it called Dowsing. Never heard anything bad about it from anyone. It's not used to contact the dead but the angelic realms and others. I had a reading from Miss Lafont and it was true. You can trust her, she doesnt charge anything for it. 

It isn't about the dead people, it is about interfering with the free will of an entity because death doesn't exist, if an entity wants to be your spirit guide he/she will be it out ot of his/her free will.

My grandma and granddad who passed away a few years ago are the guardian angels of my nephew which is an indigochild out of free will.

Do me a favor and don't try to bind an entity  to yourselve as an outcome of an ouajiboard or pendulum session. It can go wrong and will go wrong.


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