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When is it going to stop?  When our group conscience spans across the globe like the pebble in the pond.  

Here's the newest entry in the United States Government's Propaganda Saga--"The Nudge Squad" is basically Uncle Sam believing he knows all that's best for us and creating another 'experimental' program to "nudge" our thinking in their direction.  Oh yeah...they're recruiting people into this manipulation of the masses with a good-ol-boys memo to our crew:  "Anyone interested in working for the White House in a 'nudge' squad? The UK has one and it's been extraordinarily successful."--I remember a couple years back government evil-doers did the same thing in radio advertisements recruiting regular folk to work for the CIA.  

So here's their general plan:

"The document was emailed by Maya Shankar, a White House senior adviser on social and behavioral sciences, to a university professor with the request that it be distributed to people interested in joining the team. The idea is that the team would "experiment" with various techniques, with the goal of tweaking behavior...

One British policy concerns how to get late tax filers to pay up.

Sending letters to late taxpayers that indicated a social norm -- i.e., that '9 out of 10 people in Britain paid their taxes on time' -- resulted in a 15 percent increase in response rates over a three-month period, rolling out to £30 million of extra annual revenue..."


Here's where our group conscience is crucial.  The more we keep our minds open to truth, justice, fairness, independent thought, and most important ~ our Love for each other ~ the more these thoughts will spread throughout society keeping this 'group mind-control' from taking control.  In this article they're admitting to controlling our wallets, homes, and consumption--but who knows what their real(unspoken) plan is.  

The Truth will set us, and the rest of humanity, free.  All we need to do is collectively meditate on those above 5 things and the outcome?  10 times better than word-of-mouth advertising!    

Let's get our Free Will, Third Eye, Group Conscience and Divine Gifts kickin' ass.

Here's the link to the original article:
Read more:

For the real history behind USGov's efforts of mind-control, read the USGov's handbook from hired gun Edward L. Bernays(Freud's nephew) who wrote the book on it--literally, that's what Uncle Sam hired him to do...propagandize all social groups, schools, politics, fluoride, tobacco, vaccines, etc.  Here's that PDF.  Very interesting bathroom reading--you're going to sh*t when you get through it all.

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things are getting worse

Not if We Will things differently.  We have that Power given to us by God--how we were created in God's image.  We are the creators of our destiny and we can change the future together.  Namaste!



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