We just became 5000+ members on AC. After 1,5 years online. Thank You All for your contributions and sharings. This is only the beginning.
And we also have about 30-40 000 unique visitors on AC each month that take part of your Contributions and sharings.

Feel free to share your insights and experiences youve got from Ashtar Command Crew.
What do you look forward to, what have you learned and why are you returning day after day?

We create the energy in here together and LOVE IS THE KEY!

Everything you are in this moment is Embraced. No matter what situation youre in.
Your journey INTO LOVE is unique and i want to celibrate your Life by saying Thank You
for all that youve done and reminded me about.

Life is a celibration and the Party is about to start!

Im happy to be here with all of you!



Me in a Cafe, Stockholm.


Invite Your Friends if you havent done that already:


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  • WOW can't believe it's been over 18 months since I joined here.... I can still remember vividly all the 10.08.08 stuff (although, i don't think I remember the date LOL) with the GFL supposedly going to de-cloak their ships. That's how I found ACC. Since then I have had a love/hate relationship with the site and the people on it. I take my leave every now ad then so I don't become obsessed lol

    Thanks Ben, for the great site.
  • Blessings Ben Arion. It's important for me to have you as spiritual support.What I want is that this
    place we call earth........Ascend. Acording to the plans of the Great Masters and Light Worker.
    I know that many of us are working so hard to carry misions that we put sometimes in jeopardy
    our own health.But we recover.Anyway.We will continue working until the work is done. after that...
    ......we will have only another mission. Namaste. Blessings To All.
  • I have been here even before this version debuted 1.5 years back.
    I believe i joined back in 2006. It has been quite a trip : )
    Met many amazing people, had plenty of great chat moments, and exchanges of many kinds...
    This place has become a home for me trough the years.
    Therefor Many Thanks to Ben and the Crew : )
  • Thanks Ben for bringing us altogether in the last days of 3D, and I hope we can all be at the cosmic party as one when we are free and build a great new world together, love light and blessings.
  • This is an amazing community much gratitude to Ben-Arion. I use an advanced technology that scans balances and corrects the human energy field. While doing my own session although I just moved into my very own home (first one) it was showing "home sickness" for I know I am not from here so it makes sense. This also shows on other people (not all.)
    I have referred them to come here to find peace...as I have
    Om Shanti

  • The awakening came and the lightworkers did gather !!!!

    but what have we gatherred for Ben ??

  • Congratulations indeed! I enjoyed the old AC site too and good to see that this has now grown to a comparable size with many of the same people but mostly new. This is certainly a well designed site and I have enjoyed putting my 5 cents worth in from time to time.

    As Ann said, just imagine how potent a force for good we could be by focussing our energies on soulutions (intentional mis-spelling!) to today's problems!

    Also looking forward to fulfilling my role as a GF Ambassador within this lifetime.

    Bright Blessings to All!

    time.as has expired
  • Thank you Axel!

  • 5000 members and 30-40 000 visitors.
    Let us continue to spread love and light to the WORLD.
    Thank you for your wisdom and faith
    I love you all
    شكرا لكم
    • Thats amazing news, we've got to keep spreadin' tha looove :)

      ......to each and every single one of you. No matter your beliefs...your skin color....your gender.....I know that doesn't matter more than i ever have. We are in this world together, not separately. So i say to everyone, from the absolute essence of my being.....I love you, more than you will ever know. I am honored to be in the presence of so many wonderful, loving, caring, open-minded, beautiful and insightful spirits. May some day, we will all unite as one.


      Om Mani Padme Hum
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