Hi everyone, once again. I want to thanks everybody who responded to my first post, you have truly opened my eyes and help me a lot. Thank you so much!

Since I am new to the ACC and right of the bet I was called a reptilian lol ☺, I have been quite curious to find out my star heritage. I’ve always felt like a fish out of the water in this world, I am loner, I live in the woods, I work from home, I avoid people and I have a constant feeling of abandonment and sometimes anger for living a life that as far as I am concerned I don’t “belong” to.

It was suggested that I contacted a channeler to answer my questions but the prices they charge are almost indecent. It’s hard for me to trust someone who is supposed to help people like myself to find their way but at the same time charge a fortune for a reading. It seems to me that it’s quite a contradiction. I understand that a channel that is only a channel and doesn’t have another job must ask for money or “energy exchange” so they can pay their bills and get by, but a person getting rich because of their channeling abilities just seems like greed to me and not at all credible.

I believe that I am able to find these answers by myself without a channel but a stepping-stone would help, not a $300 step though.

It brings me to this question, how did you discover your star heritage? Have you ever paid such enormous amount to a chaneler? If you did, was it worth it?
With love!


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  • No, never pay so much in fact if anything at all. Am going to post something up shortly from a friend of mine who is a lady of very high consciousness re this.

    • The most current famous and iconic purveyors of "wisdom for $$" almost always leave out a key element and leave it at something that must be done or "attained" or somehow earned. How else could new and better books be sold--and tickets to events and workshops and seminars teaching new techniques and methods and doctrines? That element left out is grace (limitless love toward us from the ONE) as the key to transcendence. Without that key, the subject matter remains academic, like a course in psychology 101, and the end goal of enlightement is then something to strive for rather than to rest in. Loving Unity

      • and...

        There are PLENTY of "persons" selling some version of God--or of enlightenment--or of inner peace. Wisdom for $$?? Not for my money. ONE can't serve two worlds. And the world I AM is priceless....and all Truth is IN here... Not in the split-brained human sense-ruled mind and the material world it projects, but in the INfinite Universe of the ONE I AM. Loving Unity

  • Yes thats all right.. and then the person immediately gives the gift to someone else the faster the better. Its like a hot karmic potatoe-- you don't want to get  caught holding it when the game is over. The tax man wants a piece of it

    and your buddy and friends want a piece of it, better to stay in constant near poverty and just have faith.

  • For me various types of meditation, some peace and quietness, being alone a lot, hunting the internet on my intuition, and some good email contacts (free) did the trick. I also changed my diet and habits through the process of learning. Nothing cost me money. It did cost me my job and house, some friends and a relationship (letting go of things that are attached to sides you no longer need) and loooooads of time (a good two years now). But no money. I'm sure you could find good healers, assistance or whatever you want to call it that ask money. My spiritual coach (as I call him) was a paid astrologer for years, he helps me for free (actually no idea why lol) via email. Everything is on the internet. Everything else too. That's the problem... You really have to look carefully what you can find where and for me this has always been about following my intuition. I hope you find what you are looking for. Hope we all do.

    LOVE Jenn

    • Just the act of lighting a candle can be a beautiful meditation......


  • I believe it's forbidden to charge money for spiritual information.

    In publishing and video production sometimes a small fee for production charge for media is reasonable.

    Can you imagine Jesus giving a lecture and asking for a piece of silver to get in the door.?

    Spiritual truths are a gift of love and cannot be bought for gold or silver...

    • Great Reply Eddie, thanks!

  • I thought I was from orion's belt for awhile because when i was young i used to stare at it. One day I started getting telepathic messages (while I was trying to write a poem) cygnus swan, Cygnus swan over and over so I wrote it down. We are multidimensional and so I could be from a few places. I believe I am from Cygnus. I didnt have to pay for that info like a lot of things naturally developed.

    I go sometimes to someone for guidance she is a very talented starseed and I don't have to pay huge amounts of money. I usually will go to someone who is recommended to me. I also have a friend who does astrology and sometimes I will do trades. Astrologers can find this stuff out to....I have also seen some posts on here about connecting with family. I also think that we make this stuff more difficult than it needs to be.....when vibrations rise and conciousness expands we can start to telepathically communicating with them.

    Also it is important to trust what we feel.....
  • Is a chandler a human being? Are you a human being? ---what is the difference?   I have something you don’t? --why do you want what you already have?  --- they don’t have anything.  They do have a bridge to sell you -- and its big….!    

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