Hi, I had a weird but amazing dream on the night of 21st May. In the dream it was may 21st and the hype of the end of the world and  ascension was still there. Myself,kids and partner were in our home looking out of windows,watching the news and waiting for something to happen. It got to 6pm and the ground started moving beneath us,it felt like waves underneath my feet. We all sat huddled in the middle of the room until it stopped. After that the fear was gone and I looked out of the window. Things had totally changed! There was massive cows grazing in the park, they were the size of elephants and there was these dark fairy people watching the cows as the grazed. I got quite a scared feeling from them and quickly shut the curtains before they saw me. The dream then jumped to my old house we were all there again looking out of the window and the stars started to fall out of the sky! I started shouting for my family to come and see but none of them could see the same things that I was seeing! I couldn't understand it. As I watched the stars falling they began to bounce back up and then turned into ufo's buzzing around the moon and also an extinct volcano called aurthurs seat that is in the middle of my town.


Does anyone have any insight into what this dream meant. I know in myself but like to hear what other people think. Did anyone else have dreams like this on that night? 


Love and Peace to all xxxx

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  • One time my guides showed me it was sometime between the year 2003 – 2005, was me and others were guiding people to a safety by walking around 400 or so of them as if it was some earth quack or tsunami disaster, we got out of one tunnel  and we were about to enter another and there was a long distance between these two tunnels, and these tunnels was on the sea side road and the sea was on my left, and I've noticed a new land on the surface of the sea appeared, it was like an island with a little hill like high from the sea level for about some 10 feet, and to get there you have to cross the land which was still some 3 inches underwater, I went there too I saw a lot of people there,  they were hungry and thirsty and I started feeling the same too, and I’ve noticed from the sky lights were coming down, as soon as they reached us I saw that they were the ETs with their flying disk and it was glowing with different  colors as they moved on top of us, and I said to myself  oh finally they’re here.

     And when I made a research it turned out the our city “Beirut” has went underground from the earth quacks 7 times in the history, and sometime in the year 2005 some scientist came and sad that every couple of thousand year earth quack and tsunamis happen and according to their calculation, soon it might happen again, and the tunnels in my dream that I saw was the 2 tunnels we have on sea side on highway which is about 80 miles distance from one another.

    It seems to me that each person is getting the information according to their spiritual evolvement,   I don’t know I’m saying this because this is not the first time I’ve been shown this kind of things, like tsunamis earth quack war, and still do see them.
    • Very interesting insight and powerful dreams you are having. I have lots of dreams about natural disasters and wars. One I will never forget. I was in some sort of medical/military facility which had lots of corridors and rooms. I was in fear of someone and trying to find somewhere to hide. These men were in black uniforms with machine guns. Eventually I had to hide under lots of corpses,others that they had killed. I was so scared this was actually a nightmare. I lay silent watching these men through a gap and trying not to breath. Eventually they left and climbed out of a window. As I was falling I woke up. 


      I never have really looked into these dreams as you have Silent Warrior. I am going to from now on

  • Very interesting, i think if you can make some research about the history of your area and some other things as predictions, i think you might find some information about that dream, it seems to me as your guides  are trying to explain things about future events before it happens which have meanings, as my guides do with me,


     As for me they've showed me lots of things one of them was the war that happened in 2006, they showed me people are crowded in the school that faces us, i didn't pay much attention about these type of dreams, but after that i started following them as it was information to be prepared to, they've even showed me the future events the possibilities which might happen,and what options i might have.

    • Hmmm....that does sound very similar. In your dream did you get a look at the ets? 

      In my dream I thought it looked like dark fairies,they had wings but I don't think they had good intentions...well I certainly didn't get a good vibe from them.


      I wonder if there are any others having similar dream on same night!

    • Thank you for your input. After reading these comments I feel that my dreams are maybe trying to tell me that my family aren't ready for ascension.I dream so often and vivid almost every night, even during naps. I had sort of stopped paying attention to most of them.

      I once had a dream that the park at the back of my house had turned into a lake. We renamed our street Lake View!  I had to swim to the bottom of it to find a key. There was some kind of animal swimming around in it. I wonder then if this dream was a vision of things to come?


      I am going to look into this further, I could be ignoring important messages from my guides! 


      Thank you xxx

  • Hmm, very interesting!

    I belive you saw the fifth dimension Earth after 6:00pm.

    For me it seems like the ground mooving was last stage of the Pole Shift !.

    Since you were prepared you entered the 5-dim Earth in your Conscousness. The family was not

    prepared, and did not Ascend, so for them Earth were the same as before 6:00pm..

    This was my first thought after reading your post libralea.

    • I was thinking the same. Thats actually how I felt in the dream. It is one of those dreams that are more intense and real compared to other dreams .I can remember every detail, thought and feeling.


      I don't understand why my family weren't prepared as we discuss these topics regularly and I feel that they are ready. Maybe the purpose of the dream was to show me that they actually aren't ready to ascend?

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