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I need people to go outside if possible and tell me what phase the moon is in.  Someone in Colorado says he sees a moon that is closer to a 3/4 moon than a full moon, while I see a perfectly full moon in Tennessee.
Please!  And if you have an explanation regarding this event, fell free to comment!
Pictures would be appreciated.

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Also your location as well, sorry for not saying that.
hey that is strange my friend saw the moon as full but i could see a slight darkness on the bottom left of it at the same time...this was just last night when we were talking about it.......the moon was yellow too in melbourne australia. 10-9-11
It looks full to me this evening, definitely FEELS full, last night was intense, and so is tonight ahah :)
tomorrows full  on 9 12 in San Diego county, CA.  :)

This was taken Brisbane, QLD, AUST at 10:20pm tonight. Dont know about the blue light ?? Im still getting used to my digital SLR so I still seem to get some reflection of my pics (like the one below) but this one a blue one never had, just usually the white (negative) affect. This is the best I could get and doesn't show the dark parts on it.


Hope this helps..



Hi Susie, I got photos with the same blue orbs the night before. Thought it may just be light reflection on the lens, now not so sure.Will snap some more tonight. Last evening 6.00pm Aust. Just after sun had gone over horizon,I saw a bright light/star/comet?,which sunk slowly after the sun, on the same trajectory, over 15mins.It was approx WSW at 5.55pm yesterday,will look for it tonight. Also sneaky chemtrails still happening,are they trying to screen something?
9.35pm in Perth Western Australia.  The moon does appear to be full to me, with large pulsing blue around it. 
Last nigh in London UK the moon was 3/4 full with a rainbow ring around it which could have been from the 'cheming' which goes on here a lot..
Tonight the moon is full in London UK..:-)..
Almost full last night, 3/4, with a blue hue around it.  Report from Christchurch, New Zealand.  For the past year there is increased earthquake activity at the time of the new moon and full moon.  The 'experts' say that there is no correlation with the moon and earthquakes but people who are living here absolutely know that there is :-)
Hi, the moon in Sydney last night appeared almost full and was less tilted than it has been (only about 10 degrees) but I'm already feeling the intense full moon affects lol!



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