What Channelers are Legit?

I was wondering if any channelers are legit or more legit than others.  I have found so many lately are a bit too political to be for real and those are the only ones that are shared everywhere.  I think Krista Raisa is for real...not sure about Bashar...and who the heck knows about Sheldan Nidle.  Opinions?

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  • Channelers 


    • ironically that is exactly how i picture some of them, laura tyco specifically

  • umm no how many electrons there are on a carbon molecule is studied counted and proven, it is not open to interpretation.

    the person who was the vessel did not just hear words in her head and write them down.  she was literally posessed by RA and sat in the background of her mind, while the other people in the room conversed with the entity. 


  • the meaning however for example would be if RA told you obama was bad he would be influencing your freewill choice about something. 

    you have to decide if a person is good or bad based on your current levels of awareness and not based on what someone else says about them.  RA would guide you to be able to find facts to make the choice for yourself, but would not influence the choice.

    this is different than being given information that is not open to interpretation like how many electronsr are on a carbon aatom.

  • tyles answer is somehwat corrcect, however it is more about giving you answers which will influnce your free choice.

    in the law of one series RA many times refuses to answer questions because they would be an influence on things which a person needs to discover and decide for themselves.  RA will give you the means to get to the place ot be able to make those decisions.  this is just one example there are several other systems like this, the casseopian "the wave" series and the allies of humanity series.

  • Who can tell anyway? If we are really multidimensional beings with the ability to jump time lines at any moment, then any channeler can be legit or non legit. Ultimately it is us who choose/have chosen our life and soul path and everyone has its own. Each of us envisions what we would like, act upon what we feel inclined to do and feel what's right and wrong for ourselves. Everything is ever changing, so pick what suits you, and what you might like/need now, can be different from what you like/need tomorrow. Stay open minded and open hearted and go with your inner guidance and try to be without judgement, because what does not serve you, might serve someone else.

    Personally I like Bashar and Tolec, but I read the work of other channelers too, because if I can't find a little gem of wisdom in their writings, I can always appreciate the work as good literature and art :-)

  • Bashar all the way!!

  • i am a legitemate channeller

    but speaking logically

    it could just be my delusions :)



  • My humble opinion on this, as always, Look beyond the details of the message. Your intuition will guide you to that which to need to hear. So tryst your intuition. accept that there is a wisdom beyond that which is obvious. And discern the deeper meaning of the message. The spiritual realm does not have our concept of time. They deal in most likely potentials based on the energies that are present at the time of the channeling.However the deeper meaning is the one that speaks to your heart  in the "third language". It is a feeling that you get. and it can be uncomfortable and stil be valid. the trick is to embrace the truth of the message. And then you can move on to a different channeler. Or away from channeling all together if you've got it all/ Just don't get caught up in the subterfuge of the story.

    easier said than done of course. Bur it is overall easier.


    You gotta love the momentum of love the momentum of love the momentum of love the momentum of love the....

  • It just gets depressing sometimes that all you read are promises and then days and months go by and once again nothing has happened. The time for the October surprise has come and gone.
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