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Last few days i've been having some sort of realistic dreams. Its like its really happening. Like the noise from the dreams is like its in my room, And things that happen in those dreams is so realistic that i wake up next morning believing that that really happened, so its being mixed. Its like i cant see what's real anymore. I remember every little detail in the dreams and thoose dreams happen in places that dont exist anywhere but are mixed to a new city with some of the places from the ''real life''

Like for example: Before waking up i remember sleeping in bed and having a cigarrete im my hand. And next thing i wake up in the same position as in my dream and my hand im so convinced that its in my hand and i immediately look at it and there is nothing in my hand. Im so confused. Cant tell dreams from reallity anymore! 

And also few days ago im lucid dreaming and from nowhere i hear a loud bang in my room. And i immediately wake up at 4 am in the morning and nothing is there that made that noise.. 

I cant find meaning to my dreams. Nor i can understand that im dreaming when they are so real.

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Exactly, I also still felt it in my hand. Weird.. So weird.. I wonder what is happening..

....I Know....Me Too... Also Here My Name Called As Im Drifting Into Sleep..Its All Good Tho....:).....<3.......x.... 


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