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We Recently Had The First Alcohol Free Pub Then The First Meat Free Butchers And Now We Have The First VEGAN HOTEL


Ensconced by 2 acres of natural woodlands and gardens and overlooking the town of Pitlochry, Saorsa 1875 is a unique hotel dedicated to showcasing ethical luxury.

Designed for vegans, vegetarians and the plant-curious, Saorsa 1875 balances the building’s Victorian gothic origins with modern amenities to offer a unique experience. More than a synthesis of tastes, the hotel offers the perfect antidote to the frantic pace of modern living.

The 19th-century baronial house has 11 bedrooms individually styled with a calming combination of luxurious linens, bohemian styling and antique furnishings. 

Downstairs, the lounge and restaurant is a cosy all-day spot for relaxing by the fire. Our menu is completely plant-based and showcases local, seasonal and foraged produce - all washed down with craft beers, a unique wine list and cocktails inspired by the region.

Find out more @

Also find out more about the first alcohol free pub and the first meat free butchers @

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Ha..ha..ha ..the shift..the change is happening but at a very slow pace on Planet Earth for really there should be no meat butchers, alcohol pubs, drugs and cigarettes on planet earth as all of these lower your vibes and keeps you out of line spiritually 

What is needed is special busses, special coaches, train and plane sections only for vegetarians and vegans



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