What Books did you read this month?

As the title asks: What books did you finish reading this month or have started to read?

This month I Finished reading a few:

The Big Book of UFOS - Chris A. Tutkowski 
I recommend it for those of you heavy into the ufo/alien/reptilian part of our lives. It is a compilation of different UFO stories and abductions. Also tells you about different bases and different kinds of aliens etc. God book But big. I'm not huge into aliens and UFOS and I enjoyed it.

Passion - Barbara de angelis phd

Just a small book filled with little nuincances on being a passionate person and keeping passion within to fuel your life etc. If you need a pickme up its good but if you are well on your path and already have peace of mind it just tells you things you already know. Great positive book but it got tedious since I am already in a good frame of mind. If you are new to waking up and looking for some words to anchor positivity within you and help your progress in both mind and material world I recommend it.

Bhagavad Gita

This is one of the Hindu texts/ Vedic knowledge books that teaches Krishna Conciousness. I recommend it for everyone. I am of the believe that we are all equals, all religion is true and as such it is important to learn the values and stories that have helped shaped different cultures in our world. It will help you better understand others, as well as yourself. It is yet again just another book from the universes ONE source of knowledge teaching equality love and peace of mind. Also teaches more clearly then other holy texts that you are god. Again I highly Recommend it to all growing through an awakening process as well as every holy book you can get your hands on. Knowledge is power, understanding brings down division & love conquers all. Also for those interested in aliens the hindu teaching is one of the most open holy teachings that reference them.

I also am about to finish my bath room reading material "Why is there something rather than Nothing" by Leszek Kolakowski

This is a great book that contains 23 questions from some of the most renowned philosophers known to man. If you love philosophy and thinking deeply about life and the universe this is the book for you. I would usually read this whilst on the toilet haha It is an awesome book that requires time for reflection.

Also as I posted in another thread I recently bought a magic book that I have begun reading:

The Sorcerer's Secrets : Strategies in practical Magick By Jason Miller

If you are interested in beginning to learn the art of magick this is a great starting point as it holds no big ideologies within it talking about wiccan etc, it's actually very much centred in all spiritualities. It also mentions in the book that it is a good guide for those who have practiced magick but need assistance in learning how to better use it practically or improve there skills.

Last but not least I am about to begin to read tonight "The GOD part of the brain"

It is a scientific interpretation of human spirituality and god,..... or atleast that's what it says on the cover haha I know I will love this book and I will let you know how it is once I have complete it.

So what books haev you read or are aboutto begin reading?

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  • I finished the first book for some time this month, used to be a huge reader but these days my brain works differently so the printed word has less appeal. The book was called "Perseverance Furthers" by my friend Leonard J. Cirino. It's about his experiences in mental institutions and about his life in general, very intense, very real, very informative about the situation of the "mentally ill". I do not believe it has been published but if anyone's interested I would be happy to get them a copy. Got back into Aldous Huxley's "Island" as well, now that is a beautiful book, I've always loved Huxley. Cheers Huge Ambition :)

    • The book by your friend sounds awesome!!! I'd love to read it.


      I just picked up The Twelve someone mentioned it earlier and when i visited the site the story resonated with me deeply so I had to go out and get it when I went out today. I'm looking forward to reading it.

  • Talking to Extraterrestrials: Communicating with Enlightened Beings by Lisette Larkins

    Also, Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak



    namaste friend :D


    side note: bought both books this month started reading the one by Lisette Larkins; phenomenal.

    Have read bringers of the dawn on several occasions on PDF; but finally had to bring it into my own space to share with others!!! BOTH are super inspirational as well as empowering!!!

  • Thoth, Emerald Tablets,

    Rudolph Steiner's "Atlantis"

    Frank MacEowen "The Spiral of Memory and Belonging"

    Jonette Crowley, "The Eagle and The Condor, A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey"

    Bruce Liption "Spontaneous Evolution"

    Steven Hawking "M Theory"

    Listening to "The Answer" John Asseraf and Murray Smith

    Beginning to read "Magical Use of Thought Forms, A proven system of mental & spiritual empowerment" Delores ashcroft-Nowicki and J.H. Brfennan

    Reviewing "Co-dependent no more"


  • The book of secrets is good.


    The Twelve sounds good, I will have to check it out.

  • Funny story.. I went to a antique store and came across some amazing books. 1 of the Rosicrucian order and 2 Masonic books, 1 being there constitution and one called "Beyond the pillars" All I can say is wow.... The masons are not what mainstream belief tells you they are. By what I've read in the book so far, the masons are a good people, it does not matter what god certain degrees look up to or what they call god to be what matters are there principles. I can say from what I've read they are good people and only want the best for all the world. They are deep into mysticism and ancient Egypt, Hermetic philosophy etc.


    As for the Rosicrucian Book I found wow! It is called Unto thee I grant You can find it on amazon, I'm unsure if it is the same edition but none the less wow. It is said in the preface that this book was translated from ancient manuscripts that were in the possession of the Tibetan Buddhists and were being used as a foundation of their teachings since atleast 732 A.D. It is believed though that it was in there adepts and grand masters possession well before then.  It was actually written originally  in the year 1350-1360 BC by the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV or by his successors in the great school of mysticism he founded in Egypt and many "secret" societies are said to be stemming from. Many of you may know Amenhotep as the first man in the civilized world to proclaim the belief in ONE god. This book is amazing. I've never read anything like it, it is so elegant, so easy to read, just full of profound yet so simple little metaphors and points on how to be a better human being. I recommend it to everyone.

  • Lessee now...
    Majestic... that's about aliens and government conspiracy.
    Starhiker... by Richard Dann I think.. about a guy who explores the universe in a quantum sense...
    Illusions by Richard Bach... hmm, instead of describing it, get the PDF on line by google.
    Time enough for love by Robert Heinlein... circa 4200 about the oldest man alive.
    A book about psychic phenomena by a woman whose daughter's death was predicted in a book she wrote.
    And my school textbooks. Worlds of History 3rd Edition by Kevin Reilly is the best of them.
    I think that's about it.
    • "Illusions by Richard Bach... hmm, instead of describing it, get the PDF on line by google." --Unlabeled?


      This is a good one!

      • I love that book! Illusions is absolutely amazing!

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