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I have always wondered what the Pleiadian worlds are like. Is it like Earth but without no wars and more love? What is the nature like? Do they have a wide amount of animals like here on earth?


Are there any pictures of what the places looks like? 


I hope someone knows the answer for these questions. That is something I have always been thinking of.


Much love

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..Based on the way you say "World(s)?".. I presume you already KNOW.. ;-D

( Pleiadian humor : ) "One of 'their' worlds.. Have two suns.."

I'll try to find some pictures : ) Nameste
Ashtar humor : )

"..I'm like somebody who doesn't wanna claim., that we're special - but AM."

You know what I mean? :)( Words.. sucky means of communication. )

Ashtar channeling ..

See?.. Now it 'all' makes sense.. ;-/ .. ;-P

( Har Plejaderne 'sagt' du skulle drille mig?.. For SÅ? skal du nok! spørge dem 'på lidt højere plan' ;-p )


کلمات کافی نیست describe.. EVERYTHING

( "..De sagde 'noget' - og ikke 'alting' ;-p" () "Skal du disse? mine sprogevner? utilstrækkeligt sige?" )

"Please stick to English, guys.. :)"?

Duly noted. I do not resent much :)(Not even that English somehow should be more 'normal' than Danish)

As Anja's spelling errors does not prevent me from understanding 'er?
I ( do not ) suggest. That we get back to finding Nick some pictures of 'a Plejadian planet'.

..Is - after all - what it's all about. Right?

Hi Nick,


I feel very much connected to the Pleiadians. Also, listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit (Jesus), what I learn is that the entire universe is an illusion. Therefore, I want my attention to go to Source (which I call God), rather than figuring out what other worlds are like.


This doesn't mean that other part of my Mind can't be useful :) Surely I would like to have a group of people who are committed to, for example, Pleiadian Lightwork (as a connection to Divine Source). What helped me most to realize the state I am in is the book called "The Disappearance of the Universe" by Gary Renard. Hope this is helpful!


With Love, Max

..The source being that you ARE - is 'here' ( on Earth ) too..

All is not an 'illusion' - it is all real at the same time.
The vibration and consciousness of The Source Being? is 'just' more in alignment with your true self
- than most interaction taking place here..



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