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We attract Energies from Others, but the need to Safe Guard is Vital

We attract Energies from Others, but the need to Safe Guard is Vital

The Universal consciousness of the planet we are feeding and at the same time feeding it.

Thoughts and actions are energies and what we do and say feed this huge consciousness.

On occasions we can be surrounded by confused, angry and judgmental people. This is not true all the time, but it does happen in our surroundings.

Even reading or watching the images from the media we see. These effects are aura and consciousness, our thoughts become hurt or even angry when we see these images.

It is important for a person following the spiritual path to use discernment in these cases or happenings in one's life. Some chose to ignore them by staying well clear whilst others try to tackle the problem.

Whatever suits you best dear one; but remember be on guard and protect yourself from hurt and needs of desire, which only tarnish the polish of your TRUE DIVINE SELF.

Your path is leading you to a higher understanding and insight; in a paradigm of a five dimensional consciousness. Some will never understand this, but you do. So protect and even walk away from those who try to ruin your inner core.

You are indeed your own teacher and guide as you seek the highest wisdom from your SELF.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.


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The best ever post written in this forum! I as you are servant of The One Light. NICE TO SEE YOU BROTHER! SOON, THE BIRD TRIBE WILL ARRIVE. SALU!

Indeed when a person is one with himself, then the universe does come to its aid.

much love


thank you for this post. It is important not to let ourselves down in the vibrations we seek to change but at some points you must understand an energy in order to move away from it. Stay in your truth vibrations:)

When you focus on a problem your energy drops
When you focus on a solution your energy rises
- John Whiteman

Thank you everybody for your added points.

take care


anyone loving kitties? =)  

yeah watch your thoughts, for from there life goes out. (or lost)


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