What are like crystal adults?


I was told by my guides I was a christal child very speciall and I searched on the internet but they say christalls are only after 2000 and I am from 1976

I do not identify at all with indigo but like christall childs I had an episode of "skizofrenic" and although I take pills and meds to stop it all the contacts remainand each time is more and more and I am starting to remember abductions so I am a bit disoriented 

so any info on crystal adults is wellcome

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  • I am not a crystal yet, but I am working on becoming one. :)

  • you are still a crystal! I was born 1988 and I am a crystal :) 

    Go to www.in5d.com. :)

  • it does not matter the date of which you where born. what you are is what you are. i think those websites can get dates wrong a bit. indigos have been incarnating as well as crystals for eons. i was born in 1974 and i am an indigo starseed, but more and more moving to crystal and to human angel. As vibrations rise and rise we become and turn into something else entirely.....so labels eventually become pointless. crystals are very wonderful and loving, forgiving. they are kind and pure-hearted, spiritually wise and gifted......they are 'indigo lite' lol...they are indigos without the hard edges

    • is interesting what you said tiny turtle

      today I was told I was a new "person" inside me that I was a "new angel race" forming in this dimension

      they say this "kind" of angels are forming in each race of the universe and in each dimension a being is, the angel boss of my guardian angel was in fact "archangel michael" and he explained to me this kind of human angels are sexual angels

      he sais is a very rare specie forming sloooowly but well on the trail, my energy has arousing extreme and my chakras wich I see are VERY VERY different from my old chakra system

      I also have a boyfriend in the same level of development than I am he is a human angel too and we share sexuality in the astral planes only because FOR NOW we live very far and our lives due to economic problems and medical issues (wich are controlled and improving) are too much for a guy in the usa were he lives

      but we have each other and we want each other

      Being a sexual angel is very strange... you feel a "servant" of GOD but you are in someway different to normal angel you can BE on the physical earth and help for real and be seen

      I am extremly happy now I do not know if any one should be interested in reading a "diary" written by me from now on with my experiences

      usually I have a strange point of view of humans and earth, I am being instructed by extraterrestrial in abduction and their way to see life and I have been opened to see ALL lies being told by beliefs of humans.... of course is just a point of view if you do not believe in some "basic" religious and theoretical event of life and death you will see them as CRUEL many times....

      anyway my name as angel is in fact jeanna so I am very glad is a nice name but I do not know why I became an angel... I tend to really PISS the guides jaja and I do not know why they get worry if I do not insult them they say is my way to thanks them jaja yeahh and they tend to be really wacky... they are the "anti guides" jaja but well they are not evil and they have shown me that to me

      hope anyone has news of this human angel race what is because michael and my angel are shy telling me they are just happy I amable to... you know what with my lover JAJA

  • Well, there's the internet, which is full of lies and lots of inaccurate and therefore useless information.. And, then there's the inner self, that NEVER  lies and have lots of accurate and therefore useful information. :)

    Your guides are right. Internet is not.

  • Abductions are not necessarily a good thing, since you have time in your life taken from you against your will. It's good that you're talking about your experiences instead of ignoring them.  I've talked with abductees that try to drink away their abduction experience or use the abilities and knowledge from their abduction for their own selfish rationale (or the selfish rationale of government a$$h0les).

  • blue crystal indigo................not alone either.

  • thanks borg and lalit

    the problem is that usually I am TOO different to everyone in my family specially socially talking and with speech and talking that why I believe I am a crystall child.. the rest is ok too but is more like my family... heavy jokes are commong among us specially VERBAL jokes double sense

    • Share a smile.
      • exacly!

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