We did it! :-)

Dear Jennifer,

We did it! Thanks to YOU, the Obama Administration kept its promiseto save whales at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) talks. As aresult, the IWC was unable to lift the ban on commercial whaling!

As I sat in a stuffy meeting room in Agadir, Morocco with delegates andrepresentatives from other nations, I knew I wasn’t alone in working tohelp save the whales. I had more than 1.5 million passionate people,like YOU, with me there in spirit supporting the whales and standing upto tell the President that they deserve to be saved, not slaughtered.

While the gathering nations failed to implement new plans for whaleconservation, I’m pleased that our President and his team stood theirground in the end, thanks to your efforts.

This year, the best we could do was preventing the IWC from rolling backprotections for whales. Next year, we need to apply even more pressureso the IWC will close dangerous loopholes that have allowed Japan,Iceland, and Norway to continue killing whales.

Thank you for all your support. The whales are breathing a big sigh ofrelief!

For the whales,
Phil Kline
Phil Kline
Oceans Campaigner

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  • Sorry but this has nothing to do with the Obama administration. NOTHING HAS CHANGED, the countries that were against whaling still are, and those that do hunt whale are still doing it. How about saving the whales in the gulf, how about 20 days before the oil rig explosion BP went to the administration asking for naval help in securing the wellhead and were denied by Obama. How about Obama is poised to make 7.5 million this year ALONE because of stock holdings in the oil cleanup companies. F-ck Obama
  • Nice :D

    And a big HI as well and a whole lotta blessings ;)
  • What about the cows, pigs, sheep, fish, and the rest of the animals xept man...and perhaps we actually
    could include the last species too, a couple of thousand humans who suffer a untimely and unworthy death....everyday?
  • This is very good news as no harm should be done to any living entities as they have a right to live just as you have. The Wales are there for a reason and any harm done to them could effect us all.
    Now could something be done about the Turtles issue as they are being harmed by the Gulf Oil spill and BP not allowing them to be rescued. Can the Obama Administation come to the rescue or the matter will have to go to the Animals right group PETA.... Namaste
    • Great news! No Whales should ever die at the hands of a human.
  • I was under the impression that the Japanese are now allowed to hunt the whales?!!!!! Whereas before they were not but they still did anyway by breaking the moratorium on whale hunting in the Southern Whale Sanctuary sth of New Zealand.

    Until the Japanese and the Norwegians and Icelandic folk change their eating habits, they will still hunt whales, sadly.

    Nations have failed to agree on how to curb whale hunts as an international conference in Morocco didn't get backing.
    • Yes Barron...this is the truth....

      As long as there are people who like to eat whales, or any other animal for that matter, there will not stop the hunting...
      We create our world...according to our actions...if there is no demand, then there is no need for the hunting...
      No mater how many petitions we sign, they will do it anyway...even illegally if there is a demand for it...

      In the future they will grow meat in farms, like we do with vegetables, its the only chance for to stop animal hunting, for meat eaters....
  • A great victory -- may there be many more to follow!
  • cool!
  • Great news, thanks for sharing :)
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