UPDATE: Evidence In Democrat Senator’s Investigation Traced Back To Violent Crime…

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Well, this is certainly quite the twist, but is it? Virtually the entire Senate is composed of criminals and thugs.

WLTR recently reported on the bribery scandal of Democrat Senator Bob Menendez and the ensuing investigation into the Democrat lawmaker.

Menendez is accused of taking $400,000 in bribes from Egyptian officials including physical property and gold. The precious metals are what is of concern to us today.

According to a new report, some of that gold has been traced back to a 2013 armed robbery.

Police conducting a separate investigation eventually linked the gold back to known Menendez associate and fundraiser Fred Daibes.

For those who don’t know, Daibes is also facing allegations of bribing Menendez for legal favors—more specifically dodging federal cases against him.

Journalist Brian Cates had this to say: “Of the 13 gold bars found in Senator Bob Menendez’s [D-NJ] possession during the raid of his home last June 22nd, FOUR are NOW CONCLUSIVELY PROVEN to have been stolen during an ARMED ROBBERY of a known Menendez associate back in 2013. This is what you call a MAJOR FUCKING PLOT TWIST, folks.”


Benny Johnson took the time to point out: “Senator Bob Menendez took bribes directly from the Egyptian government in the form of GOLD BARS, in exchange for classified information.

Yet Republicans were more concerned with expelling George Santos for lying about buying some hand bags. Gold bar Bob still sits in the Senate while Republicans shrink their own majority in the House. This is why we lose.”


The New York Post provided more details:


“Each gold bar has its own serial number,” Daibes told investigators in 2014 when questioned about the stolen gold. “They’re all stamped … you’ll never see two stamped the same way.”

Daibes also signed “property release forms” to get the gold back, which certified that the stolen goods belonged to him, according to the outlet.

More conservative influencers like End Wokeness and Joey Mannarino echoed Johnson’s sentiment:

“105 Republicans voted to expel George Santos. 0 Democrats voted to expel Senator Bob Menendez who: Bribed with “hundreds of thousands of dollars” from foreign entities. Received cash, gold bars, payments for a home mortgage, a luxury vehicle and other items of value from Egypt.

Provided sensitive info and pressured an official at to protect Egyptian American businessman Wael Hanna and the government of Egypt.Interfered in an investigation by the New Jersey AG into businessman Jose Uribe.”



According to Fox News:

Photographs released by the Department of Justice in September showing the gold bars discovered at Menendez’s home, for example, reveal one of the bars has a serial number of “590005.”

Daibes reported a gold bar with that same serial number stolen during the 2013 heist, NBC New York reported.

And the federal indictment notes that the serial numbers on the gold bars indicate they had previously been possessed by Daibes.

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