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I need people to go outside if possible and tell me what phase the moon is in.  Someone in Colorado says he sees a moon that is closer to a 3/4 moon than a full moon, while I see a perfectly full moon in Tennessee.
Please!  And if you have an explanation regarding this event, fell free to comment!
Pictures would be appreciated.

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Totally agree with that I'm just working on my Ka body, a lot, to ride the waves. We will hopefully be expert cosmic surfers by the end lol :)

Hi ALL from Scotland.

On Sunday the moon looked full... Monday, a semi clear sky. THE most intense brightness on both nights and WONDERFUL huge rainbow rings around it,. also a beautifully shade of violet directly attached to one side. Tuesday & Wednesday there has been too much cloud cover to see it.

I have also witnessed the rainbow rings around the sun.....

LOVE, LIGHT & Glorious Rainbows To every beautiful soul  0:-D



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