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Important message about the guns they use in airports for example to measure the temperature ...

The pistols that are placed on people's head to measure the temperature emit very very strong radiation that kills neurons and they should not allow anyone to put that against their heads but on the arm or hand in any case.

In addition to it being the symbolic head shot ritual.

And the masks increase the amount of CO2 in the blood and descrease oxygen. This stimulates the Amygdala that produces hormones that promote Fear thereby increasing the effectiveness of both the Plandemia and the manifestation of negative things and lowering the vibration of the Planet.


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Well you need to be fast on the draw so before they put a gun on your head you put a gun on their fast on the draw like Clint Eastwood. .no messing about

Ugh.  I had a doctor's appointment and when I tried to go to the receptionist they said no, you have to go down the hall; so I went down the hall and they took my temp and then they BRANDED me by making me  wear a sticker so show that I had my temp taken!  How DEGRADING!  I told the guy who took my temp that this is all NONSENSE and he said, no, it isn't.  I DIDN'T KNOW THAT I WAS BEING RADIATED!  Thanks for telling me!

I don't care about the masks. Wearing masks or not is not really relevant. Measuring my temperature is not important. The government controls everything. They're just the wrong people in government. They don't know poverty. You will go through the old school on SHAN!

Since when does the godverment have the right to tell you what to wear?  

Like Sandra said there are a lot of wrong people in the government ...corrupt as hell and so most of the few good are also corrupted by the corrupt .
Message from Adams Head Priest Of Telos ...YOUR GOVERNMENT'S ARE CORRUPT TO THE VERY CORE ...the good news is the telosians from inner earth will help us by bypassing the government's.
Higher then the elite and secret societies is THE GALACTIC FEDERATION and they will win the battle of planet earth ...they will assist us in getting to 5D and making planet earth member of The GALACTIC FEDERATION so beings can travel to other planets and advance in technology and spiritually

The 5G thing is part of the so-called Blue Beam Project that belongs to Iluminati.As long as we have not solved any of the three problems (war, hunger, environmental degradation) on Shan (so-called Earth), the Galactic Federation cannot allow us for a new Concil on Earth! The ultimatum for this has already expired!The Galactic Federation cannot intervene in these circumstances. First we need a Concil on Erth (Shan). So then we shoud stop War, Hunger or environmental degradation, now! With the Blue Beam Project they want Control us. It´s all about Money? You know Phaton is destroyed, because of the power obsession from some scientists. The power obsession is the Big Problem here on Erth (Shan).



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