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Vote Brexit and Take Freedom Back From the Brussels Eurocracy - No To Obama

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'Negotiations' have reached a dark tunnel phase. We want this 'deal' [treaty] to fail ratification, BUT must leave on 31st with WTO GAT24 undertaken, with 3rd party UK....What price freedom...?

What happens if brexit doesnt happen how will this affect the rest of the world cant be completely free from cabal rule if they are still in that area or is there another way to free that area of the world from the cabal?

Brexit must & will happen. The EU is the very centre of the elite project, to build their satanic; 'one world goverment.' Boris Johnson must keep his nerve to keep the UK [fully] on course to leave all EU institutions, completely. No deal is better than a bad deal, that keeps the evil empire, afloat, when we need it sunk. End the EU to save the world from darkness.

The Ulster political party; DUP, will never vote for a Johnson compromise, that allows the Irish Republic to grab the northern six counties, from the UK's own single market and customs union. Stand strong Boris. Be a patriot, not a collaborator, like the former weakling PM.....

Extending article 50 beyond 31st October would be a pointless surrender to evil politicians, foreign and domestic....Membership of this wicked club of gangsters costs us [UK] a billion Pounds, each wasted month...Wasted on European corruption....bah..!!

Obviously, this blog was posted 2-months prior to the EU [binary choice] Referendum, of 2016....And here we are in October 2019, still trying to escape the evil empire....Gawd elp uzz...!!

Homer's Odyssey is more apt for the Brexit saga....

PM Johnson's agreed deal [UK-EU] is much improved upon the May surrender attempt. I can accept this new deal, albeit prefer we leave under WTO 'no deal. Happy with either outcome, as long as we leave on Halloween witching hour, so I can wear my mask & robes....;-0 heh, heh..!!
Happy Halloween party time..;-]

Westminster Parliament is stuffed, as these remainiacs must now choose between a WTO Brexit, or Boris Brexit. hahahahaha....!!

So the opposition f******, in a fake parliament, want to kick the Brexit can down the road, into 2020, ad nuseaum. Traitors, quislings, collaborators with a foreign empire. FILTHY BASTARDS.......!

Is ist possible that delaying the Brexit means delaying the change also, on a global level?

Yes and read Homer's Odyssey for an update on the excruciating Brexit saga...



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