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Morning to you all,i wonder if any one can help me understand my dreams, for the last two years every night for most of the night i dream of every job i have done in the past and every employer and all the children ( i was a nanny ) i looked after,the dreams are all muddled and intertwined, and all the children are young ,  the dreams also involve people i went to school with 30 years ago who i have not seen or thought about since then, i wake up  exhausted and confused.

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Thank you Feather Winger great tips ill will def use the lavender oil as i love it anyway, many thanks for taking time out to help me x

Hi Ally,

Seems to me that you are trying to make sense of your past experiences. Recurrent dreams usually carry an important message to help us on our journey. Is there an issue from the past that you need to resolve? Childhood is the main theme throughout. Did something important happen in your childhood that you need to reassess? Just some ideas ally, I am not an expert. Feather Winger is right, cutting the chord with the violet flame (lots of info online) and forgiveness is the way to let go.


I'm pretty sure you are experiencing a psychological phenomenon as opposed to a spiritual one. Nevertheless I'd still like to assist you. Do you miss your job as a Nanny or do you have fond memories of being a Nanny?

It's common for people to see others in their dreams that they've seen in real life. In fact, it's almost impossible to dream of someone you've never seen in your life, but still slightly possible.

Thank you for your replies, its food for thought , i used lavender oil last night and cleared the energy in my bedroom but still had the same dreams, neatherless, i will  carry on with the lavender and clearing.

It's a psychological phenomenon not a spiritual one I'm sure.



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