finally, I understood we are "dead" to our ancient d, since year 2010 I hearded strange explotions and went nuts, no idea really what they were but they changed all


some weaks ago our whole universal sector of earth was completly REWRITTEN by shifts, and last friday after 5pm suddenly, all people CHANGED completly, even their CLOTHES


guys ladies we are 4d or even MORE, we are "dead" to the 3d


I was told, everyone is changing DRASTICALLY and criminals and evil people will tend to kill each other


so far, one BIIIG HUGE change I have noticed is oil in food, mom did the same succhini recipi on the oven.... same oil, taste? LIKE FRIED!!!!!!!! jajajaja I could not believe it


also, I saw back to the future 1 now,and suddenly, people looks just like our new bodies, they have my eyes and their tech level was "risen" by 2!!!!!!!!!! yes the 1955 of before will never be the same

and also the presense of ONLY angels guarding people and some daemons scouts TRYING to find earth


cutíes you have to believe me or just feel it with open minds


a yes I will ask by the way, can I make a post recommending an art site I am creating? I am doing scans and soon I will teach artisanies I am learning parchment craft and I know aluminium embossing, the site is in english so nop I


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  • I agree with feather winguer

    the 3d 4d is almost ONE now

    have you noticed how plant with no flowers before are with strange beautifull now?


    and I have started to see even strangest things


    now, the spirits TOUCH ME like real persons!!!!!! and the tres sometimes "touch" me too


    we will never go spirit until we die, but we are seeing changes

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