US developing lethal, new genetically engineered viruses, including MOUSEPOX and MONKEYPOX… will these be used to demand MORE JABS in the name of “public safety?”

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Image: US developing lethal, new genetically engineered viruses, including MOUSEPOX and MONKEYPOX… will these be used to demand MORE JABS in the name of “public safety?”

(Natural News) Mousepox is a disease caused by a virus that attacks soft tissues of mice, including an acute form of infection that bears a high mortality rate. The disease is a relative of the smallpox virus and has been carefully researched and analyzed by scientists in Australia, who recognized the virus as being a mouse-specific virus of the mammalian pox viruses. It was never a problem in the United States, until the US government funded a scientist in 2003 to deliberately create a highly lethal form of mousepox called modified mousepox, using genetic modification (GM), also known as genetic engineering.

No antiviral drugs or vaccines work against this deadly GM mousepox. Caused by the human-specific variola virus, mousepox now raises fears that technology enables its use for biowarfare. Will modified mousepox be “accidentally” released into the USA, to add to the Covid chaos? Will a “mousepox mRNA vaccine” follow as a new form of pest control?

Australian research team accidentally creates a virus with 100% kill rate as it wipes out key part of the immune system

Although mousepox does not affect humans, neither did Covid-19 before it was given “gain of function” and genetically modified to specifically target and attack human lung tissue. Modified mousepox could easily be used in biowarfare by the nefarious CCP or the insidious CDC, or both. Closely related to smallpox, modified mousepox is being adapted to be much more deadly just like the China Flu virus.

The researchers in Australia claimed to have “no intention” of producing this lethal virus. It was just about pest control (another name for population control). One of the researchers, who formerly worked on the Soviet germ-warfare program, said it was a good way to show how smallpox could be altered to make it “more virulent.” Sure. The research and virus modification was focused on stimulating antibodies that kill the mouse eggs, making the animals infertile.

The virus was the transporter, a vehicle, for implanting egg “proteins” (think spike proteins in a vaccine) into mice to trigger this antibody response. Get it? They found out that the modified mousepox virus they created completely suppressed the arm of the immune system that combats viral infection. Next they go to work on “cowpox virus,” which does infect a very wide range of animals, including humans.

Australian researcher who discovered how to make mousepox more deadly is supposedly “concerned” about GM monkeypox virus that can now cross species

Will mild infections for humans suddenly become lethal due to rogue scientists in laboratories figuring out how to make animal viruses lethal to humans? Why are they even studying this? They will tell you to prevent biowarfare, but they are creating biowarfare via accidents, theft and other bio-terrorists (CCP and CDC) getting a hold of these new creations.

How to you prevent genetically modified monkeypox? Avoid contact with animals that could harbor it, like dead ones in regions where monkeypox occurs frequently. Also avoid bedding materials where those sick animals might be kept. Monkeypox causes serious skin lesions that leave scars, and it has a high fatality rate of killing 1 in every 6 victims.

Monkeypox is a viral zoonotic disease common in tropical rainforests, but it gets transported to other regions of the world through animals and people (via rodents and primates). Human-to-human transmission does happen through respiratory droplets and other body fluids. Sound familiar? About one in ten people die who catch monkeypox, with most of those deaths happening among youth.

Though a new “third generation” vaccine is now approved for preventing monkeypox (at an 85% success rate) along with smallpox, it is not available to the public sector. Clinically, monkeypox is not as severe as smallpox, but genetic modification can change all of that. Human cases of monkeypox date back to 1970 as reported by a dozen different African countries.

Over the past 4 years, monkeypox has been imported to Israel, the United Kingdom and Singapore by travelers from Nigeria, including a health worker, who did not show symptoms until after arrival.

Get ready for more “gain of function” animal viruses to be “accidentally” released or “stolen” from communist labs around the planet. Then watch for mutant “vaccines” also that are supposed to keep you from getting such a “bad case” of GM-2022-mousepox and monkeypox. For the best in truth news on your internet dial tune to because it doesn’t take a scientist or doctor to see that Covid vaccines, Remdesivir, masks, ventilators and bad CDC advice have created a pandemic of their own.

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