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Real simple question.


Have any of you ever had an out-of-body experience and found yourself on a ship?




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I've had several OBEs and found myself floating in the cosmos but not on ship that I was aware of.


Unfortunately no, not that I could remember at least...

  I believe,  actually, I am sure, that most of us have been taken there for  "seminars, classes", or just for a family reunion.

  But, we have been  "veiled" to remember, so WE would concentrate on our daily life, here on 3D!!!

  And it's done for our own GOOD....  Can you imagine going on with your life by remembering the  wonderful, stress-LESSSSS life you've seen there???!!!!   Or who YOU really are?   Or Ashtar is your real brother?  Pheeeeww....

  Therefore, I thank THEM for being   "gentle" with us.



Ask Dawn, she's very good with this subject. Will send her a msg now and put her onto this post :) Shes got a lot of very valuable insight in this subject.


Oh that sounds amazing :)  I remember being there once, in a "flying chair" whizzing around giggling like mad. 

You betcha :)  I just flashed onto Mary Poppins, the part where they rise to the ceiling because they're laughing....

Would love to remember some of it !! Awesome stuff !!

Hi Ashenar,

To be honest, even if I knew my experience was true, I didnt have courage to reveal till I saw your post ... About a month and half ago one of my friend saw ET in her dream and my friend told him/her that she does not have enough info about them and she said my friend(it was me) can contact you.... the next day she told me her dream and she said to me " I directed them to you and they are from a ET community name was starting with "A" something but she didint remember it.. Anyways about a week after,  ın my sleep state (probably alpha state) I was taken by some one to a stargate located in England, then I was put into an elevator (ıt was so lively even know I can remember the light and colors). There was another ET in that elevator, he/she has light blue skin color round shaped head, we greeted each other without using our voice, I just remember his/her smile it was soooo lovely, then I was brought to a lever or a floor where I saw lots of people there. As I was told they died or wounded and they are waiting for recovery.. As a flash back I remember a little girl and she has a deep black wound(h***) on her forehead and she was going to recover.. Then I was brought back to my body safely.

The next day, as I always try to update my  knowledge store, somehow I go to Andromeda Council web site... Then, there I learnt that I was brought to the 12 floor biosphere Hospital starship where humans or ETs are recovering :)

I am really happy to experience such thing and glad to be awakened :)

Here you go, this is thee info I coincidentally found on net


sometimes when i have OBes, i am on ships, or on another planet and sometimes i am flying into space with "wings"... great experiences...

I had but I think it was an abduction because I felt my toes going up normal if I do out of body experience I don't feel it but when that happened it did so there I was with the Greys and they were talking about me in a gibberish manner and I was inside a white room and in the middle of them was a man which I can't really see. It was one of the most memorable experience that I had.

when the announcement came that they were going to show up on, july 9th i think...  i never went out to look for them but i did have a dream of fly overs by two ships.  one was a disk shaped ship. mothership i suppose. and one was a stranger shape. though i think i probably have been in or on a ship being taught.  several strange school type dreams.




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