The two children were counting out of state license plates in a parking lot at an air force base-someone saw them and called 911-911 called police -police pulled over the grandmother, mother, and two children and instead of asking for registration and insurance id they pulled out the adults at gunpoint and handcuffed them while the children screamed thinking there mother and grandmother would be shot-complete paranoia- insanity at the highest levels!!!  In the soviet union if someone told police that you were up to no good you would get pulled into the police station without question-even at gun point!!!

This still happens in China!!!

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio (CBS CLEVELAND) – A spring break vacation turned into a nightmare for a Columbus family visiting the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force when four police officers in three cruisers drew guns and forced a grandmother and a mother to the ground as two young children screamed in fear from what authorities thought was a “stolen” vehicle.

Alice Hill, 65, her daughter-in-law Wendy Hill, 31, and Hill’s two children, Aaron, 8, and Brooke, 5, were pulling out of the museum parking lot after Aaron and Alice had counted the number of out-of-state cars on the way to their family minivan, WKRC-TV reports.

Unbeknownst to the family, an onlooker had called 911 and reported that the family was burglarizing vehicles in the parking lot.

On their way out of the lot, police pulled the vehicle over as one officer stood behind his door and drew his gun on Alice Hill, who was driving.

“I’m looking in my side view mirror and I see him step out of his vehicle,” Hill described to WKRC. “(He’s) behind his door with his gun drawn pointing it at me. I’m looking at my 8-year-old grandson, his eyes are full of tears and he says, ‘This is the worst day of my life.’”

Hill said she and her daughter-in-law were taken from the car at gunpoint, ordered to their knees, handcuffed, and detained in the back of a police cruiser, Dayton Daily News reports. Meanwhile, the two children screamed in fear in the backseat.

“My grandchildren are screaming,” Alice Hill recalled. “I mean they are hysterical, they saw the gun.”

“My 5-year-old daughter is asking, ‘Is grandma going to get shot?’” Wendy Hill told WKRC.

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  • The world has gone insane.

    • The world have always been insane, but nowadays the insanity is broadcasted over the internet to the entire globe as well so that everyone can see how insane it has always been and start to take some god damn responsibility for it.

      (to protect myself from going insane from emphatic overload I've decided for myself that the website on the link is fake, even though I know that's it's probably not)

  • All we have to do in the end is to make sure that the next time the police are sent to deal with suspected burglars, terrorists or superhigh mass-murderers, they'll bring nothing but blankets and choco with them as their aid in protecting civilians that also happens to be in the vicinity of the ongoing carnage. ;)

  • ....unfortunately this has nothing todo with sovietstyle laws but everything to do with new laws of controlling society by fear and subversion happening all over the world. its more like nazi state implemented decades ago ; now its more extreme to the viewer , thanks to internet and its mass reach.

    • Apparently you haven.'t read accounts of different soviet citizens point to the fact of living in a similar police state-but worse with the gulag/concentration camps-or you ignore them

      • I actually had lived under soviet rule for first 18 yrs of my life and it is you you had no experience with it whatsoever . I dont have to read any accounts of strangers about any of it and AO is right. this has nothing to do with some oppresive state but everything about caller who lied of suspected crime PET.......again you twist stories to spread fear porn boy......................

      • But this had nothing to do with a police state. This was ALL about a calller who lied when reporting a suspected crime.

  • Yes, it's the kind of world we live in now...shoot first asking questions's the stand your ground mentality. At least these folks were not killed, just terrorized. I hope they hold the person accountable who lied about them burglarizing the cars.

  • The one who called 911 and said they were burglarizing cars is the one to blame in this scenario. The Police just followed protocols on what to do when encountering suspected burglars.

    If the police would have been all nice about it and it would have been real burglars or perhaps something worse, they'd both be lying on the road with holes in their heads right now so, they don't take any chances anymore.

    • the protocols are draconian implemented by demented authoritative  gov peaons -seeing the passengers in the vehicle the officer should have asked for all proper id first-soviet style police state growing steadily by the day

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